OROP Pension Table 2024; Check Revised Table, PDF, Arrears

The government of India announced the One Rank One Pension program throughout the country on 23 December. As per the recent reports, the officials have registered more than 4.52 lakh recipients under this OROP Pension List.

Till now, the total has increased to 25.13 lakh. The officials started the modified version of the pension on 1 July 2022. The revised OROP Pension Table has been prepared and provided in this article.

The amendment of OROP has been applied to the retired employees of armed forces who serve the nations with their services until 30 June 2019. The program will not include pre-mature retirees who left the services on 1 July 2014. Learn more about the OROP Pension Table 2024, such as the revised table, likely arrears, and others on this page.

OROP Pension Table 2024

OROP Pension Table
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Indian Union Cabinet approved the modified version of the OROP program on 23 December 2022. According to the One Rank One Pension Scheme, all retirees with the same rank or equivalent rank and the time of service in the Indian Army is the same then they will receive the same amount of pension.

No matter will be given to the date of retirement. The concerned authority is going to cover each retiree from every armed forces branch who retires until 30 June 2019 excluding Pre-Matured Retiree.

The One Rank One Pension Scheme is going to benefit around 25.13 lakh pensioners and their families from all armed forces. After the OROP Pension Table modification, the beneficiaries did not have any doubts and were satisfied with the decision.

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The next revision will be done 5 years after the last revision date. Now, the beneficiaries are curious to know what arrears they will get after the changes.

OROP Pension Table 2024 PDF: An Overview

Name of the ArticleOROP Pension Table
Name of the SchemeOne Rank One Pension
Initiated byIndian Government
BeneficiariesArmed Services Retirees
Requirementwho retired till 30 June 2019
Number of recipients Added4.52 lakh
New Total of OROP Pension Recipients25.13 Lakh

Implementation of Pension

The goal of the government in implementing the scheme is to commemorate the services offered by the people and the sacrifices they have made for the country. They are also going to address the issue which has been going on for a long time of unequal pension amounts. The OROP program has become successful in preparing and establishing an equitable system of pension amounts.

The program has also helped in enhancing the well-being of retired military employees who are always faced with money-related issues. It is one of the major accomplishments of the Indian government as the issue of unequal payment has made many retired employees angry.

The government of India introduced the One Rank One Pension policy to provide a guarantee to retired military personnel of the same rank and same years of service that their pension amount will remain the same irrespective of retirement year.

Benefits of One Rank One Pension

In the following paragraph, we are mentioning some of the key benefits of One Rank One Pension. The following is the list of benefits explained in detail:

  • The officials are going to re-fix the pension of all past pensioners taking into consideration of pension of retirees who retired in the calendar year 2013 and the benefits were made available from 1 July 2014.
  • The pension will be re-fixed by the concerned authority based on the average of the highest and lowest pensions of personnel who retired in 2013 in the same rank. Along with the same time of services.
  • If any retirees’ pension comes above the average then the officials are going to protect it.
  • The officials are going to pay the arrear in a total of four equal half-yearly instalments. However, family pensioners, as well as people who receive Special/ Liberalized family pensions and Gallanatry Award Winners, will be getting the benefit of pensions in a single instalment.
  • The officials have decided to re-fix the pension every 5 years.

Let’s take a quick look at the financial benefits. The following OROP Pension Table shows the total amount disbursed on account of OROP arrears. Our team will soon add the data for the 2024 calendar year:

YearAmount Disbursed
2015-16Rs.2,861.55 crore
2016-17Rs.5,370.61 crore
2017-18Rs.2,563.24 crore
2019-22Rs.23,638 crore
Total AmountRs.34,433.40 crore

Revised OROP Pension Table

There was a petition for extended time for the OROP Plan Pension Arrears Payment until 15 March 2023 got the approval of the One Rank One Pension Revision. The future pension of previous pensioners would be getting an average of minimum and maximum of the pensions. Let’s take a look at the Revised OROP Pension Table 2024:

RankPension as of 01.01.2016Revised
pension w.e.f.
Likely arrears from 01.07.2019 to 30.06.2022
Lt. Gen1,01,5151,12,0504,32,000
Maj. Gen.99,6211,09,1003,90,000
Sub Major33,52637,6001,75,000
Lt. Colone84,33095,4004,55,000
Nb Subedar24,23226,8001,08,000

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