Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in

To provide services Maharashtra government has launched portal online information. Domiciles of Maharashtra can apply for the different kinds of certificates which are applicable for various purposes. This includes domicile certificate income certificate caste certificate. Filling out the application form and registration is completely made online.

Using aaple Sarkar dashboard services can be availed by sitting at home. For this applicant did not to go the office to avail of the online application. All the important registration procedure eligibility and documentation are available online. Here in this article, we will discuss the right to Public Service act Maharashtra under Aaple Sarkar.

Salient Features For Aaple Sarkar Portal

To provide online services and certification aaple Sarkar portal was developed. People of the state can use the services in a very transparent manner. All these Commissions are working under the right to public services act. The government is focusing more to make it efficient for the public.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

Various quick services are provided through aaple Sarkar. To help the people mobile application is also launched. The government is also facilitating the features for the escalation of issues. If the problem of the application is not resolved after 3 complaints it will directly transfer to the commission. At this point, some serious action is taken to sort out the problem.

Public Service act Maharashtra
Aaple Sarkar Registration

Views About Right To Public Service

Under the public service act, 2015 Maharashtra government established the Aaple Sarkar portal. Under this state government of Maharashtra has initiated services efficiently and transparently. There will be a time foundation for achieving the services. For the Implementation of the act, Maharashtra state Commission has set up a right to publicly state. Chief Commissioner Swadhin Kshatriya heads the right to public services. He is a retired IAS officer.

Under the right to Public Service act schedules of Maharashtra can get complete information related to the services available. For this, a mobile application has been launched. This is developed not only for information but also to apply online for different. These mobile applications and web portals can be used. Also web portal is providing a facility to give feedback and complain to the senior officer in case of delay or efficiency in work. After three appeals if it has not been resolved, then it will be sent in front of the commission. Here in this article, we have discussed the online application procedure eligibility and important documents for registration under the aaple Sarkar web portal.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

(Registration) Maharashtra Berojgari Bhatta

आपल सरकार: नोंदणी, लॉगिन

प्रमाणपत्र आणि इतर सेवा दाखल करण्याची प्रक्रिया अत्यंत सुलभ करण्यासाठी महाराष्ट्र सरकार आपले सरकार पोर्टल घेऊन येत आहे, ज्याद्वारे नागरिकांनी नोंदणी करून त्यांचे उत्पन्न प्रमाणपत्र मिळण्यासाठी ऑनलाईन अर्ज करण्यास सक्षम केले जाईल. या लेखात आम्ही आपले सरकार पोर्टलचे महत्त्वपूर्ण पैलू सामायिक करू. आजच्या या लेखात, आम्ही पोर्टलची अशा चरण-दर-चरण नोंदणी प्रक्रियेची महत्त्वपूर्ण बाबी सामायिक करू आणि मिळकत प्रमाणपत्र अर्ज करण्यासाठी प्रक्रिया देखील करू.

आपले सरकार पोर्टल महाराष्ट्र राज्याच्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांनी डिझाइन केले आहे. संकेतस्थळाच्या अंमलबजावणीच्या माध्यमातून महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील लोक त्यांच्या घरी बसून आयकर प्रमाणपत्रासाठी अर्ज करू शकतील. महाराष्ट्र राज्य संबंधित कोणासही इन्कम प्रमाणपत्रासाठी अर्ज करण्यासाठी कोणत्याही विशिष्ट कार्यालयात भेट द्यावी लागणार नाही. मिळकत प्रमाणपत्र तयार करण्याबाबत सर्व पावले त्यांच्या घरी बसून हाती घेण्यात येतील.

Aaple Sarkar Web Portal Benefits

There are many benefits of the aaple Sarkar web portal. Some of them are discussed here:-

  • Getting government work done is very easy for a domicile.
  • The user interface of aaple sarkar with the portal is well user-friendly and can be used appropriately.
  • Services are provided at the doorstep and online registration can be done.
  • Applicants can get all the government-issued. certificates online.
  • Status and complaints can also be filed online.
  • Accessibility to use the web portal is very easy.
  • It can be used at any place in India but its services are provided for the domiciles of Maharashtra only.

