Maa Bhoomi Telangana:- ROR-1B & Pahani/Adangal Online Land Record

Chief Minister of the Telangana Shri K Chandrasekhar Rao has released Maa Bhoomi Telangana to make the land registration process easy. The portal was launched on 29th October 2020, for the registration of agricultural land only, but now it is for both agricultural and non-agricultural land.

Telangana Maa Bhoomi Portal

There are two portals through which one can access the land record easily, the two portals are the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) which is in Maa Bhoomi portal, and also from the Integrates Land Records Management System (ILRMS) which is in the Dharani portal. In this article, you can get information about the various services of the Maa Bhoomi gateway, its benefits, how to fill the pahani and ROR form.

Maa Bhoomi Telangana (1)

Telangana launched this site, for the native of Telangana, to easily record the land data. The people of Telangana also take the advantage of other services that are open in the Maa Bhoomi portal like Amendment Register, registration of Pahani/Adangal and ROR, and the maps also available which shows the subdivision of the areas.

Key Highlights of Maa Bhoomi Online Land Record

Online PortalMaa Bhoomi Telangana
CategoryOnline Land Record
Launched byTelangana Department of Revenue
BeneficiariesNative of Telangana
ObjectiveMake Land record Easy
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Telangana Ration Card List

Services Available at Maa Bhoomi Portal Telangana

From the Maa Bhoomi Portal, people can take the advantage of the below mentions services:

Details of Pahani/AdangalSurvey Numbers pending clearance
Details of Record of Right (ROR1-B)Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas
Amendment RegisterDeeds of Land Transaction Details

Benefits Of The Maa Bhoomi Portal

These are some of the benefits are mentioned below:

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  • It is easy to check the property details from this online portal, all details can be shown and there is no need to go to the Centre, so it’s a good initiative by the Telangana government.
  • By using the Maa Bhoomi site, Telangana can also easily download the document at any time.
  • It is used as a single resource to maintain the whole state land record, with its map, and also consist the updated status of the Land.
  • It is used as a GIS-tool.
  • It is also used to buy or sell the property which is come in a Land transaction.
  • It is a modern technology that provides effective and efficient services.
  • In this portal, both agricultural and non-agricultural land can be registered.
  • It consists Cadastral Map, Details of Record of Right, Amendments, etc.

Pahani/Adangal Content

Pahani or Adangal is a revenue record that consists of the details of the land, landowner, its liabilities, details of the crop grown, etc, it is a legal document which is given by the  Executive Magistrate of the tehsil (tahsildar). The details of Pahani and its registration process is given below:

Land owner’s nameExtents & Khata number
Details of the land and Land revenueDetails of the cultivation source of the Land
Details of the Land’s Survey NumberLand acquire process for the Owner
Classification of SoilNature of the Land
Both government and public rights on the landDetails of the Owner’s Liabilities on the Land

TS Meeseva Online Login & Registration

Check Pahani/ Adangal though Maa Bhoomi/CCLA Portal

To look over the documents of the Adangal, you will follow the below-mentioned steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official site of the Maa Bhoomi site of the Telangana or log in to the CCLA portal.

Step 2: Click on know your Land Status from the Homepage.

Maa Bhoomi Telangana CCLAportal

Step 3: That link which direct, where you can see the option Pahani, below the ROR (Record Of Rights).


Step 4: Click on the above mention option and enter the login Id and password and fill in the below mentioned details:

Scroll Down and chooseDistrictDivisionMandal and village
Search by using one of the following optionsKhata No.
or Survey No.
Buyer Name or the Seller NameMutation Date

Then enter the captcha and click on “Get Detail


Step 5: After clicking on the Get Detail button, the page will open, which shows all the information regarding the recorded land.

Step 6: You can now save the data to take the printout of the details, and keep it for future references.

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Record of Right (ROR 1B)

Record of Right is an essential legal document of the land which consists of a detailed document of the ownership of the land, and it should be maintained separately by the Executive Magistrate of the tehsil. The ROR document consists of the following details:

Land Khata NumberSurvey NumberName of the landowner
Type of the LandDetails of the Land Revenuethe owner Father’s name

To apply for the ROR, the applicant must visit the nearest Mee Seva Centre, and there are service charges i.e twenty-five INR. The Form link is given, you can download it, within 15 mins they will provide you with the ROR 1B form.

Download ROR-B Application Form PDF

How to Check TS ROR Online?

Applicants can follow the step, to check the online status of the ROR:

Step1: Visit the official site of the Maa Bhoomi site of the Telangana or login to the CCLA portal

Step2: Click on know your Land Status, and the link will direct you to the ROR page.

Step3: Chose any search option given below and also fill in the district, division, Mandal and village details

Search by using one of the following optionsKhata No.
or Survey No.
Buyer Name or the Seller NameMutation Date

Then enter the captcha and click on “Get Detail

Step5: Then, the details of ROR will appear on the portal and you can also take the printout of the document.

Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas

The Cadastral Maps indicates the boundaries, subdivision lines with directions of the whole state, by following these steps, you can check the Cadastral Maps:

  • You have to log in to the CCLA, then follow the same steps which are mention above.
  • Click on the “Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas“.
  • Then the ILRMS (Integrated Land Records Management System) page will open.
  • Then enter all the required details and select your village, district, division, and the Mandal.
  • Then the map will appear with the survey number, as shown in the given below image.
Maa Bhoomi Telangana ILRMS-map

Checking the details of Transaction Deeds

Step1: Visit the official site of the Maa Bhoomi site of the Telangana or login to the CCLA portal

Step2: Click on know your Land Status, and the link direct you to the ROR page.

