Aikyashree Scholarship 2023 Registration: Apply for Online, Login & Status

Education holds the strength to empower and uplift all the socially and economically backward classes. It is a right and not a privilege, consequently, every student deserves a fair chance at it. Hence, the central and state governments keep launching various schemes to promote education by providing financial assistance to such candidates. With the same aim, West Bengal launched the Aikyashree Scholarship for minorities.

Aikyashree Scholarship 2023 Registration: Apply for Online, Login & Status
Aikyashree Scholarship

Basic education is commonly available to most kids but drop-out cases increase at higher levels. This scheme will not only support students who wish to pursue higher education but also at lower levels so there is no student is who is devoid of it. Know all the crucial information about this scheme here in this article.

Aikyashree Scholarship 2023

The government of West Bengal launched the Aikyashree scholarship scheme for minority communities. The portal officially opened on 1 August 2020 for registration purposes and offers applications for post-matric and merit cum means scholarships. These scholarships will be available to eligible students belonging to Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Muslim, Parsee, and Sikh communities. The West Bengal Government is working in the direction of uplifting the backward religious communities in the state and hence introduced this scheme. Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, and Merit-cum-Means scholarships are offered under the Aikyashree scholarship scheme. All these scholarships are completely funded by the state government in West Bengal. This great initiative will support the dreams of economically vulnerable students.

aikyashree scholarship

Key Highlights of Aikyashree Scholarship 2023

Name Aikyashree Scholarship Scheme
DepartmentMinority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department
StateWest Bengal Govt Scheme
Launched ByMamta Banerjee, Cheif Minister
AimTo financial assistance to eligible students for educational purposes
Types of ScholarshipsPre-Matric, Post-Matric, and Merit-cum-Means scholarships
BeneficiariesStudents belonging to a minority community in West Bengal
Year/ Session2023
Application ModeOnline
Application StatusActive


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The central idea of launching this scholarship was to ensure that money is not an obstacle in the pursuit of education for students who are unfortunate in case of financial matters. Children who are underprivileged and have no financial backup are unable to get basic education in classes I-X. As a result, they might have to choose available options to survive. This not only increases unemployment on an envisaged level but also triggers child labour. The government has finally decided to support such students and back them up for their basic right to education.

Funds turn out to be a bigger question mark at the time of higher education. Basic education is mostly available with an affordable fee structure for many families, but with the up-gradation in classes, the fees of the courses increase. The reason for this is the specialization and specification in subjects that advance to senior levels. Thus, due to monetary barriers, the students drop out on reaching higher levels. This leads to a higher illiteracy rate eventually causing unemployment and increased daily wages for workers. This further leads to the backwardness of the communities altogether.

To avoid such cases, the state government of West Bengal has launched this scheme.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

Types of Aikyashree Scholarship

The following types of scholarships are available under the Aikyashree scheme of the West Bengal government:

  1. Pre-Matric Scholarships: There are various kids who do not get the first chance at education. They miss out on this basic right due to social backwardness bundled by financial issues. These students generally pick up child labour as an option to survive. Some children opt for illegal means to earn a loaf of bread. Dropout cases at such an early stage, even though are comparatively lesser but they are disappointing. To avoid all this, pre-matric scholarships are offered to students to promote basic education.
  2. Post-Matric Scholarships: Various families who in spite of inclusion into minorities and weaker economic sections, can afford basic education. Even if they cannot, they strive to educate their children. As student passes and gets promoted to classes, they usually abandon their dreams due to increased financial pressures. To assist children in such cases and decrease the cases of dropouts, the WB government will ensure that there are no students who have to deal with this problem. Thus, post-matric scholarships are offered to meritorious students in higher classes.
  3. Merit-cum-Means Scholarships: Technical and professional courses in Engineering, Medical and other fields give a better scope of jobs due to employment demands. Due to added specialization in such courses, the price which students need to pay increases drastically. Hence, such courses are always expensive and mostly unaffordable for a particular section of society. In order to help students who belong to these communities and support them, these scholarships have been included in the Aikyashree scheme.


The following are features of the Aikyashree scholarship:

  • This scholarship scheme will benefit all the students who wish to pursue education but could not due to lesser funds.
  • It will cover students of classes I to PhD.
  • Incentives will be provided accordingly depending upon the type of scholarship.
  • Better educational opportunities will be provided to students of minorities.
  • Moreover, students will feel empowered in a socio-economic dynamic.
  • The registrations will be on an online portal which will help in the easy and hassle-free procession of the applications.
  • Students can further apply for renewal of the application directly on the portal.
  • The applicants can also use the portal to track the status of their applications.
  • Since the scholarship will be implemented in an online mode, the students will receive money directly from their banks through a safe DBT or Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Female Candidates will be prioritised.