Available Online Services On Aaple Sarkar Portal

There are many services available on the aaple Sarkar web portal. Applicant can use their procedure and documents to avail themselves. Here one by one maximum important Certification Services have been discussed:-

  • Revenue Department
  • Public Health Department
  • Tribal Development Department
  • Water Resources Department
  • Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
  • Urban Development
  • Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
  • Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
  • Nagpur Municipal Corporation
  • Social Justice and Special Assistance Department
  • Medical Education and Drug Department – AYUSH
  • The Medical Education and Drug Department – MIMH
  • Forest Department
  • Department of Registration & Stamps (IGR)
  • Department of Co-Operation Marketing and Textiles
  • Home Department
  • Transport Department
  • Industries Department
  • Housing Department – Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board
  • Medical Education and Drug Department – DMER
  • Higher Education and Technical Department
  • Home Department- Maharashtra Maritime Board
  • Tourism and Cultural Affairs – Gazetteers Department
  • Tourism and Cultural Affairs – Directorate of Archives
  • Women And Child Development department
  • School Education and Sports Department
  • Agriculture
  • Finance Department
  • Food & Public Distribution System (PDS)
  • Energy Department
  • State Excise Department
  • Minority Development Department
  • Urban Local Bodies
  • Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department – Directorate of Cultural
  • The Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department – MTDC
  • Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department – P L Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy
  • Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department – Stage Performances Scrutiny Board
  • Land Record Department

(एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म) महाराष्ट्र विधवा पेंशन योजना 

Age Nationality And Domicile Certificate

To avail of the age nationality and domicile certificate applicant needs to have proof of identity and proof of address. Other documents which are used are:-

  • Age-proof and resident-proof.
  • The mandatory document is a self-declaration.

Here is the procedure to apply:-

  • On the home screen of the official website, there is a Section for services available online
  • here the first option is age nationality domicile.
  • Click this option.
  • A list of the needed document is there.
  • Select any one of them according to the availability
  • Now go down and click on apply.
  • The maximum time limit for issuing of age nationality and domicile certificate is 15 days.
  • These documents are made available by the tahsildar from the sub-divisional officer
  • Candidates who have registered can log in on the website.
  • Once the applicant has login directly click on apply.
  • Now fill in all the important details which are asked and upload the relevant documents.
  • After providing all the details click on submit button.
  • The certificate will be made available in the next 15 days.

Procedure For Registration On Aaple Sarkar

The applicant has to do registration on the Aaple Sarkar portal. It is important to follow the procedure for filling in and providing the correct information to access. The steps of the procedure are discussed below:-

  • Visit the official website of Aaple Sarkar (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Click on the ‘New User? Register Here’ option.
  • Some information is provided
  • Read it and check either option 1 or option 2
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • Option one will be used for verification of mobile number.
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • After using OTP and verification of mobile number, the user can create a user id and password.
  • In option two all the important details which are asked should be filled.
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • Also, upload photo identity address proof and using OTP verification from the registered mobile number applicant can create their user name
  • Upload the relevant document for registration.

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Procedure To Login On Aaple Sarkar Website

If already registered log in to the website. As a procedure candidate must know that the login procedure is applicable for only those candidate who has done registration:-

  • Visit the Aaple Sarkar official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • On the home screen, there is an option of ‘Already Registered? Login Here’.
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • Provide your user id and password from the captcha and select your district.
  • After providing all these details click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Once the candidate will press the login page will open.
  • On this page, the profile information related to the applicant will show.

