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Ration card is an important instrument issued by the state governments to eligible households. On the basis of the Mizoram Ration Card, the government distributes civil supplies and essential commodities to ration card holders at affordable prices as covered under the State Food Security Laws. Ration cards are generally offered under NFSA through the TPDS mechanism across the country and so in the state of Mizoram. Mizoram ration cards are issued to eligible candidates under different schemes of Central and State governments. Every year, eligible citizens submit applications for RCs and the government prepares the Mizoram Ration card list 2022. Complete details about the same are shared here on this page.

Mizoram Ration Card List 2022

Mizoram ration card list facilitates citizens to check whether their name is registered under the state PDS system or not. Just like other states, all the activities related to ration cards, food security and Public Distribution System are managed by the state civil supplies department which is known as the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs department in the state of Mizoram. Commodities distributed under PDS in the state mainly include- Rice, Wheat, Kerosene oil etc. Apart from this, items like pulses, sugar, salt, edible oil, Jaggery/Gur etc., items are also provided to the citizens at affordable rates.

If you are looking for information regarding Mizoram ration card list 2022 then you can read this article. Here, you will get all the details about the Mizoram ration card list, its application process, how to check ration card data online, eligibility for RC, Documents required, AePDS Mizoram and various other related details etc. So, scroll down and take a tour of this article.

Mizoram Ration Card List

Key points related to Mizoram Ration Card

Ration Card Mizoram Ration Card List/ मिजोरम राशन कार्ड लिस्ट 
Concerned DepartmentFood, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA), (Govt. of Mizoram)
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Citizens of Mizoram
Types of Ration cards AAY, PHH and Non-NFSA
Application StatusActive  
Mode of application  Offline  
FCSCA official portal fcsca.mizoram.gov.in
Mizoram PDS portal mizorampds.nic.in

Types of Ration Cards In Mizoram

To identify the eligible households for the distribution of affordable commodities government issue ration cards. These ration cards are issued under various government schemes such as NFSA, AYY through a proper mechanism i.e. Public Distribution System or Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). Get information about all the kinds of Ration Cards issued in Mizoram under different schemes given below-

Ration Cards under NFSA-

Under National Food Security Act (NFSA), ration cards are issued to the households covered under the AAY and PHH schemes in Mizoram-

  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana [AAY]- AAY ration cards are issued to the poorest of poor families as selected by the government. AAY ration cards holders are provided with 35 kilograms of rice at the rate of Rs.3/kg. Initially, only 5% of the population (which was not able to afford two meals a day) was included under AAY scheme. Now, it has enhanced the scope and also covers BPL families that are headed by widows, disabled people, terminally ill people or people above the age of 60 years who do not have any means of support. The list of AAY families is finalized by the concerned village councils. AAY ration cards are pink in colour.
    Citizens should note that AAY ration cards are non-transferable and in case of migration of ration card holders, they will be issued APL ration cards instead of AAY ration cards at their new place of residence.
  2. Priority Household (NFSA) [PHH]- It is another category under which ration cards are issued to the citizens. Under this scheme, all the poor people and households of vulnerable sections of the society are being targeted and issued ration cards accordingly. Under the vulnerable section, all the marginal farmers, landless laborers, daily wage workers of unorganized sectors are included. PHH ration cards holders are provided 8 kilograms of rice per month per beneficiary at the rate of Rs.3/- (under central government scheme) and 3 kgs @Rs.15/kg (under state govt. scheme).
    Families under this scheme are identified by the state officials as per the estimates of Central Government and based on that ration cards issued to the eligible households. The final Mizoram ration card list is prepared by the local councils (urban areas) and village bodies (rural areas).

Non-NFSA Ration Cards-

Mizoram Civil Supplies department ensures that the essential commodities under the PDS reach all the needy people of the state. To accomplish this motive of ensuring food security of all the people, Government issue Non-NFSA ration cards to the people who are not covered under NFSA scheme i.e. not issued AAY or PHH ration cards. Beneficiaries under this categories are issued 8 kgs of rice @Rs.15/kg/ per head.

Mizoram Ration Card Statistics

Mizoram is a North Eastern State which has 8 districts and the civil supplies department issue ration cards to all the eligible beneficiaries. Have a look at some of the ration card statistics of Mizoram as updated on NFSA portal given in the table below-

Total Ration Cards161238
Total Beneficiaries683020
Aadhaar Seeded Ration Cards155863
Aadhaar Seeded Beneficiaries575264
Mobile No. Seeded Ration Cards27732
Bank Account Seeded Ration Cards61552
Female HOF (NFSA)137487

Online Procedure to check Mizoram Ration Card List/Summary

To check the ration card list offline, citizens can contact concerned local councils and to check it online they can directly visit the online portal. The online method is time-saving and convenient and therefore it is preferred by everyone. Mizoram ration card list or simply district-wise ration card summary can be availed by following the step-by-step process shared below-

  • Step 1- Open the official portal first. Click on the link mentioned in the quick links section of this article.
  • Step 2- Now, enter the captcha code and click on “Submit” button.
Application Submission
  • Step 3- Now, candidates have to Select Mizoram state, concerned district, DFSO, Scheme Date from the drop-down menu. Click on View report menu to proceed further.
Mizoram ration card list check online
  • Step 4- The list of ration cards along with additional information in the selected state will open. Click on concerned DFSO link to check more concrete ration card summary.
  • Step 5- TFSO-wise RC details will open on screens. Citizens can click on concerned TFSOs to get Ration card details.
  • Step 6- On this page, citizens can avail details of Ration card for all the Fair Price Shops under the selected TFSO.
  • Step 7- They can click on click on respective FPS code link for their ration card list.
  • Step 8- On selecting respective FPS, the list of all the ration card holders under the FPS will appear. Citizens can search their names in the list and click on the concerned link to check all RC details.
  • Step 9- Finally, they can check their ration card details which appears on their screens.

