MP Ration Card New List 2023 NFSA Download Patrata Parchi, M-RationMitr App

Have you applied for an MP ration card recently and now wanted to know whether your name has been added to the new list or not. Then such MP ration card new list can be checked easily online from the official Samagra portal but to get the same you need to submit some of your details whose process we have discussed in this article. So if you are also among such people who are keenly looking for the MP ration card list then this article is for you where you will find all the relevant information.


NFSA MP Ration Card List 2023

As you all know that ration card is an important document for the people who are from a lower-middle category because through this they are eligible for a number of benefits such as subsidized ration which was issued by the government, with the help of ration card they can apply for various scheme offered by whether state or central government, also they can apply for a pension-like (MP Vidhwa or old age pension, etc) in total such ration card act as a major documents in their day to day life.

MP Ration Card New List 2023

Now you can easily check your ration card list & for that, you just need to visit the official website and submitting some details all information of your ration card will appear to you like name of the members which, and the ration they are benefitted of.

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If your name was mentioned in this new list then you are entitled to get a subsidized ration from your nearby Fair Price Shop (FPS) of your concerned area.

How to Check the MP BPL Families List Online?

Now you can check the list of BPL families that are holding ration cards in Madhya Pradesh. This can be easily checked online from the samagra official portal and to check the same you need to follow some steps that we have given below: –

  • First of all, log in to the official website and click on the BPL/AAY Register
  • Now on the home page, you need to select some details from the option such as: –
    • District name
    • Local body
    • Gram Panchayat Zone
    • Also, you have the option to get all BPL list or you can also opt for the option only yellow ration card (AAY) or only Blue ration card (BPL)
  • After doing such a process the list of BPL holder will appear on your screen

(पंजीकरण फॉर्म) एमपी मुख्यमंत्री कृषक उद्यमी योजना 2023

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MP BPL/AAY Family New List

Check the new list of such families who have been added recently to the BPL/AAY list can be easily checked from the official portal by following the steps given below: –

  1. Visit the official portal first
  2. Now on the home of the portal, you will find the new list of families added recently in BPL/AAY
  3. After selecting the same a new page will open where you have to enter some details which are: –
    1. District you belong to
    2. Nagar Nigam of your district
    3. Zone Number form the list
    4. And at last ward number
  4. After pressing the view list tab all recently added new families list will appear on your screen
    In which you will find some important details like: –
    1. Your Family ID
    2. Head of the family name
    3. Address
    4. Card type
    5. Number of members in the family
    6. Category
    7. And date you have inducted in BPL category

List of Families Removed From MP BPL/AAY List

Now the list of the family which have been removed from the list of BPL/AAY can also be checked online by following the steps mentioned below: –

► Log in to the official portal
▻ Select the list removed from BPL/AAY
► Such lists can be checked in two ways:


◆ In this, you need to first select the name of the district
◇ Nagar Palika/Parishad
◆ Zone name
◇ And you ward number
◆ Press the view list tab and the details of families will appear to you.

By submitting samagra ID

◆ Or such list can also be checked by submitting your respective samagra ID

Check District Wise MP BPL Registrars List

If you want to check District wise or body wise list of BPL registrar then it can be checked online from the method given below: –

▲ Visit the official portal and select the respective link

△ And on the new page, you need to select your district name and local body name followed by a captcha appear.

▲ Press the GO tab and a list will appear to you carrying important details of the registrar such as: –

▴ Employee code

▵ Name

▴ Mobile number and other.

MP BPL Card Family List

Such BPL list can be checked through four ways:

District Wise BPL Families

To check the BPL List district wise you need to follow the procedure given below: –

Step 1- Visit the official website and select the district wise BPL families link

Step 2- After that, select the district name and local body from the list dropdown and enter the security code that appears on the screen

Step 3- After pressing the go tab list will be available to you

Local Registered BPL families

■ For such a list, you need to head towards the official portal first and need to select the respective link for the menu

◻ And on the new page need to select the district, panchayat/Nagar Nigam name from the dropdown

■ Press the get report tab and the list will be available on your screen

Zone-wise/Gram Panchayat Registered BPL Families

Such a list can be checked easily from the link given here and enter the required details followed by pressing the get report tab and the list is on your screen now.

Village or Ward Wise Registered BPL Families

■ Visit the official portal first

◻ And select the required link

■ Now submit the details required to obtain the list and press the get report tab


Print/Download MP Samagra BPL card

If you want to download or print your BPL Samagra Card then it can be done easily by following the details given below: –

  • Sometimes this page failed to open due to some technical error but you must try to open it if you get this issue.
  • And once the page open then you need to submit your 8 digits samagra ID number or 9 digit samagra member ID and security code
  • Press the ‘GO’ tab and your BPL samagra Card appears to you.
  • Now you can download it and take a printout of it.

