How to Use mShiksha Mitra App Portal, m-Governance Platform Login

MP Government has launched a dedicated portal and a mobile application known as Mshikshsa Mitra for their teacher, students, and support staff through which they can access numerous services that are related to the education department. The mshiksha portal and application was easy to use and teacher need to login to the portal to access the services that are available in the portal. So basically through this article, we will try to explain, the services that are available in the portal and its objective.


mShiksha Mitra Portal

Through this portal teachers or support staff can access a number of services like: –

  • Teacher and students attendance can be marked from this
  • Student’s scholarship details can also be viewed by students with their Samagra ID
  • Scholarship status and its eligibility
  • An employee can check their payslip
  • Send SMS to DEO, DPC, BRC, and BEO or at any other number
  • An employee may register School children or children with special needs in this portal
  • Leave application can also be submitted through this portal
  • A grievance can also be registered by the employee related to their school and students along with photographs through this app.
  • Employee can also view their NPS details
  • Birthdate can also be viewed through this app.

Overview of mShiksha Mitra App/portal

AboutMshiksha Mitra portal
Launched byMP government Schemes
BeneficiaryTeachers and students
Aim of the portalTo provide various services on a single platform

How to login at login mshiksha Mitra portal?

All MP teachers may access mshiksha Mitra services once they successfully log in to the portal or its dedication mobile application but to log in, it was required to submit their user name and password which was received from the higher officials. On not having the same you may contact your concerned school authority

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Process to login

  1. The login process was so simple just like brewing
  2. And for that, you need to open the app or official portal and press the login tab from the home page
  3. Now the login box appears to you where you need to submit your username, password, and captcha code (appears on the image) and press the login button.

Note: In case you forgot your password then it can be retrieved easily whose process is discussed in the next section.

Note: It is to be noted by all teachers that once you log in to the portal you must log out the same once you complete your work in case you left the same as it is and close your browser then your account might be temporarily locked automatically. Do change your password at a regular interval of time.

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How to recover or change mShiksha Mitra password?

If you have forgotten your mshiksha Mitra password then it can be recovered easily through the portal and for that, you need to go through the steps that are given below: –

Before you may proceed you must know that your mobile number must be registered with the education portal because it will be used for authentication.

  • Visit the mshiksha Mitra portal first
  • Press the login tab to appear on the extreme top right of the portal
  • Now you need to tap on the recover password button which will take you to the new page.
  • Here you need to submit your user name, mobile number, and the character displayed in the image.
  • On pressing the requested PIN, a unique 6 digit OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number which you need to enter in the space given.
  • And on doing so, the authentication process will start and on its completion, you need to proceed to change your password
  • Where you need to submit your new password and confirm the same
  • Once this whole process is done, you will be notified via text on your mobile that your password has been changed successfully.

Note: You can change your password only once within 48 hours.

Change mshikhsa Mitra password without OTP/mobile number

You can also change your password if you do not have your mobile at that time.

  • And to do the same you need to go through the official portal
  • And need to select the reset password tab
  • On the new page, you need to enter your unique ID and press the proceed tab.
  • On the next screen, your basic details will appear to you which also consists of the last three digits of your mobile number if it’s yours then you need to press the green tab otherwise press the red tab.
  • And on the next page, you can easily change your password.

How to check mShiksha mitra summary at a glance?

Through the mShiksha Mitra dashboard portal, you can check some details which are given here: –

Summary at a glance

In this, you can check the status of: –

  1. Mobile number updated in the portal and its percentage
  2. Number of app download & its percentage
  3. SMS usage and its percentage and all such things can be checked district, block, and school wise.

Student’s attendance

In this, you can easily check the student’s attendance district, block, and school wise along with this district, block, and school wise total attendance.


Teacher attendance

In this section too you can check teacher attendance district, block, school, and employee wise


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Check Students Dashboard at mshiksha Portal

If you want to check students dashboard at mshiksha porta then it can be checked through the following methods: –

  • Select students dashboard tab on the home page of the portal
  • In this, you need to submit the 9 digit samagra ID and press the view dashboard
  • Now student dashboard appears to you where you can perform the necessary action you are looking for.

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How to Calculate Scholarship Amount at mshiksha Portal?

Open the official portal of m-Shiksha portal

Now on the home page, select the calculate scholarship tab

  • This link will open a page where you need to submit some of your details namely: –
  • Academic year
  • Category
  • Gender
  • Class
  • Whether students studying in a government school or not
  • And other details in which you need just press the yes or no tab if applicable or not.
  • Subjects
  • belong to minorities or not
  • Whether you hold BPL card or not
  • would like to reside in a hostel
  • Physically disabled or not
  • And after proceeding to such details you can easily calculate the scholarship amount

How to know about Latest student scholarship programme?

