Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme: Registration, Benefits & Eligibility

Unemployment has always been a major issue and restricts the growth of a state’s economy. To curtail the prevailing unemployment rate, the state of Kerala has introduced Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme. The scheme focuses on creating employment prospects for the unemployed youth of the state. Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme is a part of the LEAP, Local Employment Assistance Programme. It aims to benefit the 50,000 unemployed youth of the state per year. The scheme consists of five components, which shall be discussed in detail later in the article.

Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

Continue reading the article to know more about the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme and its components. We have tried to incorporate every detail regarding the mentioned scheme in the article below. Check the major benefits as well as the application procedure of Athijeevanam Keraliyam scheme.

Key Highlights of Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

Article CategoryKerala Govt Scheme
Scheme NameAthijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme
Launched byChief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan
Launched on27th August 2020
Higher AuthorityGovernment of Kerala
BeneficiariesThe unemployed youth of the state
ObjectiveTo provide employment opportunities to the target beneficiaries
Scheme StatusTo be announced
Official WebsiteTo be announced

About Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

On 27th August 2020, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan launched the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme. Under this scheme, each year 50,000 unemployed state youth will be provided with the relevant jobs. With more employment prospects opening up, the state’s human capital and economy will strengthen. As mentioned earlier, the scheme has five components, namely, –

  • Yuva Kerala Project
  • Connect to Work, C2W
  • Kudumbasree Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (KMEDP)
  • Acquiring Resilience and Identity Through Sustainable Employment (ARISE)
  • Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP-K)
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The scheme is administered under the Kudumbasree program. In addition, the government has allocated Rs. 145 crores for the LEAP and re-establishment of the state and Rs. 20.50 crores to implement the proposed plan.  

Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2021

Components of Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

The five components of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme are as follows. Check the details below.

Yuva Kerala Project

Under the Yuva Kerala Project, 10,000 candidates will undergo skill enhancement training and will be provided employment thereafter. Young people of the very poor and deprived households will be covered under the scheme. Also, the age limit for the same is 18-35 years. However, there is an upper age limit relaxation of 10 years, i.e. up to 45 years for the ST category and physically handicapped candidates. Some of the prominent features of the Yuva Kerala project are training and travel at no cost including accommodation, post-placement assistance, uniforms, etc. for one year.

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Connect to Work (C2W)

The C2W program focuses on the development of soft skills amongst young minds from rural areas. Further, it will assist them to find a correct and appropriate job as per their skills and interests. The scheme will be a great help for such people to connect with the existing competitive job market. Under the scheme, 5000 young men and women will be trained for seeking better employment. The government of Kerala has sanctioned Rs. 5 crores to successfully implement this particular project.

Acquiring Resilience and Identity Through Sustainable Employment (ARISE)

As per the ARISE program, 10,000 unemployed youth will be given suitable jobs. The prime focus of the scheme is the skill enhancement of the target faction and Kudumbasree workers in sectors other than the labor division. The scheme will also employ them accordingly. Initially, the scheme was commenced during the floods of 2018 when many people lost their livelihoods. Also, Rs. 10 crores have been allotted by the Kerala government to execute the project effectively.

Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP-K)

EDP-K aims to create as many as possible new enterprises in every block area. As for now, 16,800 new establishments will be formed in the agricultural as well as non-agricultural sectors. It will include 14 blocks that are adversely affected by the flood. Under the scheme, 20,000 eligible men and women (combinedly) will be incorporated. The scheme will also sanction loans to individuals and groups at a 4% interest rate. For the individuals seeking loans, the maximum limit is Rs. 1 lakh, whereas, for the group ventures, it is Rs. 5 lakhs. A total sum of Rs. 70 crore has been allocated for EDP-K.

Kudumbasree Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (KMEDP)

Under KMEDP, a total of 5000 enterprises will be established, out of which 3000 will be individuals while the rest will be group enterprises. The members and families of the Kudumbasree program will be covered. Approximately 10,000 people are going to be extended the scheme benefits. The budget cost for the individual entrepreneurs is up to Rs. 2.50 lacs, while, a maximum of Rs. 10 lacs for the groups. Kudumbasree District Missions will select trainees to undergo skill and entrepreneurship training programs. The whole cost of the training will be borne by the state govt.

Subhiksha Keralam

Features of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

  • The scheme was launched by the CM of the Kerala State, Pinarayi Vijayan on 27th August 2020.
  • The programme will be executed under the CM LEAP, Local Employment Assistance Programme.
  • Under this scheme, 50,000 unemployed young minds will be given suitable employment opportunities.
  • It has been divided into five major components.
  • These components will help the beneficiaries in gaining adequate skillset, connect the job market, and pursue their desired job.
  • The scheme will encourage self-sustainability amongst the youth of the state.

Eligibility Creteria

The applying candidates must meet the following eligibility conditions set by the concerned authorities so as to avail of the scheme benefits.

  • Only the Kerala natives can apply for the scheme.
  • He/ She must not be engaged in any kind of economical activity.
  • Enough documentation must be possessed to prove the eligibility for the scheme.

Documents Required

It is advised to prepare the following list of documents beforehand so as to provide a last-minute rush. All the document should be true and genuine.

iAadhaar Card
iiPAN Card
iiiResidential Proof
ivIncome Certificate
vAcademic Details
viRecent photograph
viiCaste Certificate, if required
viiiDisablility Certificate, if required

Niyukthi Job Fest Registration

Application Procedure

As of now, there is no application procedure suggested by the concerned authorities of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme. Since the scheme is still at its early stage and processing,  no detailed notification has been issued yet. However, we can expect it to have its digital platform soon to ease the services related to the scheme for the general public. With the development of the portal, all the related services will be digitalized including the application procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LEAP?

LEAP stands for Local Employment Assistance Programme that assists the young minds in acquiring the efficient skillset followed by the employment in their area of interest.

What are the benefits of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme?

One major benefit of the scheme is that it provides suitable jobs to the 50,000 unemployed graduates of the Kerala state each year.

What are the five components of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme?

The five components of the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme are:
– Yuva Kerala Project
– Connect to Work, C2W
– Kudumbasree Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (KMEDP)
– Acquiring Resilience and Identity Through Sustainable Employment (ARISE)
– Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP-K)

What is the key eligibility to apply for the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme?

In order to apply for the scheme, the candidates must be permanent residents of the Kerala state and unemployed.

How many beneficiaries will benefit from the Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme?

Each year, the scheme aims to reach 50,000 unemployed youth and recruit them in appropriate companies and organizations.

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