AP New Water Connection Application Online Check Bill Dues, Reconnection, Application Status, Water Tariff

AP New Water Connection whole process is made online by the government. All the services related to the water supply and connection can be completed online now with payment too. Without the need to visit the concerned authorities offices and wait for hours for just a form. Now everything is made easy and within the tip of one’s fingers. In fact, water bill payments can also be done online. AP new water connection is basically for rural people who are not granted these services. Thus, to make them legal water users too.

Water Connection is needed in order to get a supply of water to the home or commercial places. The water is supplied through various networks of water mains which are buried under our roads. Here facility is handled by the city and paid for by water tariffs. In order to have a proper supply of drinking water one needs to have a registered water connection under the concerned authority. The illegal user may have to pay a penalty on discovery. In order to make people verify legal users, the government introduces an application form for new connection of water through regulatory bodies.

Andhra Pradesh new water connection

In this article, we will let you know, how to get an AP new water connection in Andhra Pradesh? How to pay water tariffs online mode? Whereby to get re-connection? how to check application status? and why is it must get a water connection?

AP Water Connection

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The government wants people to be legal users of water so that revenue could be generated and everybody could contribute to it. In Fact, there are some who should be under no domestic option but are supplied water under domestic options. They can be charged with challan at the spot. Thus, apply for AP new water connection.

NameAP Water Connection
OrganizationCommission & Director of Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
Handled byMunicipal Engineering Department
Main bodyGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
Mode of applicationOnline/Offline
Mode of paymentOnline/ Offline
FeesAs sanctioned accordingly
ValidityTill required tax or charges as per the department are paid.
Processing time30 Days

AP Meeseva: Registration


To get water connection the applier has to fulfil certain conditions in order to become a legal verified water user. There have to be some conditions to be a legal user:

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
  • Applier should be a citizen of the State.
  • Property should be in the same State
  • This service for those who have cleared all the dues up until now.

Required Documents

  • Application form of all services such as new water connection, renewal of water connection etc
  • Building’s sanction plan Xerox copy
  • Receipt of the payment of building sanction fees.
  • No Objection Certificate from the concerned authority department.
  • Identification Proof
  • Residence Proof (telephone bill/electricity bill)
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Electoral Photo Id Card / Passport / PAN Card / DL.
  • Photo.
  • Property Tax receipt.
  • Proof for the ownership.
  • Self Declaration of self property assessment.
  • In case of a tenant applying – Then get an authentication letter from the proper owner along with the agreement for lease of the said property for which the NOC is required.
  • Site plan showing the layout of house or premises where water connection is intended.
  • NOC from Neighbouring landlord, if the pipeline crosses his property (if required)
  • NOC for cutting the road that comes under jurisdiction of Municipality/PWD or National Highway.(if required)

AP Water Connection : Required Information

In the required information, you will see the details which are needed at some point while filling the form and roundabout its process. Thus, keep the details sorted and start filling the application.

  • Applicants Name
  • Address of mailing with Pincode
  • Name of the Department/Organisation  
  • Water is required for :
    (a) Drinking/Construction/Industrial/Specify other uses
    (b) State Government/Private/Central Govt./others
    (c) Specify Residential/Commercial/Institutional & other structure details 
  • Duration of W/S requirement : (a) Permanent/Temporary/specify time if temporary
  • The number of Family Units……………… No. of users………………… Nos. of taps ………….
  • Whether owner or tenant
  • If the tenant then N.O.C from the owner attached or not 
  • The location where water is required

Additional documents to be submitted

  • Property Tax receipt
  • Distribution line location map
  • White ration card (in case of BPL)
  • Rs.20/- non-judicial stamp paper
  • Any other document

Mandatory Documents

  • Latest Property Tax Receipt
  • BPL Certificate
  • Self Declaration Form


The Government of Andhra Pradesh provides the connection to the citizen by one time issuing the connection as long as the required taxes are paid timely. Till the property owner doesn’t change and the land/ property is not sold. Thus, the connection validity entirely depends on how the people are paying the taxes and bills ensured on the water supplied to you.

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme

The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, Government of Andhra Pradesh has forsaken various services to the citizens through the online portal. Not only services but also the water supply payment can be done through the online portal.

The services offered by the government through the portal are :

  • Know your dues
  • File your new connection
  • Then, File your additional connection
  • File your change of use
  • Next, File your closure of a connection
  • File your reconnection
  • Know your application status
  • File your regularization of connection
  • Water Tariff

In order to use the services from the portal, the applicant has to follow the steps.

