Goa Land Records: Search Map, Survey Plan & Mutation Records By Name

Goa Land Reforms is basically a new system brought forth by the Government of Goa for the civilians of the state. It provides information in regards to land and lands records like searching mutation records name by name, additional services through the main portal, going through the center’s record in Goa to check land records, Details of all types of lands, and many more. Goa Land Reforms portal also provides Form I & XIV online and also form D.

The government is letting the citizens of the state of Goa get access to the online land record system. That is beneficial especially in times of covid and lockdown. In the land record system, all the information of the owner is provided for the purchase and sale of the land. Thus making the system transparent and clear too.

Goa Land Records

In this article, information related to how to find land ownership and land records on the portal in detail is stated. Also, the instruction provided by the government of Goa related to the Goa land Records, list of services offered, etc.

Goa Land Records

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The Goa Government had come with a highly effective and advanced way of checking Goa land Records online through a website. If a person wants to purchase land he has to go through various departments and procedures thus making it a long procedure. Hence, to make checking of land purchase or sale easy and effortless the Government has introduced the Goa Land Records online portal.

This will not only make sales and purchase easy but also citizens will be offered many services and essential benefits by implementing the Goa Land Record System on one platform. This will also make you take further steps without dealing with the concerned office and department.

Key Points of Goa Land Records

The Directorate of Settlement & Land Records, the government of Goa has developed software such as DSLR Goa or Dharnaksh Goa in order to provide land records of Goa for all the citizens of Goa. This software was developed by National Informatics Center (NIC). This made Goa be the first state to have a completely computerized Goa Land Record system.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
Name of the schemeGoa Lands Records
Launched byGovernment of Goa
Handled byDirectorate of Settlement & Land Records (DSLR)
Government of Goa
CategoryGoa Govt. Scheme
TypeLand Records
Forms InformationForm I & XIV
Mode of Application formsOnline
BenefitsCitizens of Goa
PurposeTo make land records available online

Importance Of Goa Land Records

The importance of Goa Land Records are-

  • To get Land deeds registered after their sale and purchase.
  • For the account opening in the bank for a bank loan
  • To check land mutation status
  • Land records are useful at any Personal, professional as well as court cases

The Services provided in the portal

The Government of Goa had added the following service regarding Goa Land Records :

  • Issuing of Certified copy of Alvara/Title/Old Cadastral Plan/communicate Plan
  • All Cadastral Plans/Records inspection.
  • Inspection of Pre-liberation Land Records/Communidade Plans.
  • Also Issuing a computerised certified copy of village maps.
  • Issuing of Correspondence Certificate
  • Mutation in City Survey
  • Confirmation of Possession of property in City Survey
  • Partition
  • Re-Survey
  • Demarcation /Refixation of Boundaries
  • Land Conversion

Each service in the above list has different procedures and time duration. For further information on the services, you can go and look at the official website.


  • Modernizing and advancement of Land reform management is Goa
  • To bring clarity and transparency to the land record system
  • In order to make the process of buying and selling easier
  • To bring trust and confidence of citizen towards the government
  • Also, to prevent money laundering in the Department offices

Fee Charges Against Services provided

Inspection of RecordsRs. 10/-per hour
Unknown property search and inspectionRs. 20/- per hour.
Old Plan well verified and certified copyRs. 30/- per sub div. (Cost of paper extra)
Xerox copy of –
1- Registo de Agrimensor

2- Alvara

Rs. 60/- per page(Cost of paper extra)

Rs. 30/- per page(Cost of paper extra)
Partition, resurvey, the etc survey feeRs. 820/- per day
Computerized certified copy of a serial number or entry in the records, register of mutation, etc under section 8 of the codeRs.15/ – for the first page and @ Rs. 5/ – for every ;additional page.
Each and Every digitally signed copy of the serial number or entry in the record of rights, register of mutation, etc.Rs.25/- for each serial number or entry excluding the cost of paper.
All the certified copies of a computerized map of a sub-division of map or plan of any immovable property are prepared under section 56 of the code.Rs.60/- for every survey number or a sub-division of a survey inclusive of paper cost.
Copy of form XVRs.75/-
Every digitally signed copy of the map of a survey number of a mapRs 105/- excluding the cost of paper
Certified copy of every plan of a non-agricultural survey numberRs 60/- inclusive of the cost of paper
Every Digitally signed copy of a plan of any immovable propertyRs 75/- excluding the cost of paper
Copy of each paper of 30 X 21 Cms in dimension handwritten or typedRs.30/- for every sheet of paper
Certified copy not falling under the above-listed criteriaSuch fees not exceeding Rs. 200/- and not less than Rs.20/- as the officer who certifies the copy shall determine provided that no fee exceeding Rs.50/- shall be charged by an Officer subordinate to a collector except with the permission of the Director of Settlement & Land Records.
Rs. 250/-for a copy up to 10 P.T.Sheets and Rs.50/- for each additional P.T.Sheet in color with all details inclusive of paper cost.
Taluka map with village boundaryRs 1000
District map with taluka BoundaryRs 2000
Map of State of GoaRs 2500
Mutation fees Rs.1000/-for area up to 1000Sq.mts
Rs.2500/-for area up to 5000Sq.mts
Rs.5000/-for area above 5000 Sq.mts