This portal will help you to know about the latest or ongoing students scholarship details which you can avail of and such program can be checked through the mshiksha portal by going through the steps given here: –

  • As usual visit the official portal first
  • And on the home page select the scholarship scheme
  • Now enter your academic year and class
  • Press the view information tab which will give you the details about the scholarship scheme

How to track Students Benefit at mshiksha Portal

Now students tracking can be easily done at mshiksha portal in the following ways: –

  • Press the student tracking tab on the home page
  • On the other side, you need to submit the samagra ID in the space provided followed by code appears on the image
  • Now proceed as instructed by the portal to track student’s benefits.

How to check scholarship acceptance status at mshiksha portal?

If you had applied for the MP students scholarship and now wanted to know whether your application has been accepted or not then its status can be easily checked through mshiksha portal.

  • Go to the official portal first
  • And select the scholarship status on the home page
  • It will take you to the new page where you need to enter your samagra ID, academic year, and security code that appears on the image
  • By following such steps your scholarship status will appear on your screen

How to check caste certificate status at mshiksha portal?

Those students who belong to the reserve category and submitted applications may check their application status by the following means: –

  • Log in to the portal first and on the home page select the caste certificate verification status tab
  • It will take you to the new tab where it may ask you to submit your samagra family member ID and security code
  • On submitting such details your caste certificate status appears to you.

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Check Class wise Integrated scholarship scheme

Through this portal, you can easily check the integrated scholarship scheme class wise whose details are given here: –

  • To know such scheme you need to visit the official portal first and select the required option from the site (as indicated in the image given below)
  • It will take you to the new page where you need to select your academic year and class
  • Now press the scholarship scheme tab and the relevant information will appear on your screen

Check Class wise integrated scholarship scheme Eligibility

If you are looking to apply for an integrated scholarship scheme then before doing that you need to check whether you are eligible for it or not and its eligibility can be easily checked from the m-Shiksha portal and for that, you need to go through the steps provided here: –

  • Visit m-Shiksha official portal
  • Select eligibility for an integrated scholarship…

How to know mShiksha Mitra Teachers Unique ID?

If any teachers have forgotten their unique which can be used in various ways then it can be checked easily online and for that, you need to follow some points that are given below: –

  • To know the Unique ID you need to first visit the official portal and…
  • On the home page, need to select the know your unique ID from the available option
  • After selecting the same, a new page will open where you need to enter your name and district
  • Press the search tab and the list of a teacher with a similar name appears on your screen which can be cross-checked through school name and designated allotted to you.
  • The unique ID is easily viewed in front of the name.

Mapping at Shiksha Mitra portal

Now the teacher can easily do their mapping process at the Shiksha portal by following some details given here: –

  • It is to be noted that mapping can be done only by the teacher and for those students who have cleared their examination successfully.
  • First of all, you need to open the Shiksha portal
  • Now on the home page, you need to press the login tab
  • And submit your unique ID and password
  • And press the login tab
  • On the new page, you need to select the admission management
  • Now in this, you can map students in the format of I-A and I-B
  • In 1-B, new admission students will be mapped whereas in I-A old students who had cleared their examination and been promoted to the next class will be mapped
  • Select the academic year
  • School type and school name from the dropdown
  • Select class
  • Select gender and category of the students
  • Now the list of students will appear to you where you have to select whether the students pass/fail/NA
  • And percentage secured by them
  • If students still studying in your school then select the same option other if he/she left the school then select the other tab

How to download mShiksha Mitra App?

Along with the mshiksha portal, you can also avail of such service at your fingertip by downloading the mshiksha Mitra mobile application. Right now the application was available only on the google play store which can be downloaded easily by following hereby steps mentioned: –

  • Open the play store and search for mshiksha Mitra
  • From the search result, you need to verify the original mobile application which can be easily verified through application offered name which is NIC Bhopal
  • Now tap on the download button
  • Once it was downloaded successfully tap to open and allow all the permission to run the app smoothly.
  • Now you can access all mshiksha portal services in this mobile application by login with your details.

Download mshiksha Mobile Application


Who can access mshiksha portal and app?

m-Shiksha portal can be used by the teachers and students but its detailed access is available for the teacher which they can use through their login.

What kinds of services are available at the Shiksha Mitra portal?

Through this portal teachers can view and mark students and their attendance, they can also generate their payslip, students may collect information regarding the latest scholarship scheme and its eligibility, also they can track their scholarship application status, they can calculate their scholarship amount and many other services.

What is the credential required for students to log in to the portal?

Students just need to submit their samagra ID and they can log in to their dashboard.

How can I download the mshiksha Mitra mobile application?

It can be easily downloaded from your google play store and for that, you need to look out for the application in your play store and tap on the required link to download.

How to retrieve mshiksha portal password?

In order to retrieve them-Shiksha Mitra password, you need to go to the login window and tap on the forgot password thereafter need to submit the details as asked to do so followed by submitting your new password.

How to know teacher unique ID online?

teacher unique ID can be easily checked online from the official portal and for that, you need to go through the respective link and need to submit your name and select your district, and from the available result need to verify your name which was carrying your unique ID.

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