DPMS Telangana: Online Building Permission, Approval & Status

The Government of Telangana has initiated an online portal to digitalize the various processes of seeking approval for the construction of big buildings within the state. As it is well known that several provisions are set up by the government which is obligatory to follow while constructing the big buildings. Hence, the builders must get the approval of the proposed plan by the concerned authorities. DPMS is one such portal that facilitates you to apply applications for the required approvals of the proposed building plan in an online manner.

Read the following article to know more about the DPMS Telangana portal and its services. Get the details about the online registration procedure on the DPMS portal, how to apply for Building Permission online, get the Occupancy Certificate, apply to get the approval for layouts, and much more through the article below.

About DPMS Telangana

DPMS, Development Permission Management System is a gateway to seek the relevant approvals and permissions from the government before the construction of the concerned building. The Government has established such rules and regulations for orderly development and avoid encroachment of the property. It must be noted that these approvals and permissions are very important because incapability to present them when asked, might result in the loss of your building or deposition of hefty fines.

DPMS-Telangana 2023

Brief Description of DPMS Telangana

Article CategoryTelangana Govt. Scheme
NameDPMS- Development Permission Management System
State Telangana
AuthorityDirectorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)
DepartmentMunicipal Administration and Urban Development Department
ObjectiveDigitalization in seeking permissions for Building Plans
Mode of RegistrationOnline
Registration StatusActive
Official Websitedpms.dtcp.telangana.gov.in

Benefits of DPMS Telangana

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The prime objective of the Telangana DPMS portal is to avail the applications for various construction-related approvals and permissions to the state public electronically. With the same motive, the online portal was established. Besides, it has many other significant benefits for the people of the state. Some of the major advantages of the implementation of the portal have been enlisted below.

  • Availability of all the construction-related services under one portal.
  • One can also obtain details about the rules and regulations related to the construction of big buildings.
  • No need to visit any notary office to apply for the various permissions.
  • Single window accessibility of DPMS, DTCP and C&DMA portals.

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Services offered by the DPMS Telangana Portal

iBuilding Permission
iiOccupancy Certificate
iiiChange of Land Use
ivLayout Permissions
vLayout with Housing
viLayout with Housing Gated and Community
viiBuilding Permission (SWC and TSiPASS)
viiiOccupancy Certificate (TSiPASS)

What is the procedure to register on the DPMS Telangana Portal?

For the state of Telangana, builders need to register themselves on the DTCP DPMS Telangana Portal to construct the big buildings. It is a very easy process to register. The step-by-step procedure for the same has been described in this section. Check below.

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Step I:- First of all, the applicants must visit the official website of DPMS Telangana. The following homepage will open.


Step II:- Look for the “Find Your Local Body” dialog box on the homepage. Select your relevant District and corresponding ULB Name from the drop-down lists. After that, click on the “Start Your Application” button.


Step III:- The Login page of the portal will appear on the screen. If you are an existing user of the portal, then simply log in using your username and password.


Step IV:- If not, register yourself to the DPMS portal firstly. You will have two options to choose from, (i) LTP Registration and (ii) Citizen Registration.


Step V:- Select your option accordingly. Click on the respective “Register Now” link available beneath the chosen option.

Step VI:- A registration form will open. Fill in the required details in their respective fields. Click on the “Submit” icon a last.

Step VII:- On the registered mobile number, the officials will forward the login credentials for the DPMS portal. Keep it safe.

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How to apply for new proposal on DPMS Telangana Portal?

Telangana DPMS portal offers many services. Builders can apply to seek approvals for their new projects of the buildings through this portal digitally. To apply for a new application or proposal on the DPMS portal, you must follow the following procedure described below.

Step I:- Firstly, you need to go to the official website of DPMS Telangana. Select your relevant District and ULB.

Step II:- The following page will be displayed. Log in with your DPMS user name and password.

Step III:- Once logged in, you will find the option of the “Draft Applications” tab on the top right of the page. Clicking on it will present you with the four options: (i) Building Permission, (ii) Occupancy, (iii) Change of Land Use (CLU), and (iv) Open Layouts.

Step IV:- Choose any one option as per your requirement.

A. Apply for Building Permission

Building Permission is an official consent by the local bodies, such as Municipality, Municipal Corporations, etc. to construct the concerning new building. If you wish to apply seeking permission for the construction of the new building, follow the steps mentioned below. ,

Step A.1:- As you click on the “Draft Applications”, select the option of “Apply for Building Permission” from the list that appears.

Step A.2:- An application form will open. It is divided into three sections, (i) General Information, (ii) Applicant Information, and (iii) Application Checklist.
(i) General Information, includes basic details about the proposal, such as type of the building, complete address, etc.
(ii) Applicant Information, comprises details about the applicant.
(iii) Application Checklist, contains questions related to the vicinity of the site to apply for the NOC’s, if applicable.

Step A.3:- Fill in the application form providing the correct information to the authorities. If required, apply for the No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to the concerned departments.

Step A.4:- After that, click on the “Save” button available at the top right corner of the page as displayed.


Step A.5:- Upon successful submission of the application form, a file number will be created. It can be accessed from the “Draft Application” tab as well.

Step A.6:- At last, click on the “OK” icon. Now, go back to the Draft Applications section of your DPMS profile.

