[Apply] WB Caste Certificate Application Online, Status, SC/ST/OBC Certificate

West Bengal backward class welfare department provides certification for the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, OBC candidates. This is done to provide sustainable development for the backward class to uplift them. This includes basically the SC/ST/OBC(mostly non-creamy layer). The duty of the department is to provide equality among the suppressed class to enhance the quality of life. It will also enhance the capability of West Bengal people to see them equally. From time to time government brings many reforms in the state for equality. The government of West Bengal, a backward class welfare department is set up just because of this. Here in this article, we have discussed the procedure to apply, edit and view the status of the West Bengal caste certificate application online.

WB Caste Certificate
WB Caste Certificate

WB Caste Certificate 2023

Since the very old time, discrimination among classes prevails in India. This discrimination is mainly because of caste. In the earlier Vedic Era, it was divided only into four categories but from time to time it is subdivided and subgrouped further. This increases the suppression of lower-class people. They were kept away from the basic entity such as education, job, and prosperous life.

After independence when the constitution was made by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar many norms for these suppressed classes are added. They have given special rights for upliftment to provide equality among society. It was applicable in all the states of India. West Bengal has set up a department with backward development. This backward class Welfare Department of the West Bengal government will find out the reason for backwardness and try to resolve it.

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Now candidates can go to the offices of authorities or can apply online. In both methods, they will get a certificate at a specified time. However to ease the life of common people and save their time services are made online. This is going to help people not only save their life but will remove the Hustle during getting the certificate. Using this procedure of online candidates can apply for certificates, fill the application form, and view application status. Can reprint acknowledgment slip or application or edit it which use nominal amount. All this procedure can be done by sitting at home.

What are Salient Features For Acts And Rules Related To Scheduled Caste And Scheduled Tribe

  • As per provision of scheduled caste 22% seats are reserved for scheduled caste and 6% scheduled tribe
  • To have reservation two roasters have been provided. This includes 100 roster point to be maintained for direct recruitment. Another roster is having 50 roster point maintained for promotion
  • All the employer have to maintain a register of appointment. This will have details for different category post and recruitment promotion for them directly
  • If appointment of any authority violates the rules of reservation, they can approach the government for violation regularization
  • Every appointing authority is required have to report in the prescribed format yearly
  • It includes total number of employees and number of SC ST every year
  • Total number of recruitment during the last calendar year having number of SC ST
  • Appointment is made in contravention of act, he will be punished. The punishment can vary as 5 year in prisom or fine of 2500 rupees
  • To avail the reservation benefit reserved candidate can claim for age relaxation but it only for reserved post not for unreserved post
  • This benefit of reservation can be claimed in state of origin not in other state
  • In West Bengal a total of 60 scheduled caste and 40 schedule tribal communities are identified
  • Under the provision of acts and rule department of backward class welfare look the matter related to SC and OBC. It looks after the matter to relate the schedule tribe at Central level in this state
  • There is reservation cell both at district and state level to monitor implementation of reservation

WB Caste Certificate Benefits

There are many benefits of getting this category Certificate online. A list of these benefits are given below:-

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
  1. It will save time of applicant as process can be done by sitting home
  2. It will remove crowd at offices especially in this pandemic time
  3. Getting Certificate online will eliminate the mid man who takes money for the making of certificates
  4. It will remove or reduce corruption in the department as online services will enhance transparency
  5. Application can use at anywhere at any time to apply.
  6. For certificate that don’t need to visit officers to know the status of application
  7. Online services also provide facility to edit the application form which is not possible in offline certificate as one’s it will submit no one can access it.

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Documents Required

To avail of the scheduled caste Scheduled tribe and another backward class certificate, some documents are needed. Applicants need to fill out the application form and attach this document for acceptance of the application form. A list of these documents are given below:-

  1. One application form which to be filled online
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Domicile certificate of West Bengal
  4. Income certificate
  5. One valid identity proof
  6. Aadhar proof
  7. Age proof

Procedure To Apply For WB Cast Certificate Offline

Complete step-by-step procedure to apply offline to avail certificate is given below. Follow the instruction to avail of the services:-

  • Applicants have to prepare all the certificate at one place.
  • List of this certificate has discussed above.
  • Now take the application form for certificate and fill it properly
Procedure To Apply For WB Cast Certificate Offline
Procedure To Apply For WB Cast Certificate Offline
  • Fix photo at specified place and do signature
  • Attach the relevant certificate and self attest them
  • This certificate must  be issued by the government officers or gazette officer
  • After getting it verified with the official submit the application form to the nearest block office
  • This form will be take in and put under scrutiny
  • After verification and acceptance by circle officer it will generate
  • Applicant again needed to visit office after one week to avail the certificate
  • They will get it from the same block office or SDM office

Apply Procedure For WB Category Certification Online

There are a number of features available on the official website. This is not only applying for the certificate but also checking status details and editing the application form. The candidate can also reprint the application along with an acknowledgment slip. The procedure for each service is given below.

