Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2022: Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits, and Application Form

Assam Orunodoi Scheme was announced by the Health Minister of Assam Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on 12th August 2020. This scheme came into the role on 17th August 2020, and the government started the selection process of beneficiaries by 2nd October 2020 and then started the distribution process of money. According to the budgetary of 2800 crore, around seventeen lakhs families get 830 INR per month, distributed by the Assam government, to support the poor families, whose income is less than two lakhs per annum.


The scheme was implemented by the Assam government for those families who have a permanent certificate of Assam residence or those as well who are presently living in the Assam. The government makes this “Substantial Income Support.” plan especially to help household women belong to low-income families. In this article, you can find the details of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme, its scope, how to fill the application form? What are the Eligibility Criteria? and the Selection process of the applicant, and you can also find the official links below the article.


Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The Assam government implemented the Arundoi Scheme to support the poor families of Assam whether they come under NFSA or not. According to the scheme, the government will give 830 INR per month to low-income families, and this scheme implies for women, who are widows, unmarried, specially-abled, separated women, members of the specially-abled family.

Scheme Name Arunodoi or Orunodoi or Assam Orunodoi Scheme
Initiated byMr. Himanta Biswa Sarma ( Health Minister of Assam)
ObjectiveTo support the poor families women
Benificiary SelectionAugust 17th, 2020
Implemented on October 2nd, 2020
Organized byAssam Government
Application Offline
Amount 830 INR per month
Budgeted amount2800 cr
Beneficiary household families17 lakhs families
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Assam Orunodoi Scheme Scope

The main aim of this project of the Assam Government, that Assam people can purchase basic things like sugar, medicines, pulses, fruits, and vegetables. By seeing the basic criteria the government make the budgetary accordingly, i.e. government allowed 400 INR for medicines so that they can take care of their health-related necessities, 150 INR is for fruits and vegetables, 200 INR for pulses, and 80 INR for sugar, which comes into the total of 830 INR, which can be distributed every month to the families.


Number of ItemsAmount
Fruits and vegetables150 INR
Four kilograms Sugar with 50 percent subsidy80 INR
Medicines400 INR
Four kilograms Pulses with 50 percent subsidy200 INR
Total Number of Amount830 INR

Eligibility for Assam Orunodoi Yojana

This scholarship is run for the female candidates who belong from poor class families, whether they are registered to the NFSA or not, if their family income is as per the guidelines then they can fill the scholarship form. This scholarship runs to support low-income families financially. Candidates must fit on these of the basic criteria, which are as follows:

  • Candidates must have a domicile of Assam as well as presently living in Assam as per the notification.
  • The family income should be less than two lakhs per annum.
  • The candidate’s name must match the bank account record, if not so the applicant must need a bank account by their own name.
  • The scholarship must be given to 1500 beneficiaries, from which widowed, divorced, unmarried, separated, specially-abled women and the poor families candidates get the priority.
  • The applicant can take benefit for one year.

Candidates who are not eligible For this Scheme

  • If the applicant owing a refrigerator, 4 wheel vehicle, tractor, air conditioner, mechanized boat, washing machine are not eligible for this scheme.
  • If anyone in a family is a doctor, lawyer, CA, Registered government contractor, architect are also not eligible for this scheme.
  • If there is no female member in the family then they are not eligible for this scheme.
  • A current or former member of Parliament or a Legislative Assembly or a current member of a Panchayati Raj institution or Urban local bodies members are excluded from this scheme.

Application Procedure of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The application form is available offline, candidates can download it from the official site. In the registration form, candidates must fill all the required details in block letters (capital letters).

Step 1: In this step, you need o fill the required application number and your district details.

Step 2: In the step, you need to fill your ULB name, Gram Panchayat name, Village name, Locality address.


Step 3: In the next step you need to fill the basic details of yours- Candidate name with a middle name and the last name, also fill the House number with locality with Pin code and contact number.

Step 4: Fill the required details of your family with the relationship status and also attach the documents as per the guidelines.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme

Step 5: In this step candidates needs to fill their bank account details with Bank IFSC code and account details with Family actual Income details.

Step 6: Attach all the supportive documents required like the Bank passbook front page, domicile, Income details certificate, and other related documents.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme

Step 7: Then sign on the declaration, that all the submitted details are true and best of knowledge and as per the government guidelines.

Documents Required to submit with the Application form

  • Domicile of Assam– As Orunodoi is launched by the State government of Assam, so the applicant must have a permanent resident in Assam.
  • Family Income CertificateThis Scheme is for those candidates whose family income is less than 2 lakh per annum. So the candidate must need to submit the family income certificate.
  • Candidate Id Proof The candidate must submit one identification proof like an Aadhaar card.
  • Address proofThe candidate needs to submit the address proof as well.
  • BPL card also a necessary document.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Implementation

This scheme is a State- level, so it can be implemented under the supervision of the Commissioner and Secretary, and the finance department. The scheme strategy was executed by the direct supervision of the deputy commissioner. The whole scheme was roll- out under the Finance department of the Assam Government.

On the district level of monitoring, the following member who monitor the progress of the scheme:

Deputy Commissioner (Chairperson)District Development Commissioner (Member- Secretary)
ADC Development (Member) All the district MLAs (Members)
Zilla Parisad(Member)from the State government the 3 members to be nominated

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Implementation Process

The government implements this scheme Orunodoi which symbolizes self-reliance, self-determination, and confidence which leads the direction of the Assam in the path of Resurgence. The implementation process of Orunodoi Scheme comprises the sequential process which starts from launching and ends up with the money transfer and the annual rectification. The Orunodoi scheme was officially launched on October 2nd, 2020.