Information printed on Mizoram Ration Card

Each ration card include following details of a eligible household-

Ration card Type/ Ration card noName of the family head and other members Age Aadhaar No.
Gender List of commodities issued Quantity of commodities Address
Name of FPS Name of the owner of FPS Photograph of ration card holder Signature/Thumb impression of the head of the family

Eligibility Criteria for Applying Mizoram Ration Card

Those who wish to apply for a ration card need to be eligible. The basis eligibility requirements include-

  1. Candidates should be a permanent resident of Mizoram.
  2. Applicants should be not be possession of Mizoram ration card. To apply for a new ration card, they must surrender the existing one.
  3. There is a separate eligibility criteria for AAY ration cards and PHH ration cards.
  4. For AAY- check details in the image below-
  5. For PHH– check details below-
    Mizoram ration card list eligibility PHH
Mizoram ration card  eligibility PHH

Documents Required for Mizoram Ration Card

The list of documents required for new ration card application are given below-

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Recommendation from Village Council/ Local Council

Application Procedure for Mizoram New Ration Card Online

To submit applications for new ration cards, candidates need to check the given information-

  1. Applications for new ration card are submitted in offline mode as no online application facility is available.
  2. Applicants have to obtain ration card application forms from the concerned office of DSCOs.
  3. They have to fill application details carefully and have to attach all the supporting documents.
  4. The application forms and documents should be recommendation by concerned Village Council/Local Council.
  5. The filled application form should be submitted at the respective office and applicants will be provided an application receipt/ slip.
  6. The application form can be obtained by the payment of Rs.10 under the TDPS.
  7. Ration cards are delivered with a unique code mentioned on it by the VC/LC to the applicants.
  8. The color of each type of ration card is different. APL is of Blue color, BPL is yellow colored and AAY is of Pink color.

Addition/Deletion In Ration Card

Ration Cardholders in Mizoram if wish can add or delete details in the Ration card as per their requirements. It mainly happens in case of migration of ration card from one place to another, birth or death of a new member in the family. The application process for adding or deleting a name from ration card is similar. Applicants have to fill the application form and have to provide their Aadhaar card, address proof, old ration. In case of the addition of a newly born child, a birth certificate is required.

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Time Limit for Issuance of Mizoram Ration Cards

Ration cards are issued to the applicants in a period of two days from the date of application. This duration of new ration card service delivery is subjected to the fulfillment of all the eligibility conditions by the applicants. In case, applicants do not fulfill the eligibility requirements, the service delivery time is extended because ration cards are issued only after the fulfillment of all the conditions specified by the government. This delivery time is for all the types of applications whether they are for fresh ration card, deletion or addition of details.

AePDS Mizoram

AeDPS stands for Aadhar enabled Public Distribution System. It is an online portal that provide all the information about the PDS system where the ration cards are seeded with the Aadhaar number. AePDS works on biometric authentication technology for efficient distribution of essential commodities to ration cards holders in the state of Mizoram.

AePDS Mizoram portal deliver various services to common people and to the concerned officials. Some of the services which can be availed by visiting this portal are listed below-

  • Daily stats of PDS transactions
  • Ration card details
  • RC status
  • Entitlement details
  • FPS Status
  • Distribution Status
  • Price Charts
  • Search details
  • FPS details
  • Sales etc.

AePDS Mizoram RC Details

To check ration card details on AePDS portal, you can follow the given instructions-

  • Visit AePDS Mizoram online portal.
  • Click on RC detail option given under the report section of the homepage.
    Mizoram ration card detail aepds
  • Now, select month, year. enter SRC no. and continue by clicking on “Submit” button.
    Mizoram-ration-card AePDS RC detail
  • RC details will display on screen.

Quick Links

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Who issue Ration cards in Mizoram?

Mizoram Ration cards are issued by the state government through its Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA) department.

How many types of ration cards are issued to Mizoram Citizens?

Mizoram ration cards are issued under the following categories-
– NFSA: AAY Ration cards and PHH ration cards
– Non-NFSA ration cards

How much time does it takes to issue a new ration card?

Time limit for the issue of new ration card is 2 days from the date of application.

What is the application fee charged for entitlements of Mizoram Ration Card under the TDPS from the applicants?

Applicants who wish to get ration card under TPDS have to pay an application fee of Rs.10/-.

Can we use Mizoram ration card as a proof of identity or residence?

No, as the per state law it should not be used as an identity proof or residence proof.

How to get the information on price of essential commodities?

You can get the information from the online list of Daily Price of essential commodities published by the department in its website.

Can a citizens apply for deletion or addition of names in his ration card?

Yes, applicants can apply for a new ration card if they wish to add or delete the name of a member in the ration card.

Contact Details

For queries related to Mizoram RC list, one can contact at the given details-

Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Treasury Square Venghlui,
Aizawl -796001
Tel. no. : 0389-2322872
Fax : 0389-2321035
EPABX: 0389-2325261
Email: [email protected]

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