Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme: Apply Online, Selection Process

Taking one more step ahead for the empowerment of women in the Andhra Pradesh state, the Government launched a new scheme called as “Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme”. The scheme was launched in 2020 for improving the standard of living of the women belonging to the backward classes who do not have any fixed source of income. With this yojana, these women will get a stable source of income and will also become self-reliant. Going ahead in this post, you will find crucial information about the Jagganna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme like how to check beneficiaries, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, application process of this scheme.

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme

Andhra Pradesh CM launched Jagganna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme virtually on the 10th of December 2020. The main aim of this scheme is to provide a stable source of income to the poor women of Andhra Pradesh. The state government will be distributing a total of 249151 units of sheep/goats in three instalments or phases. The first phase of this scheme has already been completed in March 2021. The units of livestock distributed under this scheme will provide a livelihood to the beneficiaries and empower them.

Jagganna Jeeva kranthi scheme

An Overview Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi

Name of the schemeJagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme
Article categoryAP Govt Scheme
StateAndhra Pradesh
Concerned DepartmentAnimal Husbandry Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh
Date of launch10th December 2020
Launched byCM Jaggan Mohan Reddy
Budget sanctionedRs.1869 crores
BenefitDistribution of livestock units
Units to be distributed2,49,151 units of sheep/ goats
Total PhasesThree
BeneficiariesPoor women of the backward and minority section

Phases of Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme

The implementation of this scheme is to be done in three phases. It means the distribution of sheep and goat units to the poor women will be carried in three phases. Check the timeline of each phase given below-

Phase Duration Units Distributed
Phase IDecember 2020 to March 202120000 units
Phase IIApril to August 2021130000 units
Phase IIISeptember to December 2021 99151 units
Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi scheme details

Salient Features

  • Jagganna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme was launched on 10th December 2020 through a video conference by the CM of the state.
  • The target beneficiaries of this scheme are the poor women of the state who belongs to the backward classes.
  • A total expenditure of Rs.1869 crores has been incurred in the implementation of this scheme.
  • The beneficiaries will be provided with a unit of sheep/ goat under this scheme.
  • The process of distribution of units will be carried out in three instalments.
  • A total of 2,49,151 sheep and goats will be distributed.
  • Each unit will include 14-15 goats/sheep.
  • Beneficiaries can choose the sheep breed they wish to purchase.
  • Training institutes for providing training about breeding practices will be provided.
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YSR Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Scheme

Advantages of Jeeva Kranthi

There are several advantages of this scheme to the beneficiaries. Take a look at the following benefits of the JJK scheme described below-

AP Jagganna Jeeva kranthi benefits
  • More than 2 lakhs of sheep and goat units will be distributed to the beneficiaries (of YSR Cheyutha & YSR Aasara).
  • It will provide a stable income to the beneficiaries and will raise their standard of living.
  • Animal Health Cards will be issued to the beneficiaries.
  • Animal Husbandry assistance will also be provided to beneficiaries to take care of the animals.
  • Medical assistance and services will be provided by the veterinary staff of the concerned department.
  • Animal Kisan Credit Cards will also be issued.
  • Breeding facility and training facility will also be provided so that beneficiaries and take their business ahead.
Jagganna Jeeva kranthi scheme AP

Who are the Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Beneficiaries?

Only eligible women who fulfil all the eligibility conditions as specified by the government can be the beneficiary under this scheme. Check the eligibility requirements for being a beneficiary of the Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme shared below-

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  • The applicant must be a women
  • Applicant must be citizen of Andhra Pradesh
  • The minimum age of the beneficiary should be 45 years
  • The maximum age of the applicant should be 60 years
  • The applicant must belong to any of the following underprivileged class-
    – Scheduled Castes (SC)
    – Scheduled Tribes (ST)
    – Backward Classes (BC)
    – Minority communities

AP YSR Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Application Process

There is no standard application process for this scheme. The benefit is likely to be provided to the beneficiaries of YSR Cheyutha and YSR Asara. AP Govt has not released any official portal for this scheme as of now. So, no online application forms for this scheme are available. In case is any official portal about this scheme will be released we will update it here. So, you are advised to keep in touch with this page for all the latest updates.

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How much cost has been fixed and what does it include?

The total cost per unit is Rs.75,000 and it includes insurance and cost of transport by which they can purchase units as per their choice.

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