[Registration] PMKSY 2023 New Application Krishi Sinchai Yojana Benefits, Status, State Wise

Pradhanmantri Krishi Sichai Yojana is a central government scheme to provide irrigation facilities to the peasants. Under this program, 2 major points are focused on. These are Har khet Ko Pani and more crop per drop. Pradhanmantri Krishi Yojana has amalgamated the accelerated irrigation benefit program, integrated watershed management program and on-farm water management under one scheme. Under this scheme, many farmers of India will get benefited from different parts of the country. In 2016-17 sessions over 840000 hectares of land are recorded under minor irrigation program.

Narendra Modi government has allotted 4000 crore rupees for the peasants across India under per drop more crop. This will increase the yield of crops in proper utilisation of water. It is a drip irrigation program introduced by the Federal government under a package deal. Here in this article, we will discuss the benefits and features of Krishi sinchai Yojana. Also, the status and new registration process for application have been discussed.

What is Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

The government of India is committed to providing the best water management and conservation. Under this Har Khet Ko Pani, the scheme was launched. This will affect more than 840000 hectare land of the country which are cultivable. Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana has been implemented by keeping in mind the coverage of irrigation and better use of more crop per drop schemes in a focused manner to provide a better solution. This will work with creation distribution management and extension of different activities for the Har khet Ko Pani program. On 1st July 2015 Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana program got approval by the cabinet committee on economic affairs.

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Accelerated irrigation benefit program of ministry of water resources and Ganga rejuvenation integrated watershed management program of the department of land resources and on-farm water management of the department of agriculture and cooperation joint in hand in hand for better formulation of Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana. Under this program, 50000 crore Rupees has been sanctioned in the last five years. In 2015-16 almost 5300 crores have been made including 1800 for DAC 2004 MOWR and 1504 department of land resources.

वृद्धा पेंशन योजना 2023 Payment Status

प्रधान मंत्री कृषि सिंचाई योजना

माननीय प्रधानमंत्री की अध्यक्षता में आर्थिक मामलों की मंत्रिमंडलीय समिति मंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने प्रधानमंत्री कृषि को मंजूरी दे दी है| कृषि की निर्भरता को दूर करने के लिए सिनचाई योजना (PMKSY) वर्षा / मानसून पर खेती। PMKSY का लक्ष्य चल रहे समामेलन से योजनाएं है। मंत्रालय के त्वरित सिंचाई लाभ कार्यक्रम (AIBP) जल संसाधन, नदी विकास और गंगा कायाकल्प (MoWR) आरडी एंड जीआर), एकीकृत जलग्रहण प्रबंधन कार्यक्रम (आईडब्ल्यूएमपी) भूमि संसाधन विभाग (DoLR), ग्रामीण विकास मंत्रालय (MoRD) और नेशनल फार्म मैनेजमेंट (OFWM) घटक पर कृषि विभाग के सतत कृषि (एनएमएसए) पर मिशन और सहयोग (डीएसी)।

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प्रधानमंत्री कृषि सिचाई योजना (PMKSY) के परिव्यय के साथ देश भर में कार्यान्वयन के लिए अनुमोदित है पांच साल में 50,000 करोड़ रु केंद्रीय सहायता के आधार पर किया जाएगा| आने वाले पांच वर्षों में राज्य सरकार द्वारा विभिन्न वर्षों में उपयोग। यदि आवश्यक हो, तो इस योजना के लिए कुल आवंटन को पूरा करने के लिए बढ़ाया जाएगा
राज्य सरकारों की आवश्यकता, ताकि हर प्रदान करने का उद्देश्य खेत को पानी और प्रति बूंद अधिक फसल प्राप्त की जा सकती थी।

Salient Features Of Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

There are some basic key features of PMKSY which has discussed. This will show all the important features related to this scheme. The features of the scheme are given below:-

  1. Pradhanmantri Krishi sinchai Yojana is targeting micro irrigation facilities like rain gun sprinkler drip and many other for better facilitation of water
  2. Use of micro irrigation will not only save water but also reduces use of fertilizers
  3. The goal of sinchai Yojana is to combine many other department under one shed for better implementation of program
  4. It will increase the implementation of water saving scientifically method
  5. Use of proper water will make steps forward for more crop per drop program
  6. Pradhanmantri Krishi sinchai Yojana is trying to revolutionize the farm degree elevation under Har Khet Ko Pani to provide sustainable water for every cultivable land
  7. Around 50000 crores has been allotted for the department to provide better facilities under micro irrigation
  8. Board is trying to combine newest technology to extract cultivable land to have better challenges among irrigation.

