Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Benefits, Eligibility

Meghalaya is one of the prettiest places to visit in India. In order to attract more visitors to the state, the chief minister of Meghalaya has launched a new program i.e., Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme. The officials have launched this scheme with the single aim of improving travel in the state.

Around 16 brand new Innova Crysta have been launched under this program till now. All the explorers who will be visiting the state by registering under the program would get great comfort in these new automobiles. Get more details on the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme 2023 under this page.

Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme 2023

Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme

The chief minister launched the scheme on 30 June in front of the state’s tourism minister. 50 individuals have already been selected for the scheme from 600 applications which were submitted with the hope of getting selected in the program. In the following article, readers will get information related to the objective of the scheme, eligibility, and other details.

Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme Details

Name of the SchemeMeghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme
Scheme Introduced ByCM Conrad K Sangma
Launched on30 June 2023
StateShillong, Meghalaya
Objectives of the SchemeTo offer a better travel experience
Beneficiaries of the SchemeVisitors who want to visit Meghalaya and local transportation providers
Subsidy Offered50%
Official Website
Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme Announcement Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme Eligibility Criteria

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The officials have mentioned some eligibilities which will limit the scheme’s availability for the readers. Readers who will be fulfilling all mentioned conditions are eligible to become a part of the above-mentioned scheme. Interested readers can check out the detailed eligibility conditions set by the Meghalaya Tourism Authority:

  • Car Owners:
    • Readers who are residents of Meghalaya state are eligible to apply and become a part of the scheme.
    • Any individual personality or organisation is eligible to apply for the program and submit their respective cars under the same program.
  • For Tourists:
    • Any person who is visiting Meghalaya can take the benefit of the program. No matter whether the person is traveling from abroad or if they live within India. The scheme is the same for every tourist.
    • If the tourist is considering spending a huge amount of money to ensure a luxurious travel experience, they must choose cars under this scheme.

Benefits and Features of मेघालय प्रधान पर्यटन वाहन योजना

All readers who are looking for the features and benefits which the scheme aims to provide can take the help of the following paragraph. Below are some of the huge benefits and features of the above-mentioned scheme:

  • The scheme aims to increase the state’s employment rate directly or indirectly. It also gives a boost to the State’s GDP.
  • The government of the state is going to offer financial aid to the beneficiaries. It will cover around 90% of the down payment cost on the luxury cars. It indicates that the buyers will have to make a down payment of around Rs. 1 lakh.
  • The government of the state is also offering a total of 50% subsidy and two years of time for the repayment of the loan. It will encourage the usage of additional vehicle operators, No matter whether they are businesses or individuals.
  • The Meghalaya State Government is also offering around 20% relaxation in the EMI with the help of the Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme.
  • The government of the state has also decided to release around 16 Innova Crysta Cars at the start.
  • But, in the upcoming five years, the number of cars will be raised up to 500 considering the demands of the cars in the market.

Objectives of the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme

The officials have launched the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme 2023 with some objectives in mind. So, the scheme has been prepared and launched to provide a better travel experience to all people visiting Meghalaya. With the help of this scheme, the government of the state wants to provide good care facilities to medium as well as rich tourists of Meghalaya.

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Apart from available benefits for the tourists, it will also help the state to grow. As the scheme benefits tourists, more and more people will visit the state and the amount of GDP of the state will also increase.

Future Aspects of the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme

CM Sangma who launched the scheme has stated that they are going first to record the responses of the tourists on the scheme. They have enhanced the number of vehicles under the respective scheme by collecting the feedback of the tourists till now. The first goal of the officials with the scheme is to increase the number of vehicles to 50 in the 2023-24 year.

In case, the response of the beneficiaries is positive then the number might be bigger than expected. The same strategy will be followed for the next five years. So, the goal of the authority is to get 250 automobiles registered under the respective program. If everything goes as planned, then there might be around 500 vehicles.

How to apply online for the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme?

Readers interested in the scheme after looking at its benefits, features, and objectives can apply for the scheme. To apply for the scheme, interested one will have to contact the Meghalaya Tourism Department.

The officials will also be launching a new portal which will be accepting applications for the above-mentioned scheme. In the meantime, readers can contact the state’s Tourism Department through the helpline number provided at the end of the article.

You can get detailed information regarding the scheme through the same address. Once the officials issue a new online application portal, we will only provide the detailed application submission process under this section.

Contact Details

Readers having any query related to the Meghalaya Prime Tourism Vehicle Scheme can resolve their queries through the contact details provided below:

  • Address: 3rd Secretariat Nokrek Building, Lower Lachumiere, Shillong 793001.
  • Email:
  • Phone No.: +91 76400 03050

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