Aikyashree Scholarship Benefits

The scheme will be advantageous in the following manner :

  1. The scheme will give financial assistance to students of Class I up to PhD.
  2. These scholarships will not only empower minorities but also women as girl candidates will get preference.
  3. This scheme will also promote the financial independence of the students and will set them free from the guilt of burdening their parents.
  4. The scholarship amount will be disbursed in form of a stipend which will be a constant source of money to manage regular educational expenditures.
  5. The state will develop in educational fields since the literacy rate will take a hike.
  6. The unemployment ratio will decrease in the state according to foresighted vision.
  7. The portal will enable the smooth execution of the scheme and save time and resources.

Eligibility Criteria to apply Aikyashree Scholarship 2023 Scheme

The following eligibility criteria need to be considered before applying for scholarships under this scheme:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of West Bengal and should have a domicile to prove it.
  • The student must also clear the eligibility criteria given for the application scheme.
  • Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarship:
    • Applicant must be a student in a recognised institution.
    • Scored have at least 50% marks in previous final examinations.
    • Annual family income should not be more than Rs. 2 lakhs from all sources.
    • The institution must be in West Bengal, that is students in institutions outside West Bengal will not get benefits from this scheme.
  • Merit-cum-Means Scholarship:
    • Must have taken admission in a technical or professional course.
    • Secured a minimum of 50% marks or higher in the previous examination.
    • The maximum income of the family of the applicant must be 2.5 lakhs.
    • The applicants who are studying outside West Bengal can also apply for benefits under this scholarship but they will have to constantly check with the WB Minorities Development and Finance Cooperation regarding their eligibility status.
  • Finally, the applicant should have all the necessary documents.

aikyashree scholarship amount/Incentive

Refer to the following chart to check the monetary stipends offered under other scholarships:

*All figures mentioned in Indian Rupees.

Day Scholars

S. No.ScholarshipClassAdmission Fee & Tuition Fee Maintenance AllowanceTotal
1.Pre-MatricI – V01,1001,100
VI – X4,4001,1005,500
2.Post-MatricXI & XII7,7002,50010,200
(technical and vocational streams)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate3,3003,3006,600
M. Phil and Ph.D3,3006,0009,300
3.Merit-cum-MeansTechnical and Professional Courses like Engineering, Medical, Law, Management, etc.22,0005,50027,500


S. No.ScholarshipClassAdmission Fee & Tuition Fee Maintenance AllowanceTotal
1.Pre-MatricI – V000
VI – X4,4006,60011,000
2.Post-MatricXI & XII7,7004,20011,900
(technical and vocational streams)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate3,3006,3009,600
M. Phil and Ph.D3,30013,20016,500
3.Merit-cum-MeansTechnical and Professional Courses like Engineering, Medical, Law, Management, etc.22,00011,00033,000

Aikyashree Scholarship Application Guidelines

The following guidelines have been laid down by the Minority Affairs and Madrasha Education Department of West Bengal as per the official gazette notification, for the application for scholarships under Aikyashree:

  • The income certificate of the family needs to be attested along with the application form.
  • Renewal applicants need to score at least 50% marks in the previous final examinations.
  • Both the day scholars and hostellers will get a maintenance allowance.
  • In one academic year, a maintenance allowance will be given for not more than 10 months.
  • The State will surely cover the full course fee for certain listed institutions.
  • Hostellers who reside in places other than institutional hostels will also get benefits under the schemes.
  • The students who are receiving financial assistance through scholarships need to maintain proper attendance records.
  • If the student violates any of the scholarship or institutional guidelines, the authorities will cancel or suspend the assistance.
  • In case of fake beneficiaries, the department will amount will cancel the scholarship and recover the amount.
  • The state government will follow Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) of funds to the applicant’s account through a secure online window.
  • 2% of the amount will be reserved by WBMDFC for administrative expenses for the execution of the scheme.


The West Bengal Minorities Development and Financial Cooperation which is the appointed nodal department is responsible for sanctioning the scholarship amount. The online applications will go through a thorough analysis process. After successful verification of the applicant and details, they will credit the amount into the accounts of students. The disbursement of money will be using a safe Direct Bank Transfer or DBT window.

The authorities will strictly consider the eligibility criteria before finalizing the beneficiaries. In the case of Merit-cum-Means scholarships, the selection will depend on the scores of the applicant. A list will be prepared and after that, the final list will be declared.