इंडियन गैस सिलेंडर बुक कैसे करें

Objective Of Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

PMKSY was formed to provide Har Khet Ko Pani and enhance more crop per drop schemes. This is going to help the beneficiaries such as peasants to get better facilities regarding irrigation. The agenda behind the scheme is to enhance the irrigation and water-saving programs simultaneously for proper use of water harvesting.

Important Data Under Micro Irrigation Program

1.7 lakh hectare land has been drip. 2.69 lakh hectare has been sprinkled. This shows that almost 4.40 lakh hectares have been totally covered this year. Other interventions have been created for irrigation protection up to 3.56 lac hectare of land.

Who Are Beneficiaries For Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

The farmers are the real beneficiaries of this program. There are some eligibility criteria that a candidate must have to avail the scheme. The eligibility criteria for PMKSY has been discussed below:-

  1. From any class or section farmers are eligible to avail the scheme
  2. It is important to have own land for farmer to avail Yojana
  3. Under this is scheme members of self help group trust cooperative societies producer farmer groups are eligible to avail the benefit by registration
  4. Those farmers who are cultivating Land below the lease agreement can also apply for PM Krishi irrigation scheme
  5. This program are applicable for domiciles of India

List Of Benefits Under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

PMKSY formulation was done by implementing different departments under one shed. It includes departments such as the Ministry of Water Resources river development and Ganga rejuvenation, the department of land resources and the Department of Agriculture and cooperation. The benefits of micro-irrigation are:-

  1. It will save a lot of water and proper utilisation of water can be achieved
  2. This program will provide higher profits and optimum use of fertilizer.
  3. This will reduce labour cost and loss of soil efficiency of the cultivable land will increase and
  4. It will increase the quality of crops higher yield can be provided
  5. This will increase income of farmers

List Of Documents Required For PMKSY

To avail of the Krishi sinchai Yojana program, there are some documents required. Using this document applicants can apply online for registration. The documents are:-

  1. Farmers Aadhar card
  2. Address proof
  3. House certificate
  4. Agricultural land papers
  5. Bank account passbook
  6. Mobile number
  7. Passport size photograph
  8. Domicile certificate of state
  9. Caste certificate

How to Apply Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana Online Application Form

Registration procedure for Pradhan Mantri Krishi Yojana has been made online. This program was launched digitally to make it accessible to every person. The procedure for online registration of PMKSY is given below:-

  1. Visit to the official website of Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana
  2. To visit website directly click here
  3. On home screen of the page there is Section for login
  4. Clicking on this login will ask name and email ID of the user
  5. Now provide all the relevant information which is asked and go for next
  6. Here upload the relevant documents which has discussed above and click on submit
  7. After submission of application form it will be selected for scrutiny
  8. Applicant can download this application form or take a printout for future reference

Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana Components

There are 6 components of PMKSY. The component describes the irrigation facility which is available through this scheme to farmers. All these components are discussed below:-

AIBP Programme

In 1996 Central Government of India has launched an accelerated irrigation benefit programme. This program was launched to provide assistant for the implementation of the main major and medium irrigation projects. The objective of the launch of the program is to accelerate the projects and provide resources in the advanced form to the state. The priority of this scheme was to support and give benefit to the tribal and drought-prone area. After the launch of PM Krishi sinchai Yojana AIBP has become a part of it.

Procedure To Login For Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme

To log in on the accelerated irrigation benefits programme website procedure has discussed below. Follow the instruction carefully to log in and check the information:-

  • Visit the official website of PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana
  • On home screen there is Section for component
2 9
  • Clicking on this website will redirect to the web site of ministry of Jal Shakti
  • Select accelerated irrigation benefit programme from home screen
  • Here at the website of water resources river development and Ganga rejuvenation login option will there
3 7
  • Provide user id and password along with captcha to login

Har Khet Ko Pani

This program was started earlier and later collaborated with Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana. Under this scheme, most of the cultivable lands have been targeted to provide irrigation facilities. This program is one of the major hands for the scheme.