  • Visit the official website of backward classes welfare department Government of India
  • Link to visit website directly is given here – castcertificatewb.gov.in
  • On home screen, there is a link for how to apply for SC ST OBC certificate
WB Caste Certificate
  • Clicking on this link will open the guidelines page
Apply Procedure For WB Category Certification Online
  • Read all the guidelines and check what details are needed to be fill and attach
  • Page one asks basic details of applicant, page 2 applicable for only OBC candidate, page 3 is the place where attaching the relevant document is required
Apply Procedure For WB Category Certification Online
  • After doing all this procedure submit the application form for scrutiny
Apply Procedure For WB Category Certification Online
  • There is option for post review
  • Before submitting applicant should preview the application form to check the error if any
  • After properly filling and submission scrutiny will continue

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West Bengal Cast Certificate Application Status

Candidates can check the status of the application with the reference number. The procedure to view the status of the application form is given below:-

  • Open official website of government of West Bengal
  • On homepage there is option for view status of application
West Bengal Cast Certificate Application Status
  • Clicking on this option will ask application number
West Bengal Cast Certificate Application Status
  • This application number is provided to applicant at the time of filling application form
  • After filling the application number click on search
  • This will status of application form
  • Candidate can refer it to know when they will get the certificate

How To View West Bengal Caste Certificate Details

In order to view the certificate details follow the given instruction:-

  • Navigate to official website of welfare department
  • Click view certificate details from home page
How To View West Bengal Caste Certificate Details
  • Provide new certificate number or old certificate number with issue here along with issuing authority or name and issue date
How To View West Bengal Caste Certificate Details
  • Provide any of the details and click on search
  • Clicking this option will show certificate details

Procedure To Reprint Application Procedure

To reprint the application or acknowledgment slip is given below. Go for the steps properly:-

  • Visit to the backward classes welfare department website
  • Click reprint application option from home page
  • Provide application number and date of birth
  • Click on search after it
  • Here application will show
  • There is option on the top of page for print out
  • Click on this to save the application form in the form of PDF or take a printout for future reference

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How To Edit Application Form

Online services are not only hassle-free but also provide options for editing after submitting the application form. If during filling application they have made some error and need to be rectified they can follow given instruction:-

  • Navigate to the official website of welfare department
  • Click here to visit website directly
  • On home screen there is option for edit application
How To Edit Application Form
  • Clicking on this option will ask application number and date of birth of applicant
  • Provide both details and click on search
  • Applicant can edit their application form with this procedure

WB Caste Certificate Department Login

This option is available to the government authorities. Using this procedure in the authority from the department can log in on-page of backward class welfare department which will help them for accessing the services and provide services to the applicant. For this, they will be given a username and password. The procedure for department login is given below:-

  • Open official website of the department of backward welfare
  • There is an option for login on the homepage of website
WB Caste Certificate Department Login
  • Clicking on this option will open a new window
  • Provide username and password
WB Caste Certificate
  • After providing these details click on login
  • Now authority can access the facilities to access services

Frequently Asked Question

What are the reservation norms of India?

Reservation is a part of the Indian Constitution. It provides equality among the separate class to acquire services in education and recruitment.

How to avail WB Caste Certificate?

The procedure to avail of the certificate is both offline and online. Both procedures have been discussed above.

Can I edit the application form after submission?

Online application forms provide this facility to edit the application form after submission. The procedure has been discussed above.

How many certificates are issued till now in West Bengal?

Data were available related to certificates issued on the official website. The schedule caste schedule tribe and OBC details are given.

How to view the status of the WB Caste Certificate application?

To view the status of the application form follows the given instruction this has discussed above.

Why there is a need for scheduled caste scheduled tribes and OBC certificates?

As these classes are suppressed from a very early time in order to provide equality among them reservation is provided. This will help them to get jobs and education at lower ranks and marks. Apart from this government issues many other programs or schemes to help them

Contact Details

In case of any discrepancy, the applicant can contact the authority of the backward class welfare department. Authority’s details are available on the official website. For any query and information email can be done at any time or visit the office. The details for contact is given below:-

Email- help.ccwb@gmail.com

Address- Backward Classes Welfare Department
DJ-4, Sector-II, Administrative Building, SDO Bidhannagar, 4th,Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

পশ্চাদপদ শ্রেণি কল্যাণ বিভাগ, সরকারের অধীনে একটি বিভাগ। পশ্চিমবঙ্গের তালিকাভুক্ত জাতি, তফসিলি উপজাতি এবং অন্যান্য পশ্চাদপদ শ্রেণীর ব্যক্তিদের টেকসই উন্নয়নের দিকে কাজ করছে। বিভাগের মূল লক্ষ্য হ’ল এই সামাজিক ও অর্থনৈতিকভাবে পিছিয়ে পড়া শ্রেণীর জীবনযাত্রার মান উন্নত করা এবং এই সম্প্রদায়ের লোকদের সক্ষমতা বৃদ্ধি করা, যাতে তারা সমাজের মূলধারার অংশ এবং অংশ হয়ে উঠতে পারে।

The Backward Classes Welfare Department works for the social, economic, and cultural development of SC and OBC people in the state. The main tasks of the Department are:

  • The promotion of educational programs, including skills training and implementation
  • Services, and educational caste certificates and conservation rules apply in terms of
  • Economic development projects, including projects for the implementation of the tax
  • Backward classes and strengthening integrated development of infrastructure for the community to create wealth
  • The social and cultural development of backward classes

Over the last three years, the BCDW department has launched e-enabled services for the issuance of caste certificates and distribution of all types of scholarships as a result of transparency, speedy disposal, easy access and increased coverage.

On the home screen of the website, data are also available. This gives information on currently logged-in users and the number of certificates issued. All these data gets counted from 1st July 2011 and the last date to calculate is the time when candidates have opened the page. These data are given below:-

  1. Total number of Schedule caste certificate issued 498 3968
  2. Number of schedule tribe certificate issued 994 983
  3. Total OBC certificate issued 3777 685

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