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Agrisnet is a scheme designed to connect information services to all the farmers through ICT. The intention was to provide need-based and localized information to farmers through international technology services. They envisioned connecting different areas of the Department of Agriculture to provide information through a single platform. Agrisnet is a mission mode project implemented under the National e-governance program(NeGP). Agrisnet Farmer List can be checked on this portal along with other information such as online farmers’ search, registration status, etc.

The Agrisnet, a project is designed to connect Information services to all farmers through international technology services. The main objective was to increase the productivity of the crops additionally creating a data bank full of information for farms. The additional purpose regarding farmers is to increase their income through plantation and farm-level participation.


In this article, you will find information regarding ODISHA Agrisnet, New form, farmers registration, farmers list, etc.


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What is Agrisnet?
Agricultural Information System Network(AGRISNET) is a project under e-governance project for the up gradation and development of farmers as well as of the Agriculture Department. It provides a secured network for farmers where they can get all the information and avail agricultural services online mode.

Earlier farmers used to get information and help with the huge difficulty, thus, made them hopeless as they do not have any other option. Information was sorted in two ways by Kisan Call Centre or by visiting local officers personally in government offices. As technological advancements have benefitted the agricultural sector too, even rural people have a phone with them. The equally important issue of today is the increasing need for information and to solve this problem, the government provided this platform for farmers of the country.


The Central government of India with the Ministry of Agriculture and the department of agriculture and cooperation has a vision of developing the Agriculture area with the help of technology. To connect the agriculture sector with technology, many digitally featured schemes were introduced under the tenth five-year plan. Following the same path, the Odisha government introduced AGRISNET for the farmers of their state. This is a separate agrisnet portal for every state where this project has been implemented. It was primarily launched in Tamil Nadu. Through this portal, farmers can check the farmer’s list and avail all the services available there on the website.

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In addition to this plan, Agrisnet for instance was introduced with many consecutive schemes. Finally, the idea is to ensure universal knowledge in addition to market information. Furthermore, all the departments of agriculture are connected through this network at one window to all other officers as well as dealers in addition to the farmers.

Name of the SchemeAgriculture Resources Information System Network (AGRISNET)
ArticleAGRISNET Farmers list
First launched inTamil Nadu
launched on29th July 2010
Sponsored byThe central government under a tenth five-year plan
Declaration byDepartment of Agriculture & Food Production
BeneficiaryFarmers of the State
ObjectiveTo provide benefits and services to farmers and also to increase farmers income specifically through farm mediation
VisionIncrease crop production, with the management of information for farmers
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Agrisnet Farmer’s List: Objective

Presumably, the idea is to provide enough information, to bring the farmer’s community higher. Also, to let farmers get need-based information through the web for them to grow.

  • The government is additionally trying to make continuous efforts to increase the farmer’s income and sources.
  • Urging farmers to seek information through the web rather than visiting government office personally.
  • Therefore, ensuring on providing all the data from the centre to the sub-state level to the farmers is equally important. (microplanning).
  • To provide more occasion for learning.
  • In addition, teaching new things to farmers community on regular basis.
  • To provide in front information about new upcoming courses on a current basis to the farmers.
  • Additionally, to provide an easy and comprehensive portal for farmer’s use.
  • In the final analysis of the portal, it’s necessary to ensure farmers security in the long run by providing services, for instance, marketing.
  • Furthermore, promoting the same kind of framework in all the states regarding any topic.
  • Additionally, trying to make two-way communication as clear as possible.
  • Consequently, trying to increase platform knowledge for farmers to the maximum through the whole crop cycle.

Agrisnet : Benefits

AGRISNET is an e-agriculture initiative to keep the farming community informed with the latest development and services related agriculture sector. Moreover, it has encyclopedic back-end linkages which converge and circulate information on agriculture, ranching, gardening, and fishery under a single roof.

  • In front, ensures in providing more resources to the farmers
  • Nevertheless, its portal is easy to use with beyond known encyclopedic information.
  • This has so many back-end linkages which will provide information, services in abundance.
  • Besides, it enables farmers to access various services through a single platform.
  • In a word, it can be said that “Universal knowledge” at one portal.
  • Saves the time of farmer who have personally visited government offices for the required information.
  • Further, it keeps farmers connected to the market information with quick updates.
  • It inputs a portal with valid current information on the market price value, which would not have been possible before the introduction of portal.
  • Additionally gives information on activities being planned from the centre to the sub-state level.
  • In conclusion it has also brought clarity to the system which enables more benefits to the farmers.