 पीएम किसान सम्मान निधि योजना रिजेक्ट लिस्ट 2023

Per Drop More Crop Micro Irrigation

The Government of India has sponsored a Mini irrigation program to enhance the utilisation of water. This program will increase water use efficiency in the agricultural field. For this many appropriate Technologies and interventions have been introduced. This includes sprinklers, drips to encourage the farmers to use water in a sustainable way. In June 2010, this program was centrally accepted and it was later added in PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana.

Per Drop More Crop Micro Irrigation

To log in for the micro-irrigation program:-

9 4
  • It redirect to a new page of Pradhanmantri micro irrigation program
  • Select MI login
4 11
  • Clicking on this option will ask details of State user id password and captcha
5 8
  • Provide all the information to login

Per Drop More Crops Other Intervention

There are many other interventions are included under per drop more crops. This shows the government reports for proper utilisation of water without wastage and providing it to the farmers. It is informed that a total amount of 1.5 crores is allocated for Andaman and Nicobar for implementation of a drop more crop component. Similarly, in many other states, from time to time component has introduced much support for agricultural development.

Per Drop More Crop other Intervention

To log in for per drop more crop other integration:-

6 7
  • Fill login ID password along with captcha code and click on login to access supplementary water management activities


Under PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana watershed development component has included. This is a program that was initially started by the department of land resources and the Ministry of Rural Development. Earlier this program has taken under the central government. In 1994 a technical committee was formed to assess the drought-prone areas and desert development programme. This was done to identify the weakness and suggest an improvement. After getting careful appraisal the program has been implemented in different fragments and made well-designed plants on a watershed. Leaving some places the achievements have been sub-optimal.

PM eVIDYA: One Nation One Digital Platform

How to Login For The Component Of PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana Watershed

The procedure has been discussed.

  • Clicking on the “watershed” option from component tab will redirect to a new page
7 5
  • In this page there is Section for log in
8 4
  • Provide user id and password along with captcha code to login and access the details related to watershed

Convergence with MGNREGA

Pradhanmantri Krishi sinchai Yojana component name as convergence with MGNREGA. This shows that the inclusion of the MGNREGA scheme for irrigation purposes. Under the MGNREGA program, it will show detailed information related to the implementation and benefits of the scheme to the farmer.

To have access to convergence with MGNREGA click here

  • First provide captcha code and verify this code
  • Select financial year and name of state
  • After selecting both details it will show beneficiary list staff registration and other relevant information related to MGNREGA

Guidelines For PMKSY Components

It is very important to know the guidelines of a program when trying to access it. All these guidelines are available on the official website. To check the guidelines, follow the given instruction:-

  • There is Tab with the name of guidelines on homepage of PMKSY
  • Select the relevant tab according to choice
  • Clicking on this option will redirect to another website
  • Detailed information related to guidelines for program will show

Minutes Of Meeting

Minutes of meetings are the important points which are selected in a specified place a detailed review. All these minutes are uploaded on the official website according to the committee meeting. These minutes are approved in the form of a PDF. To download these minutes of the meeting, follow the given instruction:-

  • Open official website of Pradhan Mantri KSY
  • Go for the tab of minutes of meeting
  • Clicking on this option will show different meeting and their execution
  • Select meeting of choice
  • The minutes of meeting will show in a new tab in the form of PDF
  • Applicant can download it or take a print out for a better understanding and future reference

Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

Letters And Circular Related To PMKSY

From time to time according to notification letters and circulars are generated. These circulars are noticed which are circulated to the different officials. A copy of these letters and circulars are uploaded in the form of a PDF through the official website. To access these letters:-

  • Visit official website of Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana
  • Select the type of circular
  • Here list of different letters and circular will show
  • Clicking of any link will open PDF of circular
  • Applicant can download this circular for any updates related to irrigation programmes

Plans And Documents Under PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana

Many documents have been published on the official website. This includes plan allocation and release of funds, Funding, priorities, and research on fertigation. These all documents are uploaded on the official website. To download these documents follow the given instruction:-

  • Navigate to the official website of Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana
  • Select the type of documents and plan, Year
  • All these plans are uploaded
  • This included state wise annual action plan for different financial year
  • Selecting these plans will open a PDF file in next tab
  • Download this and take a printout for reading and future references

