TNPDS Smart Ration Card Status: Application Form, Check New List

Tamil Nadu government has started the digitalization of Tamil Nadu ration cards. Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System is the authority department that issue TNPDS Smart Ration Card. TN Government has started the application process for ration cards through online mode. Apart from this distribution or delivery of Tamil Nadu Smart ration cards will also be available online. Here in this article, we have discussed the procedure to fill the tnpds smart ration card application form, check the status and apply online link, etc.

TNPDS Smart Ration Card Convert sugar into rice option card

TN Government approved citizen request of Conversion of sugar option family cards into rice option cards. For this purpose, applicants need to download the application form and attach the required documents and submit them to the PDS department to convert the sugar card to the rice card.

TN Digital Ration Card

There are four types of digital ration cards available for residents of Tamilnadu State. The list of different types of ration card is given below:-

  • Light Green cards – rice and other commodities FPS Shops.
  • White cards – extra 3kg sugar at prescribed quota.
  • No commodity card
  • Khaki cards – police personnel ( upto inspectors).

Tamil Nadu AAY Family Card

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

This card has been identified as the poorest of a poor family. Under Antyodaya Anna Yojana, the holder of this card will get 35 kg of rice every month without any charge. To remove ineligible families from the scheme district collector conducts periodic exercises whenever it is required. When ineligible beneficiaries are removed from the list some other eligible and new beneficiaries are substituted on behalf of them.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Recent Size Photography Pass
  • Bank passbook
  • Caste/Category certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Electricity bill
  • Tamil Nadu Voter List

Application Process for TNPDS Smart Ration Card Online

To apply for a smart card procedure begins from the official website. One needs to fill the application form through the official website. The procedure to apply for a new smart ration card has given below. Follow the instruction carefully:

1 2
  • To visit website directly click here
  • On homepage there is an option for smart card application
  • Clicking on this option will open an application form
  • Here two options are available
  • New smart card application or old Card enrolment
2 2
  • According to Need select the option and fill all the details
  • After providing all the details upload proof of resident and photograph
  • After completing this procedure click on submit and your application form will be submitted provisionally

Adding New Family Member in TNPDS portal

In order to add new members to your TN smart card follow the given instructions;

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
  • On homepage there is a section with the name of Smart Card related services
  • In this section the first option is add member
  • Clicking on this option will open a page in this page
  • Provides registered user mobile number along with captcha code
5 1
  • Submitting these details will open a new page were details of registered user will show
  • Also there is option to add member
  • Provide details of new member and upload relevant information.
  • After providing all the information press submit button to finalise the process
  • In this way a new member can be added on application form

Check ONORC mera ration app link

Change Address In TN Smart Ration Card

Sometimes when applicant changes their location, they find it difficult to avail of ration card services. For this, they have to update their new address on the Ration card. Here procedure to change address has given:-

  • Visit official website of public distribution system
  • There is a section of Smart Card related services
  • In this section there is an option for change of address
  • Clicking on this option will ask registered user mobile number and captcha code
4 3
  • Entering this detail will open a page where recent address will show
  • You can change it with the new address and proceed submit
  • This will update the new address
  • You can take print out for future reference

Change The Head Of The Family

A similar procedure as above is done for changing head members of the family.

  • Visiting the official website will open the home page again
  • Go to Smart Card related services where a change of head member of family option is there
  • Click on this option and it will ask mobile number and captcha code
4 4
  • Provide all the information and it will login the candidate
  • Now change the details of new head of the family and upload relevant document
  • With this family member head will change
  • Take print out for future reference

Tnreginet Registration

Remove Family Member from TNPDS

In order to remove family members from the smart card

  • Go to the homepage of public distribution system official website
  • Select remove family member from Smart Card related services section
  • Provide mobile number and captcha code
5 2
  • Use only registered mobile number
  • New form will open which will show information of all the family member
  • Remove the member which is undesired in the list and upload supporting documents along with reason
  • After that submit application form

TNPDS Old Card enrollment

  • For old Card, enrollment select the option
  • Provide ration card number, FPS code and upload ration card proof
  • Apart from this upload all the relevant document and provide information
  • Submitting this application will start scrutiny of application form

TN Smart Ration Card Application Status

In order to check the application form status follow the given instructions.

  • Visit official website
  • On the home screen, there is a section with the name of Smart Card application services
  • In this section, there is a link for the smart card application status
11 1
  • Clicking on this will open a new page
  • Provide the reference number which has been given at the time of application form
3 1
  • Providing this reference number
  • After submit, it will show application status

தமிழ்நாடு வேலைவாய்ப்பு

How To Re-Print TNPDS Smart Ration Card

  • To print smart card go to the reprint smartcard section
  • Click on reprint smart card option
  • It will ask registered user mobile number along with captcha code
4 1
  • Provide these details and press submit
  • Application form will show on screen along with option for print
  • Print or download it in PDF form for future reference

How To Reprint Smart Card Status

In order to get a hard copy of the Smart Card status

  • Go to the reprint in the smart card section of official website
  • There is an option for reprint smart card status
  • After clicking on this provide registered mobile number and captcha
4 2
  • This will show application status in printable form
  • You can print it for future reference

To check the status of any of the services which have been taken as discussed above candidate can select the option of request status.