Check Goa Land Record Details

To check rand records for Rural and urban areas, there are two different ways. Have a look at the detailed process to access both the details shared below-

How to check Rural Land Records Details in Goa?

  • Firstly, the citizen needs to visit the official website of land records of Goa
  • That is DSLR Goa Website
  • Then, after opening the official website , Click on the option Form I & Form XIV
  • Now a dialogue box appears on the screen where the required details need to be filled
    • Taluka (Select)
    • Village
    • Survey Number
    • Sub-division number
      Then enter security verification CAPTCHA
Goa Land Records Form Details
  • Further, click on the View Details option from the right corner of the page
  • Further letting you see the details regarding lands of Goa
Goa Land Records Form Details PDF
  • The Details of Land will be disclosed in PDF form as shown in image (example)

How to check Urban Land Records Details in Goa?

  • Visit the official website of Directorate of Settlement & Land Records of Goa.
  • Once the website opens, Then Select on option Form D from the main menu.
  • Now fill in the details in the dialogue box
    • City
    • PT Sheet Number
    • Chalta Number
      Now enter CAPTCHA.
Goa Land Records Form D details
  • Hence, click on View Details
  • This will enable to look through property card details of the concerned town
  • The details will be available in pdf form
Goa Land Records Form D Pdf

Goa Land Mutation Report Status

To check mutation reports in Rural areas, follow the given steps:

  • The citizen should visit the Goa Land Records official website.
  • Click on the option “Mutation Status (Rural)”.
  • This leads to a new page where the citizen has to select ‘Taluka’ from the drop-down menu beside the option
Goa Land Records Mutation rural
  • Then fill in the details such as-
    • Mutation Number
    • Captcha
  • Hence, click on the View Details option
Goa Land Records Mutation rural details
  • This will show the mutation status and its report.

To check the mutation report in the Urban area, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • Now, click on the option from the main menu ‘Mutation Status”Urban”‘ the main menu.
Goa Land Records Mutation Urban
  • Further, enter the following
    • Mutation Number
    • Captcha
Land Records Mutation Urban Details
  • Finally click on View Report, which will lead you to mutation report.

Contact Details

Director settlement & Land Records, Panaji9423323127
Email Iddir-land.goa@nic.in
Superintendent Of Land Survey7875352676
Vigilance Officer in case of corruption9860671525
Public Grievance Officer North Goa7875352676
Public Grievance Officer South Goa950470747
Government of Goa
Directorate of Settlement & Land Record (Official Website)
Click here
Goa State PortalClick here
Form I and XIVClick here
Official notificationClick here
Goa Ration Card List NSP Login

Forms Available on DSLR website

goa land records Services Form 1
Services Form 2
What is the Land Records scheme of Goa?

Goa has become the first state to make the sale and purchase of land digital. The Land records basically keep a tight and clear record of the land data. In simpler terms, you can say it is the register of lands.

What is Form I & XIV for?

The form I & XIV is to find the land details of the rural area of Goa.

What is Form D?

Form D is basically for the Urban Area people to find the details of the land and other related information.

How can I get a certified copy of the survey computerized plan?

You can easily get a copy of the survey computerized plan from the official website. The DSLR website has made the application form available for this.

How to inspect all the plans and records in Goa?

Inspection of plans can be done by following the steps :
1)Approach the Office of the Director at Panaji or any of the subordinate Offices depending on the location of your property.
2)Contact the official at the Reception Counter.
3)Fill the prescribed application form.
4)Pay the prescribed fees.
5)Inspect the records after payment on the same day

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