The connection and taxation of new water taps are handled by the Revenue and engineering section of Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s). The charge of the water tap connection is specifically decided by the ULB’s. How does the taxation on waterworks?

  • Issue water tap connection, receipt of the application, reviewing, processing
  • Based on the type of connection tax on water is charged
  • Order notification
  • Collection of taxes
  • Monitoring regularization charges
  • Disconnection in case charge of water supply is not paid
  • Disconnection in case of Water tap illegal connection.

How to apply for various services under water tap connection ?

The official website provides certain online services for water tap connection which can be handled totally through the online process. The process and services are stated in detail down below:

  • Firstly, the applicant has to visit the official website as in this case is Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh.
  • On opening the official website, click on the Online Services option from the main menu.
  • It will open a drop-down menu with several options.
AP water connection
  • From those options, click on water charges .
  • This will open a sub-menu with several option regarding water facility.
  • Pick the services accordingly.
AP Water connection services
  • Till here for all the services steps are going to be same up until here.

AP Marriage Certificate Registration

Know Your Dues

  • From the drop-down menu, click on the option Know your Dues.
  • This will lead you to the “Know your dues” box.
  • Here, fill in the details such as District etc
AP Water connection Know dues
  • After, filling in the details, click on Submit.
  • This will further take you to Search Connection Page.
  • Then, fill in the details to search for the dues.
  • Details such as
    • Enter digit HSC Number- House Service Water Supply Connection
    • Assessment Number
    • Old Consumer Number
    • Assessee Name
    • Door No
AP Water connection searchdues
  • Lastly, click on search and the information will eventually be generated on your screen.

File Your New Connection

This is to apply for AP new water connection.

  • From the drop-down menu click on the option File Your New Connection.
  • A new page will appear, where details of the District and municipality is to be filled.
  • Then, click on submit option.
New Tap connectcion
  • On the next page, Combined application form of water and Sewerage will be there.
  • Hence, first fill the information of Applicant Particulars.
AP water Connection Applicant Particulars
  • Further, fill in Connection Details.
AP water Connection details
  • Now, attest documents in Enclosed Documents -Checklist.
  • Lastly, proceeding with Processing Details.
AP water Connection Processing
  • Then, click on Forward option.
  • Proceed with the payment process and take the receipt.

File Your Additional Connection

Sometimes people need more than one water tap connection due to certain pertaining reasons. When you already have a connection but want additional connections citizens can file for an additional connection.

  • The user needs to select the option from Online Services, and click on the water charge option which opens a submenu, Click on File Your Additional Connection.
  • A page will open where details have to be filled such as District and municipality.
AP water Connection Additional water tap
  • Then, click on submit option.
  • This will lead you to Search Connection.
  • Fill in the customer number and click on submit option.
Additional connection Search connection
  • It will further lead you towards fulfilling the steps for additional connection.
  • Thus, follow the step and submit it.

File Your Change of use of Water Tap Connection

  • Among the options from the sub-menu click on File Your Change.
  • Further, a page of Change of Use of Water Tap Connection.
  • Fill in the relevant details and click on submit button.
AP Water connection change of use
  • Here, search by filling customer number then submit it.
  • Follow further steps to complete the process. Lastly, submit it
AP Water connection Consumer Number

In the same way, two more options can be sought out.

  • File your closure of Connection
  • File your Reconnection

AP Sewerage Connection, Change of Closets, Closure of Connection

Know your Application Status

  • Select the option Know your Application Status from sub-menu.
  • It will lead you to a Know your application status page where details are to be filled.
  • Details such as District and muncipality.
  • Click on submit option
Know your application status
  • It guides you to Application Search Page.
  • Fill in the details such as service number, Application number, Identifier number .
  • Finally click on search button.
  • The information will appear on your screen.
AP water certificate application search

File your Regularization of Connection

  • Click on File Your Regularization of Connection to regularize the water tap connection.
  • A dialogue box will appear of File your regularization of connection.
  • Fill in the district and Muncipality you belong to.
  • Further, click on submit button.
Regularization of connection
  • It will lead to Regularise Connection Application Form.
  • Hence, fill in the relevant details. Starting with Applicant Particulars
AP Application for regularization
  • Then fill connection details, documents and processing details.
Application form connection details
  • After completely filling the form, click on the forward option
  • Next, complete the payment process and submit it.

Aarogyasri Card Status

Andhra Pradesh Water Tariff

The supply of water you receive through the pipeline networks has a price which is paid by you is called water tariff. The water tariff is different for different water connections and so on.