AGRISNET Odisha: ID and Registration

Likewise, under this project, all the farmers are to be connected to web services. Farmers will be also be provided with a unique farmer’s ID after registering on the portal for accessing all the services available. Farmers are also helped by teaching the mechanism of farming and are provided with soil testing. The government is providing immense benefits to the registered farmers under this scheme.

Farmers are provided with a special Farmers ID, designed to provide farmers with maximum benefits for both farmers and their plantations.

Farmers Registration form

Registration form for farmers of Odisha, all details should be filled accurately.


Eligibility Criteria

To become a registered user for AGRISNET, the farmer needs to fulfil certain conditions. These are-

  • The user should be a resident of the concerned state.
  • This scheme is not for all citizen, it’s for the betterment of farmers. Therefore only farmers can apply.

Documents required:

Required documents for registration :

  • Aadhar card number
  • Domicile certificate of the farmer
  • Farmer’s photo
  • Bank details of the farmers

Farmers ID Registration: Food Portal Odisha

There is three-way by in which farmers are registered which are explained in detail below:

– Farmers ID: Registration If farmer have code

The Farmers who are not registered even now can still register themselves on the portal.

  • The user first has to visit the Odisha Food portal of the concerned state.
  • However, All PACS/LAMPS should use the available ID and Password to log in.
  • Now click on FR FOR DBT SEEDS, In addition, there are three options for farmers to register from.
  • Now click on the option, If Already Registered with FS& CW Dept.
  • Additionally the user has farmers code.
  • Enter your Farmers code in box here. Select click option.
  • Further, checking availability with FS and CW department.
  • Accordingly the security officer will check details after fetching the data from FG&CW and NPR department.
  • Under the FS&CW department, farmers indeed can’t change the bank details.
  • Subsequently, the secretary officer will also fill related data’s of the farmer in the self declaration form.
  • Thereafter, the data will be verified.
  • Finally after verification submit the form.
  • Submission of details is the final analysis.
  • henceforth, all the message will be sent to the user’s phone.

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Farmer ID registration: If a farmer is not registered on the FS&CW but available in NPR

  • The user first has to visit the Odisha Food portal of the concerned state.
  • Moreover, all PACS/LAMPS use the available ID and Password to log in.
  • Now click on FR FOR DBT SEEDS, besides, there are three options for farmers to register from.
  • Then, Click on option “Check through NPR”.
  • On the whole, The secretory officer will search farmers data in the database.
  • Thus check farmers through these options -village, gram panchayat, district, and block.
  • Once the data is retrieved, the details appears in front of the screen.
  • Thereafter, the data will be verified.
  • Finally after verification submit the form.
  • Submission of details is the final analysis.
  • Henceforth, all the message will be sent to the user’s phone.

Farmers ID Registration: New Registration

  • The user first has to visit the Odisha Food portal of the concerned state.
  • Meanwhile, All PACS/LAMPS use the available ID and Password to log in.
  • Now click on FR FOR DBT SEEDS, accordingly, there are three options for farmers to register from.
  • For new registration, click on the NEW REGISTRATION Option.
  • The secretary officers needs to fill all the relevant information with document verification of the farmers.
  • Consequently, The secretary officer will fill other related data’s in the self declaration form of the farmer.
  • Thereafter, the data will be verified.
  • Finally after verification submit the form.
  • Submission of details is the final analysis.
  • Further, all the message will be sent to the user’s phone.

Farmers ID Registration Status : Seed Portal Odisha

The Farmers who have not registered on the Agrisnet portal and wants to register as well, follow these steps :

  • The Farmers who wants to register, first visit the official website of the concerned state. Visit Odisha Seed portal for Odisha state.
  • On the portal click on the SEED DBT option.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, Select the Farmers Registration option from the menu.
  • After redirection, it will immediately lead you to Log In on the screen.
  • Accordingly, fill in an authentic User ID and Password and write the verification code given on the screen
  • Finally, click on the login button.
  • After Login, check the details through provides services.

AGRISNET Farmers ID: Updation

The registered farmers who want to update their Farmers ID card, follow the steps below:

UPDATION IN AAO: For 1st updation AAO can change numbers only. Then they forward the request to CDAO.

UPDATION IN CDAO: AAO forwards the request as per Individual to CDAO for Updation after verification.
The list of changes can be made by CDAO :

  • Name Correction
  • Rectifying Title
  • Correction in Father or husband’s name
  • Modifying the name of the village
  • Change in gender option
  • Modifying Aadhaar Card number
  • Changing mobile number for 2nd number as 1st was done by AAO
  • Amending the bank details
  • Switching of Category

With required documents attested to it.