Mis Reports

Achievement Reports

Pradhanmantri Krishi sinchai Yojana provides reports for achievement. This includes the work of different ministers and their duration. The report can be checked by given process:-

  • There is a tab with the name of mis report on “home screen”
  • Clicking on this tab will show a drop-down list
m 2
  • Select achievement report
  • Provide all the information along with type and duration of report
  • Now select year and state
  • After providing all the status, report for that year will show on screen
  • This can be used for further analysis

Consolidate Activity Wise One Touch Format

To check the physical plan and progress along with financial planning progress follow the given procedure:-

  • It will show activity-wise one-touch format for consolidate
  • Select the mis report after opening the official website
  • Now choose the financial year
n 2
  • This varies from 2015 and 2021
  • After selecting the financial year detailed information of ministry with their activity will show
  • Grab the maximum information from these data

One Touch Format

To know the report of MIS for a different state, go for a one-touch format. Procedure to check the one-touch format:-

  • Navigate to the official mis report tab
  • There is an option for one touch format
  • Provide financial year along with state
o 2
  • Selecting these details shows one touch format activity along with concerned Ministry and department
  • It will also show information related to number of dip and progress

How To Check The DIP Document Upload Report

Select the DIP document upload report option and it will show State-wise uploaded information related to SIP and the number of District will also show.

p 2

Per Drop More Crop Dashboard

This tab will provide a report on micro-irrigation under per drop more crop. These details are served in the form of graphs and tabular charts. To check the per Drop more Crop micro-irrigation report:-

  • Go to the official website
  • Select mis report and go for Per drop more crop option
  • Clicking on this option will show the chart and graph related to micro irrigation
q 1
  • This will help in checking clear picture related to micro irrigation Yojana

What is PMKSY – PDMC – MI Workflow System

To know the online workflow-based misreport follow the given instruction:-

  • Select mis report tab from the official website of PMKSY
  • It shows workflow system
  • Select a department such as Horticulture and Agriculture
r 1
  • Now select financial year
  • After selecting both details it will show all application and scheme filed in different state
  • Acceptation of filed application are also shown district wise

Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Yojana 2023

What is Drill Down Progress Report

Drill down report is the report that shows all the progress of PMKSY in Odisha. This includes both misreport and progress reports. To check the reports follow the given instructions:-

  • Navigate to the official website of Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana
  • Select mis report and go for drill down progress report
s 2
  • Select either mis report or progress report according to choice
t 1
  • In a new tab all these details in district wise monitoring report will open
  • You can download it or check for analysis

Help Desk

In order to have a better understanding official website has given all the information. If the applicant was to contact the secretary, joint secretary, temporary commissioner or director, they can contact through their address and phone number. The extension number and email address have been given. Applicants are advised to contact them during office hours only.


Shri. Sanjay Agarwal
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,
Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare,
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
E-mail ID:secy-agri@nic.in

Joint Secretary

Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,
Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare,
Room No. 350,
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Phone : 011-23382454,23382357
Extn No: 4146
E-mail ID:amitabh.gautam@gov.in

Director (RFS)

Pankaj Tyagi,
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,
Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Room No. 216,
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Phone/Fax :011-23389714
E-mail ID:pankaj.tyagi99@gov.in
Extn No: 4829

Deputy Commissioner (RFS)

B.V.N. Rao
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,
Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Room No. 385-A,
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Phone/Fax :011-23381809
Extn No: 4685
E-mail ID:bvn.rao@nic.in

Frequently Asked Question

What is Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchai Yojana?

To overcome the dependency of agriculture on monsoon and rainfall Narendra Modi government has launched this program. It is an amalgamation of accelerated irrigation benefit programmes along with watershed and on-farm water management.

What is the procedure of subsidy released to the beneficiaries?

Farmers can apply for the PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana offline or online mode. It will release through direct benefit transfer. It is limited to an overall filling of 5 hectares per beneficiary.

What is the GST rate applicable for a micro-irrigation system?

According to Central tax GST rate on micro-irrigation systems is 12%.

What is the procedure to get the benefit of Pradhan Mantri KSY?

To avail of the benefits, farmers can contact the nearest Agriculture Department or officers for information. After getting objective and benefits information they can apply online or offline for subsidies.

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