  • Click on the water tariff option from the Online services Tabs, water charge option.
  • The water tariff page opens on selecting the water tariff option.
AP Water Connection Water tariff
  • Click on Water Tariff option, it will open a pdf containing information.
  • The format of pdf will be something like this.
AP Water Connection Water supply list
  • The link of PDF will be provided down below.

Online Payment of Water Charges

The government has made payment for the charges of water tap connection online. this has come out as such a benefit because of covid -19. Thus, ensuring the safety of the citizen as well as collecting revenue. The process below describes another method of payment of water supply.

  • Firstly visit the official portal of the concerned authority dealing with water tap connection ans its supply.
  • Then, on opening the official website click on Online Payment option from the main menu
  • Further , it will open a drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu select Water Charges option
  • This will lead you to water supply page.
  • Hence, in this page details are to be filled in order to reach search form
  • In this page one needs to fill the details such as-
    • District
    • Corporation
    • Payment Type
  • After, filling in the details click on submit button
  • Henceforth, the page for payment opens, Welcome to the payment of Water charges.
  • Now fill in the required details –
    • Enter 10 digits H.S.C Number
    • Assessment Number
    • Old Consumer Number
    • Assessee Name
    • Door No
  • Thus, after filling the details click on search button.
  • This will open all the information on the charges as per your water tap connection and setup accordingly, by the authority.

AP New Water Tap connection: Grievances

If the citizen experiences any form of grievance while filling applications or payments etc. They can file their grievance on the portal itself. Therefore, a grievance column is introduced on the portal itself where you can file the problem and can also track the grievance application.

Firstly, let see how to register your grievance on the portal step by step.

  • Visit the official portal first, then click on Online Services from the portal.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, click on option Grievance
  • It will open Grievance Registration page where details are required-
    • District
    • Corporation
    • Category
  • After, Filling the details click on Submit option,
AP Water Connection Grievance
  • A new page appears for registration of grievance.
    • First, sign in to the grievance portal else create an account.
    • Then , register the grievance
    • Finally, submit it
AP Water Connection Grievance application

Further, you can check the grievance status, after a thorough inspection.

Track the grievance

To track the registered grievance follow the steps:

  • Visit official website
  • Click on the Grievance option from the Online service option from main menu.
  • The grievance Search page will appear-
    • District
    • Corporation
  • Click on submit button
Track Grievance
  • Henceforth, click on Grievance search and fill the grievance application.

Additional Information

  • Applicant to provide needed hardware if needed while the arrangement of connection is required.
  • Connecting the water supply to the motor is an illegal ordeal which can cause penalty
  • The online application form after submission is verified thoroughly step by step via Field inspector verification, Commissioner Approval etc
  • The initial fee after the application filling includes Supervision charges, Security Deposit, Road cutting, Laying Pipeline Charges, Drilling and Tapping charges etc
  • The application fee is paid online through an online portal using the provided Application Request Number
  • NOC is mandatory for the property that requires a connection

Contact Information

Contact Details0863 225 0477
AddressPadmini Enclave, 5th lane,

4/7, Mahatma Gandhi Inner Ring Rd,
Annapura Nagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
pincode- 522034
THE ENGINEER-IN-CHIEF, AddressPublic Health,Flat No. 504&601,Garuda Enclave ,
Tadepalli, GUNTUR(Dist) – 522501 
Andhra Pradesh (India).
Official websiteClick here
Municipal Engineering DepartmentClick here
For new connectionClick here
For application statusClick here
For payment of billsClick here
Water Supply ReportClick here


What is a water tap connection?

Water tap Connection is a legal verification for the water supply you are provided to either your household or office. Thus, it is mandatory to have a proper water connection according to the criteria.

Can I get a new water connection online?

Yes, the government has made these services available to all the citizens of India.

Which authority deals with water supply in Andhra Pradesh?

Municipal Engineer, Engineering Section is the authority that deals with the water supply of Andhra Pradesh.

How can I pay the water bill?

The water bill can be paid online and offline. The online process is done by the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the fee for a domestic water supply connection?

The Fee charge depends on the concerned authority and as advised by the authority depending on the type of connection.

How much time does it take to get a water tap connection sanctioned?

The time a new water connection takes to be completed is 30 days roundabout.

Who to contact in case of getting stuck with a query with water supply?

The citizen can either call the Engineer-in-chief or assistant engineer of the local office of the water supply department.

What is the charge for the HSC House service water supply connection for a reconnection?

It varies according to concerned authorities charges may vary but it’s likely to be Rs 50 for re-connection of the water supply of the households.

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