Documents Needed To Apply For Aikyashree Scholarship

The applicants must submit the following documents while registering for any scholarship under Aikyashree:

  • Scanned passport-sized photograph of the applicant.
  • Digital or scanned signature of the applicant.
  • Aadhar Card for ID proof.
  • Address proof.
  • Minority Community Certificate.
  • Income Certificate of the family.
  • Previous year’s result sheet.
  • Previous year fee receipt.
  • Mobile number to receive information regarding the application.
  • Details of the Bank Account of the applicant.
  • West Bengal Digital Ration Card (Optional)

Application Procedure Of Aikyashree Scholarship 2023

Firstly, the students need to register themselves on the portal and enter all the information. After that, they need to carefully check their eligibility. Once the registration is successful, they can log in and complete the application.

application procedure

Observe the following steps to apply for the scholarships under the Aikyashree:

  1. Open the official web page of Aikyashree scholarships at
  2. Click on “Student’s Area” to reach the student page for this scholarship.
  3. Select “Fresh Application”.
  4. On the next page, select the district of the institution.
  1. Select the district from the dropdown list and choose “Block” or “Municipality”.
  2. Enter the required details marked with “*”, such as name, parent’s details and more.
  3. Submit the application and proceed to the next step.
  4. Carefully check with the given eligibility criteria and fill in the column and click on “Submit & Proceed”.
  5. Check the applicable scholarship scheme and process.
  6. Obtain the login credentials which will also be generated in the registered mobile number and email ID.

West Bengal Aikyashree Scholarship Log In

To log into the portal as a student follow the steps stated below:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. In “Student’s Area”, choose “Registered Student Login”.
  3. Select the district of the institution of the applicant.
  4. Enter the Login Credentials, that is, the username and the password.
  5. Choose the academic session and district.
  6. Read the captcha code from the box and fill in the “Captcha” box.
  7. Press “Login”.
  8. Change the password for the account.
  9. Fill in the basic information details and then the academic information.
  10. Finally, fill in the details of the bank account carefully. The scholarship amount will be the same account. Verify the details.
  11. Preview the application before submission. The scholarship will be awarded based on the same application.
  12. Edit the application in case of some mistakes.
  13. Finally, submit the application by clicking on “Final Submit” option.
  14. Print the application by tapping on “Print Application” and print a copy of the application with a photocopy of the bank passbook containing the bank account no and the IFS Code and submit it to the concerned institution.


The users can download the following from the portal:

  • User Manual
  • SVMCM User Manual
  • Flow chart for filling an application at a student level
  • Aikyashree Gazette Notification
  • User Manual for Renewal
  • User Manual for Renewal (MCM)
  • User Manual for Renewal (SVMCM)

To download any of the first three of the aforementioned notices, open the login page in Student’s Area. Select the district. In the “Instructions” column, click on the link to the needed document. A new tab will further open up with the pdf file of the notification. Finally, Print or Download the file using the respective icons.


To download the official gazette notification of Aikyashree, the users need to click on the “Download” option on the home page of the WBMDFC website. There is one link available for the pdf file of the notification published on June 20, 2019. Furthermore, download or print the pdf file as per convenience.


To download the last three renewal documents, visit the renewal application page. Select the district of the institute and then follow the links to the three notices in the “Instructions” column. Download or print the pdf files.


Student Renewal

To apply for renewal of application, observe the following method:

renewal login
  1. Open the official portal of the Aikyashree scholarship.
  2. In the “Student’s Area”, click on any of the applicable Renewal options.
  3. Select the district to reach the renewal application login page.
  4. Enter the application ID and choose the Date Of Birth.
  5. Select the district and enter the captcha code.
  6. Click on “Login”.
  7. The system will find the relevant application. Edit the application and attest the fresh documents.
  8. Submit the final application after careful review.

Defected Application

To make corrections to the application, be it fresh or renewal, the applicants need to visit the respective pages in the “Student’s Area”. Select the “Defected Application” or “Defected Renewal Application” based on the application type. Login through the new page and edit the application. After successful editing, finally submit the form.

MCM for Listed Institutes

To check the Means-cum-Merit for the Institutions listed by the WBMDFC, the users need to visit the official Aikyashree webpage. Further, enter the “Student’s Area” and click on “MCM for Listed Institute”. The page will redirect to a new tab with the list.

Invalid Bank Account Updation

In case, the details of the bank account turn invalid, the users can update it on the portal by following the method:

  1. Open the officialm portal of Aikyashree.
  2. In the “Student’s Area”, choose the “Invalid Bank Account Updation”.
  3. Select the district of the Institution.
  4. An Invalid Bank Account Update form for the last session will open up.
  5. Enter the application ID or mobile number.
  6. Select the Date Of Birth of the applicant and Submit.
  7. The user will be verified and then the bank account details can be updated.

Aikyashree Scholarship Status Check 2023

To track the status of the application, follow the subsequent steps:

track application
  1. Visit the homepage of the Aikyashree scholarship portal.
  2. In the topmost options, select the option “Track your Application”.
  3. An application tracking form will open up.
  4. Select either the option to track the application using the Application ID or Mobile number.
  5. Select the year of registration and district from the dropdown list.
  6. Enter the Application ID or the Mobile Number and the Date of Birth.
  7. Finally, enter the Captcha Code and Submit.


The mail support is available at The contact details of the officials at the WBMDFC Head Quarters and the Education Supervisors of districts are given on the “Contact Us” page of the Aikyashree portal. To open the contact details, click here.

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