Procedure To Recover The Forgotten Password

To recover the forgotten password follow the given instruction:-

  • On the official website on the home screen, there is an option of ‘Forgot Password?
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • Clicking on this option will ask District name and mobile number
Public Service act Maharashtra
  • Select the district to provide a mobile number and click on I am not a robot.
  • Now OTP is sent to the registered mobile number
  • After verification of OTP candidate can reset the password
  • Candidate must note it somewhere for future reference

Method Of Recovering Forgotten Username

On the website facility for recovering the Forgotten username is available. All that needs to be done is follow the below instruction:-

  • Navigate to the official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Below the log in there is an option for forgot username
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT a
  • Clicking on this will ask for the applicant’s mobile number.
  • Provide the mobile number and select Recaptcha.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in
  • Now click on submit.
  • OTP is sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Use this OTP to recover the user name.

VLE login

For this type of login candidates to follow the given steps:-

  • Candidate must have a registered VLE for signing in.
  • Visit the website of aaple Sarkar Government of Maharashtra.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration
  • Near the new user registration, there is an option for VLE login.
  • Click on this option.
  • Here user id and password of the applicant will be asked.
  • Provide both the details and click on the login button.
  • Clicking here will open the profile of the candidate.
  • If the applicant has forgotten the password to sign in click on forgot password just below it
  • Provide login ID.
  • A link to reset the password is sent to the registered email id.
  • Use that link to change and create a new password.

Mahadbt Scholarship (@mahadbtmahait.gov.in) 2022

Right To Public Service Act 2015

This right to Public Service Act create a transparent and efficient environment for the delivery of services. They provide time-bound public services to the domicile of Maharashtra. Now it is known as a Revolutionary act because it has empowered the Citizen’s level of edges. Under administration in India right to public service is actively working in twenty states including Maharashtra. On 28 April 2015 Maharashtra’s right to Public Service Commission has come into effect. Rules regarding public services were uploaded on 16th November 2016.

From the 01st March 2017, Shri Swami Kshatriya was appointed as Commissioner for the Right to Public Service. The commission must prepare notes related to the report of the preceding year as well as the evolution of performance. Regarding delivery of the services, this information is included in the financial year report which is uploaded on the official website.

  • Candidates can visit the website to download the financial year report in the form of a PDF & which is available in bilingual languages.

Some of the important features of aaple sarkar web portal are given below. These all are discussed separately:-

Search Services

Applicant who wants to search the information related to the services they can follow the procedure to get details:-

  • Applicants need to visit the official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • On the right side of the page, a search service option will be available.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration
  • Clicking on this option will ask for some initial letter of the name of the service.
  • Provide it and click on the search.
  • Here the name of the service will come along with other details
  • Other details include the number of departments and type of documents required and the procedure for application
  • Here it will also show the time boundation for giving the services.

Track Your Application

An applicant who has applied for any services can check the status of it. All they need to do is follow the provided below step:-

  • Visit the official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Go to the right side of the page.
  • There is an option to track your application.
  • Click on this option.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT
  • Enter the details inside the drop-box section.
  • After providing all these details click on go.
  • Applicant status for the application form will show here.
  • You can download it or track it continuously for updates.
  • if there is any delay they will provide relevant answers for it.
  • If they are unable to provide the answer applicant can call for a complaint.

Verify And Check Your Authenticated Certificate

After the issue of a certificate from the Aaple sarkar web portal, the user can also verify the authorization of the certificate:-

  • Navigate to the official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Click verify your authenticated certificate.
  • This option is available on the right side of the page.
  • Clicking on this option will ask for the details.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT
  • It includes the department issuing board and the name of the certificate.
  • After giving all these details, press on the ‘Go’ button to authenticate the certificate.
  • If after verification it is showing confirmation of certificate then the certificate is authentic

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Helpline Desk

If there is any issue related to the right to public services a user can directly contact the toll-free number for any queries and clarification. All they need to do it they have to call the toll-free number. Calling this service number is available 24 hours 7 days.
The toll-free number is 18001208040

