Kerala Swasraya Scheme: Application Form, New Beneficiary List

Kerala Swasraya Scheme Application Form New Beneficiary List: Kerala Swasraya Scheme is an innovative scheme introduced by the Social Justice Department of the Government of Kerala. This scheme is devised for the woman of the state. The women who can apply for this scheme are – Single Mothers, Unwed mothers, husband’s abandoned women(wives), Divorced women, and women who are not together.

This scheme provides financial help to such single mothers who are in dire need of help. It will also put them forward and enable them to find self-employment. Kerala Swasraya Scheme is for the parents that are also mother parent of the child who is either physically challenged or mentally challenged.

Kerala Swasraya Scheme: Application Form, New Beneficiary List
Kerala Swasraya Scheme

It is well known that how much difficult it is to take care of a child and if that child is physically challenged/ mentally challenged on top of it if the mother is single and have to take care of the kid by herself. It’s extremely difficult. The mother or the caretaker of the special child can’t work as they have to keep watch on the child and do all the house chores by themselves. Without a person earning in the family, a single mother can be drowned with the various medical charges, caregiving and all the required financial responsibility.

In this article, you will read about the Scheme of Swasraya? All the queries will be answered in the article such as who can apply and how to apply for the scheme? what all benefits can one extract from the scheme? In order to know more detailed information on the scheme keeps following the article.

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Kerala Swasraya Scheme

Kerala state is highly known for a skilled and competent health care system. The Social Justice Government of Kerala judging how difficult it might be to raise a mentally or physically challenged at the same time it’s quite expensive to raise one initiated scheme. Though there is already a scheme for disabled children, Aswarakiranm offers Rs 525/- on monthly basis to the family which is not enough.

Though the duties of a child are to be shared between mother and father, even if they are separated. From the main issue related to helping to caregiving benefits, a co-joined partner should provide for all. In this scheme, the single mother is provided with one-time assistance of Rs 35,000.

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All the single mothers and women who are caretaker of a disabled child can get the benefit of this scheme. Also, keep in mind, people who belong to BPL can only apply for this scheme. Though there are various other schemes introduced for disabled children, this scheme covered the essential part too that is caretaker or mother too.

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Overviews of Kerala Swasraya Scheme

This scheme will provide financial assistance to the parents and single mothers of the differently-abled person. This will let them work their day to day work in order to be independent. The assistance provided is basically a one-time access service. But the amount will surely ensure the caretaking cost of a child for some time till a caretaker could become independent in order to serve the duties for their special child. The implementation of this scheme is in the hand of the Social Justice Department of Kerala.

Name of the SchemeKerala Swasraya
BeneficiaryCaregiver and Differently-abled child
CategoryKerala govt Scheme
DepartmentSocial Justice Department
Mode of applicationOnline/Offline
Amount offeredRs 35,000
Times amount to be offeredOne time assistance
Form to be submittedDistrict Social Justice Officer

Eligibility Criteria of Kerala Swasraya Scheme

The people who wants to apply for the scheme in order to enjoy the benefits should fulfill all the criterias as provided in the guideline provided by the authority. The eligibility criteria is provided below-

  • Applicant must be in the BPL category only.
  • The children should have a disability of about 70%
  • Bedridden children’s mother will be given priority in respect to the application form.
  • Women who are alone or single no matter if divorced, separated, or abandoned can apply for this scheme
  • Close range people who take care of a disabled patient can also apply for this
  • The application form along with detailed reports about self-employment should be submitted to DSJO
  • Beneficiaries of the Aswasakiranam scheme is also free to apply for the scheme.
  • Must be citizen of Kerala

Documents Required

The guradian/ caretaker who wants to apply for this scheme must keep the following documents with themselves:

  • Identification proof such as Aadhaar Card
  • Have to get a medical certificate from the well qualified doctor (Disabled certificate)
  • Below Poverty Line Ration Card
  • Category belonged to certificate
  • Residence Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Photo passport size
  • Bank Details of the applicant

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Application procedure for the Swasraya Scheme

The applicant who wants to apply for the scheme Swasraya have to follow a particular process and application is conducted both offline and online. The application form can be downloaded from Online portal but one has to submit the application to the concerned authority personally. The process to fill the form step wise are as follows-