MP Board Ruk Jana Nahi Result 2023

Statistics Related to BPL Families in the State

Registered BPL families09668990
Verified BPL families02756761
Pending families for verification06912209
Families removed from the BPL list00461332

Know MP Ration Card Samagra ID online

If you want to know your Samagra Family and member ID then it can be easily checked online by following some steps which are given below: –

  • First of all, you need to visit the official portal and on the home page
  • You need to click on the samagra family and member ID
  • On the next page, number of ways to check the samagra ID will appear to you.

Through E-ration Card

▰ The very first process is to check the same from the E-ration card or patrata parchi that was issued to you.

▰ If you do not know about the Patrata parchi then do check your ration card because it was affixed on your ration card.

From Family Samagra ID

▰ If you know your Family Samagra ID then with the help of this you may easily check your samagra ID


Through Mobile number

▰ If any mobile number is registered in samagra portal then through that also you may know your samagra ID


From Aadhaar Number

▰ You can also check your samagra ID through your Aadhaar number for this you just need to click on the link given below and on the new page you need to submit your Aadhaar number, age group, and the very first two letter of your name

▰ After submitting such details your samagra ID number will be available to you.


Bank Account Number

▰ Samagra ID and profile can also be checked through your bank account number and for this, you need to go through the link given here and need to submit your account number, age group, and first two letters of your name followed by captcha code.


MP M-Ration Mitra Mobile Application

In association with NIC Bhopal MP government has launched a dedicated mobile application for MP people through which they will get information related to their ration card, FPS shop, can add the Aadhaar card information of their family member, official circular, contact details of the officials, and also patrata parchi.

भावांतर भुगतान योजना : ऑनलाइन आवेदन

How to download MP M Ration Mitra Mobile Application?

M-Ration Mitr mobile application can be easily downloaded from google play store or a link shared below whose process is given below: –

  • Open play store on your mobile and search the M ration mitra app
  • As there is so many fake application available in the play store, so you need must cross-check it whether National Informatics Centre Bhopal offering this app or not.
  • Once you find the link tap to download it
  • Once it was downloaded successfully, tap to open it, now it will ask you some permission which you need to grant.
  • Application dashboard will look like as shown in the image given below
  • In this, you need to submit your 8 digits samgra ID number
  • and you are all set to access the feature of the application.

(SSSM ID) मध्य प्रदेश समग्र पोर्टल : MP Samagra ID List

How to Download MP Ration Card Patrata Parchi?

MP ration cardholders are now able to download their Patrata parchi from the official portal of or through their dedicated mobile application.

If you are looking to download the same, then you just need to follow some steps that are mentioned below: –

  1. First of all, you need to open the M- Ration mitra mobile application on your mobile phone
  2. And after this, you need to submit your family samagra ID
  3. After submitting the same, your samagra dashboard will appear on your screen.
  4. Where you can easily find the link for ration Patrata Parchi
  1. And once you tap on the link, your patrata parchi will be available to you in which you may find some details like
    • Receipt number
    • Samagra Family ID number
    • Category
    • FPS shop
    • And the quantity entitle to you
    • Along with the name of the family member and their Samgra ID
  1. In case you are not able to download your NFSA Ration Patrata Parchi then you may also click on the link “List of a family member as per Patrata parchi
  2. And after selecting the same the list of family members that are registered will appear to you.
  3. With the help of this, you may get the ID number of each family member.

मुख्यमंत्री आर्थिक कल्याण योजना 2023

MP Ration Card Contact Details

If you have a query related to ration card then it can be resolved by contacting the authority at their helpline numbers or by sending an email to them whose details are given below: –

Helpline number: 0755-2558391

Email ID:


How one can download its MP Ration Card new List?

You may download your New ration card list from

How can I check whether my name has been added to the BPL list or not?

It can be easily viewed from the samagra portal by selecting the link for the details you are looking for and after that, you need to submit the required information.

Can I track BPL Status online?

Yes, you can and for that, you need to visit the samagra portal & select the track status link, and later on, you need to submit your samagra ID to track your status.

How many types of ration card was issued by the MP government?

As per the information available, there are three types of ration cards available which were issued by the MP Govt. namely BPL, AAY, and APL.

What is the information furnished in the MP ration patrata Parchi?

Once you download your Patrata Parchi then you will find some important details in it namely: –
Patrata parchi Number
Parivar ID number
Total member
Quantity of ration
Category of the ration card holder
Family member names and their Samagra IDs

How can I Download my MP Ration Card Patrata Parchi?

Right now such a process was disabled in the portal but it can be downloaded from the M-ration Mitra mobile application.

What is the detail required to download such patrata parchi?

You just need to log in with your samagra family ID in the application.

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