Procedure To Appeal For Complaint

The application can file a complaint about the services if they will not get satisfactorily. For this first and second complaints can be given directly. For the third appeal, they have to do registration. Here procedure for registration for the third appeal is given as follows. The steps are provided here:-

  • Visit the official website (aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Go to the orange mark on the right side of the page.
  • Select an application for appeal 3.
  • Clicking this option will show registration for the third Appeal.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in
  • Click this option to register and create your profile.
  • Use option 1 to verify your mobile number using OTP and then create a user id and password.
  • In option two upload details photograph and relevant documents to create a profile using a mobile number
  • After registration applicant will be able to file a third appeal
  • If no appeal has been resolved then the problem will be directly given to the Commissioner.

Maharashtra Industry Trade And Investment Facilitation Cell

Maharashtra government is working day and night for increasing the ranking of ease of doing business. As we all know that Mumbai is the hub of industries. Most of the international and national investment has an eye on this city. For this government has made many action reforms. They always try to enhance their policies to increase investment in Maharashtra. Under Act 2006 micro small and medium enterprises government has provided facilities for the promotion and development of increasing the competition in between micro small and medium enterprises. This is done to have more and more industries and factories from small and micro to medium in the state. The government has created a web portal with the name of Maitri which has all the information regarding Industrial trade and investment facilitation.

About Maitri Web Portal

This portal was established to take the attention of many investors to increase employment in the state. Right now Maharashtra government has made Mumbai a one-stop-shop for industry trade and investment. It provides direct government-to-business services, the one-stop shop for existing and emerging investments to provide information related to the investment process. This is done to expand their existing unit or to create a new business setup in the state.

The Maharashtra investment and trade agency aims to promote investment in the state an assured time. Approval of services for the investors is given in handhold support to the investor. It manages the web-based portal for transparent services, handling the grievances related to investment, and creating and coordinating industrial associations for ease of doing business Maitri web portal. Many foreign direct investments are attracted by services for the investors. Methodology of ease of doing business and new updates in Maharashtra government is provided to explore the state. They are also taking grievances and feedback for better investment of services on the web portal. An investor can also find the latest guidelines related to the coronavirus.

Available Approval And Clearance

To know the availability of approval and clearance from the government regarding the investment and business clearance certificate is provided. To check the availability of approval follow the given instruction:-

  • Visit the official website of Maitri MahaOnline government
  • On the home screen, there is a tab with the name of investor services
  • Click the first option that is available for approval and clearance
  • Here select the page of services and choose a department
p 1
  • Now click on the view
  • Clicking this option will show the name of approval along with the department name Timeline government rule applicable fee and link
  • For the procedure, the applicant will also find a PDF file which will have information related to the document checklist and application
  • The procedure and service link are also provided
  • Clicking on the service will help you to get the services online

Department Notified Services

To know the different services provided under the different departments of Maharashtra applicants need to follow the given instructions. Here a list of all the departments provides by aaple Sarkar services is available. Clicking on the department name will show the services provided here. Clicking the name of the service will show the department Public Service limit duration for the service. Also, they will show information related to the designated officer first appeal officer second appeal officer, and whether the service is available in aaple Sarkar or not. There are many services and departments which are given above. Act according to it and grab the information as you can. To check the department-notified services:-

  • Visit the official website of aaple Sarkar
  • On the home screen, there is a tab with the name of the department notified services
  • Clicking on it will show the list of all the department names
  • Click and get details
  • You can also take screenshots for download for future reference

Procedure To Download The Aaple Sarkar Mobile Application

Maharashtra’s right to Public Service act under aaple Sarkar provide a facility to access the services on mobile. For this mobile applications are developed. Development of the application is done for both Android and Mac. To download the application follow the procedure:-