  • Firstly , visit the official website of Social Justice Department Kerala portal.
Kerala swasraya scheme apply
  • Once the portal opens, Click on Scheme from the main menu.
Kerala swasraya scheme scheme
  • Hence, it will lead you to a new page, where you can see a list of schemes.
  • Select the Swasraya Scheme for Parents/ Mothers of PH/MR person from the list of schemes and click on it.
Kerala swasraya scheme List
  • Hereafter, it will lead you to next page which is Swasraya Scheme information.
  • In this page, go to the bottom of the page .
Kerala swasraya scheme application form
  • In the bottom corner, you can see Application form and name of scheme written there, click on it .
Kerala swasraya scheme download
  • Further, an application form opens in pdf form which in turn should be downloaded.
  • Once, it’s downloaded print the pdf.
Application form pdf
Swasraya Application form pdf
  • Now fill the form with the required details and information and then attach the necessary documents with it.
  • Once, the form filling application is complete with attested documents, the applicant has to submit it to the concerned District Social Justice Officers of the region.
  • The District Officer of the social justice department will verify the documents.
  • The verification may take some time as per the authority system.
  • As soon as it’s verification is the stated amount of the scheme will be transferred to the applicant amount

How to check Kerala Swasraya Scheme Beneficiary List?

After applying for the Swasraya Scheme application form, if you want to check if your name is among the beneficiaries or not that why the applicant can checklist of beneficiaries from the portal in this way.

  • The applicant first needs to visit the official website of the Social Justice Department
  • Then click on the Scheme from the main menu which will lead you to the list of schemes page.
Kerala Swasraya Scheme beneficiaries list
  • Select Swasraya Scheme from the list and click on it.
  • It will lead you to the Swasraya Scheme where at the bottom of the screen an option is provided to view the Beneficiaries List.
Swasraya Scheme beneficiaries list
  • Click on the option Beneficiaries List and it will open List of Beneficiaries.
Swasraya Scheme beneficiary name
  • The applicant can select the year and District name to Search for their name.
  • Thus, the List of Beneficiaries will appear accordingly on your screen.
  • The applicant can look through the list for his / her name in it.

Kerala Vidyajyothi Scheme

Category of Disabled Under Kerala Swasraya Scheme

Generally people who have some short coming physically and not normal working of brain are considered disabled. A disabled person basically can’t ensure day to day work by themselves. The term disabled is basically stopping and creating a barrier for the people of this category. Therefore, a new term was introduced to refer to them i.e. Differently Abled. In this scheme people who are considered differently abled are-

  • Blindness
  • Person cured of Leprosy
  • Deaf
  • Disability locomotor
  • Having Dwarfism
  • Autism
  • Mental problem
  • Victim of Acid Attack etc

If wants to check what all differently abled people can come under this list then follow through the steps.

  • Visit the Social Justice Department Portal.
  • Click on the Scheme option from the main menu, now from the list of schemes select the Swasraya scheme and get into its page
category of disabled
  • On the bottom of this page click on the Differently abled option from the target group.
  • The information of differently-abled will open, hence you can check and see for yourself.
Differently abled scheme


The Social Justice Department under the Government of Kerala has introduced various other schemes which are in accordance with differently-abled people. Below are mentioned some other schemes benefiting the differently-abled people:

  • Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme
  • Distress relief fund for the differently-abled
  • Financial Assistance to Blind and Orthopaedically handicapped advocates
  • Scholarship for disabled students
  • Marriage Assistance to differently-abled women and to daughters of differently-abled parents
  • Matru Jyothi -Financial assistance for visually impaired mothers
  • Vidhyajyoti scheme
  • Vidhyakirnam Scheme etc

Contact Details

Address5th Floor, Vikas Bhavan,
PMG Road, Thiruvananthapuram,
Pin Code-695033
Contact Number+91 471 2306040

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What is Swasraya Scheme?

Swasraya scheme is introduced by the state of Kerala government for the parents of differently-abled persons to provide a bit of assistance by providing the cost of caretaking so that the parents especially single women parent can become independent.

There are other schemes offered to differently abled people in Kerala what is different about Swasraya scheme?

This scheme is basically for the parents and single mothers who gets overwhelmed by taking care of all necessity single-handedly. With this scheme all other schemes benefits can also be taken which are introduced for the differently-abled people.

What is amount offered through the scheme?

The amount offered through the scheme is RS 35,000 to all the people who are verified appliers.

How many times does the amount of RS 35,000 is provided to each applicant?

The scheme is one-time access services only. Each applicant will be provided by the amount only once.

Who handles all the process of this scheme ?

The whole process of this scheme is handled by the District Social Justice officer under the Social Justice Department of Kerala till the end.

Where can i get more information on a scheme through the portal?

You can either call the Directorate of Social Justice or you can go on the Contact Us option on the portal. Their on the right side a dialogue box to ask a further question or want further information. Fill in the details as per requirement and click on send option. You will receive the details through the mail.

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