Additional Tabs

Step A.7:- Adjacent to the Form tab, there will be some additional tabs, such as:
a) Plot Details
b) Land Details
c) Building Details
d) Application Checklist
e) Documents
f) Drawings
g) Geo Location

Step A.8:- Go to each tab, provide the required information.
a) Plot Details: It includes the details about the site of your proposed building, for example, area, location, type, layout, property assessment tax, etc.
b) Land Details: Provide the ownership details of the concerned land or property.
c) Building Details: Fill in the details regarding the name, type, and purpose of the building.
d) Application Checklist: In this section, you can apply for NOCs, if required.
e) Documents: Upload the scanned images of all the essential documents in the prescribed format.
f) Drawings: Attach the preformatted AutoCAD drawing file of the proposed building.
g) Geo Location: Feed the exact coordinates of your building location in terms of latitudes and longitudes.

Step A.9:- After filling the information in all the aforementioned tabs, click on the “Submit” button. You can review your application under the “Submission Pending” tab.

Final Submission to DTCP

Step A.10:- Make the requisite payment. Submit your application to DTCP after filling the Feedback Form. Click on the option of “Send to DTCP” for the final submission.

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B. Apply for Occupancy Certificate

An occupancy certificate is issued after the construction of the building. It claims that the building has been established following the local laws and permits. You can now apply for the issue of OC for your building through the DPMS Telangana Portal online. Check the procedure discussed below.

Step B.1:- Under the “Draft Application” tab, choose the option of “Occupancy”. The application form for OC will appear.

Step B.2:- Now, you can proceed further in the process via two ways depending on whether you have a Building Permission application or not. Proceed accordingly.

Step B.3:- Click on Option 1- YES, if you possess the required application, otherwise select Option 2- NO. If you select YES, all the fields will be automatically filled as you enter your file number. On the other hand, on selecting NO, you must enter all the details manually.

Step B.4:- Click on the “Save and Continue” button, after all the fields are filled. After that, you will be redirected to the “Documents” tab.

Step B.5:- Submit the required documents, including NOCs. Click on the “Submit” button to submit the application form to DTCP.

Step B.6:- An ULB officer will inspect the site and approve the OC if he finds everything all right.

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C. CLU- Change of Land Use

For the application for CLU, the applicants must check this section. A step-by-step procedure for the same has been described underneath.

Step C.1:- Clicking on the “Draft Application” tab will open a list of options. From the options available, click on the “CLU” tab.

Step C.2:- You will be asked to fill an application form. Provide the requisite details, proposal details, applicant details, application checklist, geolocation, etc. Also, upload the required documents and drawings in the prescribed formats.

Step C.3:- After that, click on the “Submit” button to save the information.

Step C.4:- Pay the nominal fee as decided by the officials via online methods under the “Submission Pending” tab. Upon successful payment, click on the “Submit” button to forward the duly-filled application form to the concerned authorities of DTCP.

D. Application for Layouts

DPMS Telangana portal lets you apply for approval for the layout of the proposed building plan. A building layout is an outline for the foundation of the building, which helps identify the construction operations and set up plans accordingly. Check the online procedure to apply for the layout approval via the DPMS Telangana portal.

Step D.1:- After successful registration, the users can log in to the DPMS Telangana portal to apply for the layouts. For that, you must select the “Open Layouts” option under the tab “Draft Applications”.

Step D.2:- Feed the correct information in all the fields of the application form that appears on the screen. The application form is categorized under three tabs, General Information, Application checklist, and Applicant’s details.

Step D.3:- Click on the “Save” icon at the top right of the form. Also, fill in the details in other additional tabs of the application form.

Step D.4:- Under the “Submission Pending” tab, pay the required charges to the authorities. Fill in the feedback form.

Step D.5:- Lastly, click on the “Submit” button for the final submission of the application form to DTCP.

Click here for a more detailed SOP.

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Track DPMS Telangana Application Status

After submission of your application, you can track its status online. We have covered the procedure for the same in this section. Check below.

Step I:- Go to the official website of DPMS Telangana. Under the “Find your Local Body” section, select your District and ULB name. Click on the option of “Start Application”.


Step II:- The following screen will appear. Click on the “Applicant Status” icon as depicted.


Step III:- Enter your allotted file number and the registered mobile number in the designated boxes. At last, click on the “Show Status” icon.


Step IV:- The application status of your file will be displayed on the screen.

Telangana DPMS Dashboard

Through the DPMS Dashboard feature, you can view all the reports of the applications registered on the DPMS Telangana portal.

Official Website of DPMSClick here
Official Website of C&DMAClick here
DPMS User ManualClick here
Online PaymentClick here
DPMS DashboardClick here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPMS?

DPMS means Development Permission Management System. It is an online portal established for the state of Telangana to ease the process of building permissions and approvals.

What is DTCP?

DTCP stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning. It oversees the orderly planning and development of the urban and rural areas in the state of Telangana.

What is the difference between LTP and citizen console?

The number of applications is limited in the Citizen console, whereas in the LTP console many applications can be proposed.

What is Building Permission?

To establish a big building, the builder must ensure that it falls within the set rules and regulations of the government. For the same purpose, he must apply for building permission on the online portal, DPMS Telangana.

What are the required documents to apply for building permission on DPMS Telangana?

a) Declaration forms attested by Gazetted officers
b) Ownership Documents
c) Latest Encumbrance Certificate
d) Master Plan/ Village Plan Extract
e) Photograph of the site location
f) Common Affidavit
g) Any valid Photo ID proof, such as PAN card, Passport, etc.

What is Occupancy Certificate?

An Occupancy Certificate, OC proclaims that the concerned building abides by all the government-issued laws and norms.

What is a Building Layout?

A building layout showcases the plan of the foundation of the building in terms of the dimensions, surface area, etc.

In case of any queries, who should I contact?

You can contact the concerned DTCP authorities through call and email at 040 – 23314622 and dtcp@telangana.gov.in respectively.

If you have queries related to DPMS Telangana, let us know in the comment section below. Our team will get back to you with a suitable solution.

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