Step3: Click on the “Deed Details” which is in the “LAND TRANSACTION DEEDS”

Step4: Enter the Login Id and password, and fill in the required details: Select the Registration Details option, and choose one of the three options, which are: ‘Document Number’, ‘Apartments, and ‘Layout Plots’.

If you select the ‘Document Number’, then you need to fill in the following details: District, sub-registrar officer, Document No. and the year of Registration and tap to search. The figure is given below;


If you chose the ‘Layout Plots’., then you need to fill, the District details, Mandal, Village details with Survey No. and Plot No. and then Tap for search.


If you chose Apartments, as an option, then you need to fill same details which are mentioned above, but instead of Plot No. Apartment name will be filled or House No. will be entered.


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Property Tax

There are 4 types of property taxes, the explanation is given below:


GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) Property Tax

You need to select the circle and village name from the drop-down box, and fill in the PTIN No., name of the owner, Document No. The Link to GHMC tax is given below in the article.


GHMC Vacant Land Tax

In it also you need to select the circle and the village name and also fill the details pf the vendee, a vendor with Plot No. and Survey No. The link is given in this article.


CDMA (Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration) Property Tax

For the CDMA tax, you need to select your district and ULB or also mention either the House no. or Assessment No. Scroll down to check the link below in this article.

CDMA Vacant Land Tax


For CDMA vacant Land, you need to select your district and ULB or mention either Assessment No. or Survey No. or Plot No., to fill this form, you can check the link below.


Link of the Different Property Tax

GHMC Property TaxClick Here
CDMA Vacant Land TaxClick Here
GHMC Vacant Land TaxClick Here
CDMA Property TaxClick Here

Checking Amendments through Maa Bhoomi portal

Through this portal candidates can check the details, if there will be any changes in the amendment of the registered Land, for that also you have to visit the CCLA portal, and follow these steps:

  • Click on the Know your Land status.
  • And from the Homepage, click on the Amendment Register, which is mention below the ROR option.
  • Then enter all the details, which are mentions in this below image, and then clic on the View Details.
Maa Bhoomi Telangana Amendment-details
  • The details will be showed in the three-columns which are: ‘Before and After Amendment’, and the last is ‘Amendment Details’.

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Checking Clearance for Pending Survey Number

If your Survey number is pending from the Registrar’s office, then you can check the clearance details by these steps:

  • Login to the Official site of CCLA, then click on Know Your Land, and the page will open which shows the ROR option.
  • Under the ROR option, you need to click on the “Survey Numbers Pending for Clearance” option
  • Fill all the required details, as the image is given below, and click on View details.
  • The details will come with the reason, why it is pending status.
Maa Bhoomi Telangana survey-details

Telangana Online Property Registration

Maa Bhoomi Telangana FAQs

What are the Services provided through the Maa Bhoomi Portal?

These are the following services are available in the portal: Deeds of Land Transaction Details, Amendment Register, Details of Record of Right (ROR1-B), Rural Areas Cadastral Maps, Survey Numbers pending clearance, Details of Adangal/Pahani.

What are the different types of Property taxes are available?

There are 4 types of taxes are available: GHMC Property Tax, CDMA Vacant Land Tax, GHMC Vacant Land Tax, CDMA Property Tax

How I can check ROR online?

To check the ROR online, the candidate must log in to the CCLA portal and choose the know your Land Status option, and submit all the required details in the given space and click on the “Get Detail” option, the details of the ROR will be displayed on your screen, then you can easily take the print out of the documents.

Who launched Maa Bhoomi portal in Telangana?

Maa Bhoomi Telangana or Dharani portal was organized by the Chief Minister of the Telangana Shri K Chandrasekhar Rao.

What Does Record Of Right mean?

Record which covers all the judicial documents which possess all the detail of the owner and it has to be managed distinctly by the Executive Magistrate of the tehsil. By ROR document you get the following data:-No. of land data, Survey No., owner name, Land type, Land Revenue details, etc.

What is the content of Pahani/ Adangal?

These are the following details consist in Pahani: owner’s name, Extents & Khata no., land details and revenue, cultivation source details, Land’s Survey No., Land acquire process for the Landlord, Soil Classification, Land’s nature/type, government and civil right on the land, Owner’s details, Leases on the Land.

What is the procedure to apply for ROR?

The registration form of ROR has to be given by the applicant, to any nearby Mee Seva Centre, and they need to pay 25 rupees as a service charge. The Form is given above in this article, you can download it.

What are the benefits of Maa Bhoomi site?

The benefits are: can be operated GIS- tool and also maintain record related to land, land transaction, and the updated status of your land.

What is the term Pahani or Adangal means?

Pahani or Adangal is a revenue record that contains all the details of the land, its’ owner, liabilities, crop grown details, etc. The legal document is delivered by the Executive Magistrate of the tehsil.

Who launched the Maa Bhoomi portal and what are its main objective?

The Maa Bhoomi site was launched by the Telangana government, and the main objective of this is to Make Land records Easy for the native of Telangana.

How to check Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas?

The applicant can log in to CCLA, by using the below steps:
Tap on the “Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas” and then to the ILRMS and enter all the required details and survey numbers.

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