How to Update Farmers ID?

  • Firstly, the applicant needs to visit the official website.
  • Then, click on the SEED DBT option, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select the options farmers registration from the options.
  • Further, log in to the portal.
  • Fill in an authentic User ID and Password and write the verification code given on the screen in addition, click on the login button.
  • With a successful login, the home screen of AAO can be seen on your screen.
  • Now click on the Master option and a drop-down menu will appear
  • Select the Farmers Details option, now type farmers Id on the ID box given and then after writing an ID click on the search button.
  • Further, many details will be seen of farmers.
  • Additionally, only numbers can be changed on AAO.
  • Moreover, for other request, AAO will have to send a request to CDAO for updation.

How to Check Agrisnet Farmers ID?

In AGRISNET farmers can check Farmers ID through the portal as well as through the food portal Odisha.

  • Firstly, farmer needs to enter the Odisha seed portal .
  • Further, the user needs to select the the SEED DBT option from the main menu.
  • After selecting SEED DBT, a drop-down menu will appear below the DBT option .
  • Lastly, click on PRINT FARMERS ID option.
  • Thus, the new page will appear from there click on Farmers Identification option in the main menu.
  • Now user will be asked to enter the Voter ID number correctly.
  • Next click on submit option.
  • And you can check farmers ID.

How to check AGRISNET Odisha Farmers List ?

  • Farmers first need to visit the official portal of – Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment (odishaseedsportal)
  • After opening the odisha seed portal , select the option SEED DBT.
  • On Clicking SEED DBT, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • From the drop-down menu select PRINT FARMERS ID 
  • On clicking a new page will appear, click on Farmers list
  • Then a new dialogue box will appear where you need fill required details of required place and a list will generate on your screen
  • Sixth now click either on the SEARCH option or the EXPORT TO EXCEL SHEET option 
  • Finally, the list will appear on your screen
  • For example : Generated Farmers list

Additional Information : Extended Information on the Portal

The Government is providing Management Information System (MIS) on a single platform about various seeds and Seeds:

More information which can be seen are:

  • Farmers can see information on variety of crops with valid state information.
  • Moreover, farmers are provided with seed sampling and verification of seed sample’s quality for use.
  • The portal have online seed licensing system where seed dealers can even get fresh license.
  • In addition, dealers can renew their license in Seed Licensing System .
  • Quick updation on news of seed verification done in state regularly.
  • seed price, resource materials, seed statistics, orders/circulars, success
  • The portal provides information on various other aspects too:
    – Price of Seeds
    – Resource material for the farmers
    – Original seed figures in the state
    – Various government orders
    – Various victorious Stories of farmers etc
  • In addition much more new updates on information regarding seeds in the state.

Agrisnet : Other States

Agrisnet Tamil NaduCheck here
Agrisnet Andhra PradeshCheck here

Contact Details

Agrisnet Odisha contact details-

For farmers registration moreover, farmers id issue7008542438
Helpline number0674-2392431
Odisha Seed portalClick here
Food portal OdishaClick here
Agrisnet Directorate of Agriculture & Food productionClick here
Odisha Farmers PortalClick here


Who can apply for AGRISNET?

AGRISNET portal is not for all the citizens of India. It is truly only for the farmers of India. It is not only for large-scale farmers but also for small-scale farmers.

How the registration of farmers is verified in AGRISNET?

Agrisnet is connected to software, PFMS which verifies the registration form accordingly.

If there is a problem with my farmers’ ID, from where can it be rectified?

Correction of the farmer’s ID card is either done online as sending the request or society Secretary gets
additional information. Further, the secretary officer updates the correct account information of the farmer.

Is AGRISNET even effective for the betterment of farmers?

AGRISNET has won the gold award for Gradual innovation in existing schemes in the 18th National e-governance award. It tells how much effective it has been for the farmers.

Which is the first state who has seen successful results through the use of AGRISNET?

Tamil Nadu is the first state which initialized AGRISNET and it was extremely successful even the production has increased due to discoveries that are in the portal.

What benefits can the farmers generally acquire from Farmers ID card in the portal?

Farmers can get in addition concussion in rates as in case of a health emergency. Moreover, they get experts briefing and help in the issues they are handling, furthermore has become successful. Also can access additional services

What is the registration fee for farmers?

The registration fee for the farmers depends on the concerned states. Though in Odisha it is Rs 6.

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