  • For this, there is a section of Smart Card related services on the official website
  • In this section, you will find card related service request status
  • Click on this option it will ask the reference number which is given to candidate at the time of submitting request
  • Providing these reference number will show status of card related services

How To Raise A Complaint in Tnpds

If any citizen of Tamil Nadu having any issue related to the public distribution system, they can file a complaint. Raising this complaint can be done through the official website. Not only raising the complaint but also feedback and status of the complaint can also be checked. here procedure of these are discussed:-

In order to register a complaint

  • Select click here option
  • This will open a page where the users are asked to provide name, mobile number, email and classification along with problem
6 1
  • Problem description should not be more than 5000 characters
  • After providing all the details click on submit for registering a complain

For Checking Complaint Status

  • To check status of the filed complaint visit the official website
  • Select the option of feedback available on top of page
  • Select option of complaint status
  • Provide the complaint number provided at the time of registering complain
  • After providing complaint number press get complaint status
  • It will show the status of complaint raised

Tnvelaivaaippu Registration & Renewal

How To Provide Customer Feedback

In order to provide feedback from the customer side follow the given instruction:-

  • Open official website and go for feedback option
  • Select customer feedback tab
i 1
  • It will ask name mobile number email and suggestion from applicant
  • User can provide feedback or suggestion till 5,000 characters
  • After providing this suggestion click on submit
  • In this way feedback can be given.

Accessibility Of Screen Reader

Tamil Nadu civil supplies and consumer protection department complies with worldwide web concert. The public Distribution system has enabled people with visual impairments to access websites. In order to access websites for visually impaired applicants, some screen readers are provided. Some of the screen readers are free while others are paid. Applicants can select according to their use. The list of this screen reader can be checked by the following procedure:-

  • There is option for screen reader access
  • Clicking on this option will show list of screen reader along with website
  • According to need select the website
  • Download it to view this website in very efficient manner

Conversion Of TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Those applicants who want to convert their commodity card with no commodity card can follow the given instructions. This is applicable to citizens who don’t need PDS commodities. Procedure to convert card is:-

  • Visit official website
  • At home screen, there is option for convert your card in centre of the page
  • Select click here on this option
  • It will open a page
  • Provide registered user mobile number along with captcha code
5 3
  • This will help login on website
  • Now in this place convert your commodity card with no commodity card
  • Upload relevant document and submit the application

SMS Services

Not only online but through SMS also services are provided. Candidate has to use their registered mobile number to use SMS services. For this, they have to send the following codes in the form of SMS to the number provided below.

The number which is required for SMS services is 9773904050.

  • PDS <space> 101 – Availability of Commodity at Ration Shop
  • PDS <space> 102 – Status of Ration Shop (Open / Close)
  • PDS <space> 107 – Complaints about Billing

Help Desk

Citizens of Tamil Nadu can socialize with the Public Distribution System. For this, they can follow them on Twitter or Facebook. In order to short out any confusion, they can contact the official authority. One can use the toll-free number 1967 ( or ) 1800-425-5901.

Applicants can also send emails through email. Email address to contact authorities is

On the official website, there is an option for online chat also. Procedure for online chat is:-

1 3
  • This will ask name and number along with reason to contact
  • Customer care will shortly Get Connected and resolve the issue through chatting
  • User can contact them in official hour that is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • However it will not work on state government holidays

How To Download Authorisation Form

In order to download the authorisation form:-

  • Click on official website.
  • On homepage there is option for authorisation form download.
  • Clicking on this option
  • It will open authorisation form application in PDF form
  • Download this form and take print out for further use

How To Download TNPDS Mobile Apps

Not only from a website but also from application Public Distribution services can be availed. For this download Android application for IOS OS Application according to need. The link for downloading applications is provided below:-

  1. Android
  2. IOS (for iphone user)

About Public Distribution System

For food securities to all the citizens of Tamil Nadu, the Public Distribution System has been established. It helps all the citizens especially poor people by making available good quality food and commodity at a very affordable price. This distribution is done every month through fair price shops which are available and accessible in every part of Tamil Nadu.

TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Background For Public Distribution System

The objective of the public distribution system is wide. Many measures and special steps were taken to set up this distribution system. The list of objectives are:

  1. It helps in removing starvation and hunger from Tamil Nadu
  2. It protects the state from inflation which causes a rise in the price of daily essential goods
  3. Ration cardholder will get good quality commodities every month at a very affordable and reasonable price
  4. This has made available domestic fuel at a very cheap cost
  5. Many fair price shops were installed which is accessible to every cardholder
  6. It ensures that essential commodities are made available at right time.

Key Strategies For Implementation Of Public Distribution System

For effective implementation of the public distribution system, some key strategies are made. These are discussed below:

  1. It supports effective handling of all the complaint by the ration card holder
  2. This help in Opening part-time shops scheme in villages which is unable to access existing fair price shop
  3. It improves enforcement and reduced Criminal action from leakage
  4. Through e-governance system, it provides an error-free and right allotment of essential goods

Agencies Part Of Public Distribution System

The public Distribution System is a statutory body of the food and Consumer Protection department. Major stakeholders of the public distribution system in Tamil Nadu are:

  1. Tamil Nadu civil supplies Corporation
  2. Ministry of food consumer affairs and Public Distribution
  3. Civil supplies CID
  4. Civil supplies and consumer protection department
  5. Registry of cooperative societies
  6. Food Corporation of India

All About Fair Price Shop

To make a reach for every poor and cardholder Public Distribution system has opened many outlets in the state. Moto of opening fair price shops is no cardholder need to walk more than 1.5 km to get essential commodities. Apart from this government has ensured that for every fair price shop there is a minimum of 500 cardholders in a rural area and a minimum of 800 cards for shops in an urban area. In case the number of cards is less than the stipulated number, then request for part-time shops are accepted.

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