Meebhoomi: Search ROR-1B ( AP Land Records

Meebhoomi AP Portal: Meebhoomi is an online web portal established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Through this online portal, the landowners of the state can easily navigate and access their requisite land records digitally.

Since the launch of the portal in 2015, the state public is very relieved as they can avail their concerned land records, such as ROR-1B, Adangal or Pahani, cadastral maps, etc. online sitting at their homes.

The record-keeping affairs and proceedings have been rationalized with the Meebhoomi portal in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Read the article below to gather all the important details on the AP Meebhoomi Portal, as well as the step-by-step procedures to view the ROR 1B and Adangal reports of the concerned lands across the state.

Andhra Pradesh Meebhoomi Portal

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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched the Meebhoomi online Portal to assist the state general public to get their land records electronically. Earlier, the landowners had to visit the different notary departments and their offices to fetch the documents, which became quite a tedious process.

AP Land Records meebhoomi
AP Land Records meebhoomi

To simplify and ease the process, the govt digitalized the same through the Meebhoomi online portal. All the reports and records such as ROR-1B, Adangal, village cadastral maps, details of the land disputes, land mutation statuses, etc. are now accessible via this portal.

Brief Description of

Article CategoryAP Govt Scheme
Name of the PortalMeebhoomi Andhra Pradesh
State DepartmentDepartment of Revenue, AP
Higher AuthorityGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
BeneficiariesCitizens of the state
ObjectiveDigitalization and easy accessibility of the land records

Benefits of AP Meebhoomi Portal

With the prime focus on the facile and effortless accessibility of land records, the launch of the portal has also enhanced the extent of digitalization within the state. In the following list, we have shared some of the significant advantages and benefits of the Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh online portal.

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  • It has now become very easy and convenient to fetch digital land records through this online portal.
  • All the land records and related services can be availed digitally.
  • Reduction in manual mistakes.
  • The time consumed in visiting the district offices has been saved.
  • Further, there is a generation of transparency within the system.
  • Hence, the liability and accountability of the concerned department have also been magnified.

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Services Offered by Meebhoomi AP Portal

Under this section, we have covered the services offered by the Andhra Pradesh Meebhoomi Portal. The residents of the state can easily access the below-mentioned services through the online portal.

iAdangal Land Records
ii1-B Land Records
iiiVillage Map
ivAadhaar Seeding
vField Measurement Book (FMB)
viDetails of Revenue Court Cases
viiDetails of Court Land Disputes
viiiLand Conversion Details
ixElectronic passbook
xLodge Complaints

How to Search AP Adangal Land Records online?

The landowners in the AP state can view their respective Adangal reports online through the Meebhoomi portal. Below is the complete procedure to check the same.

Step I:- Firstly, the interested landowners need to visit the official website of the Meebhoomi portal. On its homepage, click on the “Your Adangal (మీ అడంగల్)” tab.

Meebhoomi AP search Adangal

Step II:- Now, if you wish to view your individual Adanagal, click on the “Your Adangal (మీ అడంగల్)” option from the list. Otherwise, select “Village Adangal ( గ్రామం అడంగల్)”.


Step III:- If you select the first option to view your report, the following screen will appear.


Step IV:- You can proceed in four different ways. Choose your suitable search option from :
– Survey Number
– Aadhaar Number
– Account Number
– Automation Records

Step V:- Feed in the details by the option chosen. After that, fill in the exact captcha code in the space provided for the same. Tap on the “Click (క్లిక్ చేయండి)” button to proceed.

Step VI:- Your desired report will appear on the screen. The details mentioned are Survey Number, area (cultivable and non-cultivable), land description, type of soil, account name, experience area and status, strategic area, etc.

Step VII:- On the other hand, if you wish to obtain a report of the whole village, click on the option of “Village Adangal ( గ్రామం అడంగల్)” from the list.

Step VIII:- The following page will be shown. Select your District, Mandal and Village from the drop-down lists. Also, feed the captcha code as shown. After that, click on the “Generate Adangal” button.


Step IX:- A complete report along with the details- Survey Number, soil type, cultivable area, non-cultivable area, land description, name of the owner, experience area and status, etc. will appear.

Click on the buttons to directly view your concerned Adangal report.

How to view ROR 1-B Records on AP Meebhoomi Portal?

ROR 1-B land records are very beneficial and are required mandatorily while the sale or purchase of the concerned land. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has digitalized the process to access these land records through the Meebhoomi online portal. The process for the same is very easy and simple. It has been discussed in detail below.

Step I:- At first, the landowners must go to the AP Meebhoomi official website. On the menu bar, click on the “1-B (1-బి)” tab.


Step II:- You can view the ROR 1-B report in two ways, i.e. individual 1- B report or Village 1-B report. Choose a suitable option.

Step III:- Enter the details asked as per the selected option. After that, select the “Click (క్లిక్ చేయండి)” to generate the report.

Step IV:- A report comprising of the following details will be shown on the screen.
– Serial Number
– Owner Name
– Father/ Husband Name
– Account Number
– Survey Number
– Land Description
– Area
– Discipline (in Rs.)
– Status
– Mutation Details

Check your desired ROR 1-B reports by tapping on the relevant buttons available below.

Other Services on Meebhoomi Portal

Village MapView
Field Measurement BookView
Aadhaar LinkingView
Aadhaar Request StatusView
Electronic PassbookView
Land Conversion DetailsView
Complaint StatusView

AP Meebhoomi Contact Details

In case, you have any issues fetching your land records or other services offered by the Meebhoomi AP online portal, you can submit your grievances or enquire by contacting your concerned Tehsildar. If there are some technical issues regarding the portal, you can write your issues to

To know your Tehsildar, click here. Select your District and Mandal from the corresponding drop-down menu lists. The contact details of the concerned officer will appear on the screen, including the official name, mobile number and email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of land records in Andhra Pradesh?

Land records hold significant importance and are required for revenue assessment, transfer of land ownership, applying for agricultural loans, estimating crop loss, etc. It also claims authentic ownership, and hence eliminates the chances of illegal possession.

What is Adangal in Andhra Pradesh?

Adangal, also known as Pahani is a land record document that contains complete details about the concerned property. The details mentioned on an Adangal are the name of the owner, soil type, types of crops grown, area, etc. It is maintained by the concerned village administration department.

What is AP ROR- 1 Bland record?

Andhra Pradesh Revenue Department maintains the ROR-1B land records. It comprises the details and particulars regarding the ownership details of the concerning land.

What do you mean by FMB?

FMB stands for Field Measurement Book. Tehsildars of each district maintain FMB, which is a record of the map data across the respective district.

How to check the Land Conversion details in the state of Andhra Pradesh?

You can check the AP land conversion details through the online Meebhoomi portal. Click on the “Land Conversion Details” on the menu bar and feed your District, Mandal, Village and Survey number. The status of the same will be displayed on the screen.

For more details and information in respect of AP Meebhoomi Portal and land records, bookmark this page. Do let us know if you have any doubts concerning the same via the comment section below.

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