  • Visit the website
  • At the down of the home page, there is the option of Google Play for the App Store
  • Click according to choice
  • Clicking this option will open the page where the link to download the application will show
  • Clicking on the download will download this application
  • Setup this application on a mobile phone and start accessing it
  • Before using this application need to do registration to choose various services under aaple Sarkar

Method For Grievances And Feedback

To provide feedback and grievances related to the aaple Sarkar services here is the procedure. Feedback and grievances increase the confidence of the government to provide services. Apart from this better feedback will help to enhance the services and check for errors to rectify them. To provide feedback on online services here is the procedure:-

  • Open the official website of aaple Sarkar
  • On the home screen, there is an option for providing feedback
  • Clicking this option will help to provide grievances
  • Clicking this option will open a new page
  • Provide the information and comment on the feedback
  • After this click on submit
  • Submitting the feedback will go into scrutiny and according to it steps will be taken to resolve it.

Index Of Industrial Production

Under Maitri, the government is providing an index of Industrial Production. The index is used as a short-term indicator of growth for the industry in an organized sector. Using the index of Industrial Production calculation for the number of goods produced is done. For the average and current month, the important unique of using the index is to plan the policy for industrialization. The educational institution research team and Industries take extensive use of this index for analysis. To get the index of Industrial Production logs into the website of Maitri. Here is the procedure for it:-

  • Open the website of Matri.
  • Click on the index of Industrial Production.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha
  • Here option to log in is available.
  • Provide username and password.
  • The candidate will log in to the Directorate of Economics and Statistics.
Aaple Sarkar: Registration, Login Maha DBT
  • Use this index for research purposes.
  • You can also track information related to the analysis.
  • For any technical assistant Call 0222638 30023 and an email address is also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aaple Sarkar web portal?

It is a right to Public Service website. The function of this website is to provide many Certification Services to the citizens of Maharashtra.

What kind of services are provided by aaple Sarkar?

Sarkar website provides services related to the certificate of business, and non-business types such as caste domicile income resident nationality certificate. It also includes different certifications related to business purposes. All these services are discussed above.

What is Maitri?

Maitri is a Maharashtra industry trade and investment facilitation cell. It has an eye on the different foreign direct investments in Maharashtra. It aims to increase investment in the state to provide a one-stop Maharashtra industry.

What is the procedure to register on the aaple Sarkar website?

The procedure to register on aaple Sarkar website is very simple and user-friendly. All these steps are discussed above.

Is there any time boundation for the delivery of services?

With the application of services, there is a time boundation given. Authorities must complete the work within a limited time.

What if the work is not done on time?

The government is working day and night to provide the services on time. If there is any problem and services are not given on time user can file an appeal. 3 appeals can be done directly to the authorities. If all three appeals are not providing satisfactory services applicant can now contact Commission. Now Commission will take it into their hand and will resolve it.

How to contact aaple Sarkar?

For any feedback queries and confusion, the applicant can contact the authorities. For this, they have to call on the toll-free number. The toll-free number is discussed above.

What is index industrial production?

The Index of Industrial Production is the index that shows the demand and supply of products that help in analyzing the demand and so the future of the product. Using these conducts applicants can think of investing in the state according to their needs.

What is meant by the ease of doing business?

Ease of doing business directly means that what performance a company can perform when investing in the state. Better the ranking better will be the state for investment. This shows that the industry is choosing that state for investment. We all know that Maharashtra is a hub of investment and Mumbai is the first choice for National and international investors or foreign direct investment.

Can we recover the forgotten password or user ID?

Yes after registration password and user ID are given to the candidate. If by mistake they have lost it they can recover it by using the procedure. All this step by step instructions has been discussed above.

What is the procedure to track the application of Maharashtra Sarkar online?

There is an option to track the application is available on the official website. The procedure to check the status has been discussed above.

From where to file the third appeal?

If your appeals have not resolved the issue, the applicant can file for a third appeal. This option is available on the homepage and the procedure for registration and filing the appeal has been discussed above.

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