Selection of a Household Beneficiary

The selection of the beneficiaries can be done according to the guidelines. The preliminary selection of the receivers can be done by Village Council Development Committee (VCDC)/ Gaon Panchayat(GP)/ Urban Local Bodies(ULB) as per the eligibility criteria.

LAC level

The checklist of the selected candidates compiled by the Member of Secretary according to the LAC wise- criteria, the checklist data was given by the VCDC/ ULB/ GP and the DLMC (District Level Monitoring Committee) put that list on the prioritization.

Prioritization by District Level Monitoring Committee

The DLMC finalized the list of the receiving candidates according to the guidelines of the scheme. And the DLM also gives priority to the candidates, whose list given by the ULB/GP/ VCDC. Then the listed candidates can fill the Detailed Application form as per ‘Annexure B’.

Detailed Application Form

After the selection by the DLMC, the applicant must fill the Detailed Application Form according to ‘Annexure B’ and the application must be filled by the authorized candidate. You need to fill your bank details on the detailed application form and attested the affidavit and it should be signed by the recommended candidate. After that, all the process facilitates by Orunodoi Sahayaks (GP/ VCDC/ ULB). The final approved list uploaded on the online portal of the Assam official site.

Validation of a Beneficiary

The beneficiary details like the name of the applicant should be matched with the bank account name, and other details like the account number, branch of the bank, IFSC code, validate the candidate id (Aadhaar card, PAN card) which link to the bank account, all the things will be verified by the Finance Department. This process of validation can be done with the help of Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) which is present in the Finance Department of the Assam Government and can be done through the web portal.

If any details given by the applicant are incorrect then it is the responsibility of the Executive officer of the ULB, GP Secretary or the Municipal Commissioner of the ULB to coordinate and rectify the incorrect details of the beneficiary.

In case of the rectification, the intimation will be sent through the SMS and also the concerned authorities- the Executive officer of the ULB, GP Secretary, or the Municipal Commissioner of the ULB.

How the Money can be transferred to the beneficiary bank account?

The Finance department of Assam transfer the money amount by using DBT as per the guidelines of the Scheme.The validation of the applicant’s bank account and all the documents as per the guidelines, all these documents can also be verified through PFMS. The decided amount will be given into the beneficiary account on the particular time period, which is fixed by the Finance Department of the Assam Government, in that particular timeline, the amount will be transferred to the beneficiary account only.

As per the Assam government guidelines for this scheme, the applicant must have their own bank account, the amount will not be transferred to the other’s bank account, and if the bank account is not available, then the applicant should apply for it before the releasing date approved candidates.

Rectification of the Beneficiary list

The Special Goan Sabha or the General body of ULB do the rectification (if any) or any addition or exclusion is there to the approved list of the beneficiary at the end of every Financial Year. And if any changes required, then they put the request as per the limit formed by the District Committee. Then the given requests will be verified by the District Committee.

Data Maintenance

The beneficiary data will be managed by the Finance Department in the form of the soft format in the centrally based portal And all the supporting documents and records will be maintained by the Deputy Commissioner for future references. The finance department also takes care of the receiving application form, approval of the beneficiary list, uploading of the draft to the beneficiary account, etc.

Rules of the Scheme

The government of Assam makes guidelines to remove the forgery and any false documents so that all the documents should be submitted as per the government guidelines. And the applicant should follow all the guidelines before the submission of any documents.

Power to Remove Difficulties

The Finance Department has the full authorization, to eliminate any obstacles which appear in the path of the provision of the scheme. The finance department will take the essential action, as per the instruction and according to the guidelines of the Scheme.

Recovery in Case of Fraudulent Claims

At any stage of the verification process, it can be found that the applicant has given the false information and he/she is not eligible to take the benefit of the scheme, in that case candidate have to refund the whole amount of money with interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents need to submit with the application form of Arunodoi Scheme?

The following documents are required to submit:
Residence record of Assam, yearly earning certificate, government ID, submit permanent address proof, etc.

What is a Rectification process of Arunodoi Scheme?

In this process, the Executive officer will check the details of the applicant and rectify the false/ inaccurate details of the candidates, and the message also been sent to your registered mobile number.

What is Arunodoi Scheme?

Arunodoi Scheme is also known as Orunodoi Scheme, in which the government makes this plan of action especially to support household women and having a low income, so the government provides those families a “Substantial Earnings Assistance.”

How the beneficiary money can be transfer according to the Orunodoi Scheme?

The sum of money can be transfer through the DBT as per the Orunodoi Scheme guidelines.

Is it essential in the Orunodoi Scheme that the bank account name should be same as the beneficiary name?

Yes, as per the official guidelines for this plan, the applicant must have their personal account in the bank.

Who can apply for this Orunodoi Scheme?

The Assam govt. run this Scheme for those women who belong to the low-income groups of the society to support them financially.

How much money decided to give under the Orunodoi Scheme by the Finance department of Assam?

The government allowed 400 INR for health-related requirements, 150 INR is for fruits and vegetables, 200 INR for pulses, and 80 INR for sugar, which can be given by the Govt. each month.

For how long one can take the benefit of this Orunodoi Scheme?

The families get its benefit up to one year.

What is the prioritized criteria for the Orunodoi scheme?

The prioritized criteria is as follows: widowed, divorced, unmarried, separated, specially-abled women and the poor families candidates get the priority.

Hope you got all information about Assam Orunodoi Scheme, if you have any more question then ask us in comment below.

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