GeM Portal 2024 [Login]| Buy & Sell on GeM Portal

GeM Portal or Government e-Market Place is the online portal in which goods services will be sell and buy by the people, through this step the government is moving towards the digitalized. The GeM portal was launched under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 9th August 2016, which provides a digital platform for buying and selling things. The Government e-market has been 100 per cent owned by the government of India, which means it is not coming under any private sector.

GeM Portal [Login]| Buy & Sell on GeM Portal
GeM Portal

It is a place that reduces the consumption of paper, makes a contactless transaction, and is a step in which India will going to be a system of cashless. Right now, in the GeM portal, there are 150 categories of the product which includes 7400 products are available, which means the portal provides almost all the services in one place. Gem site provides the e-platform which reduces the interruption of the people.

About GeM Portal

Through the GeM the government has initiated many programs to promote the startup of the business like SWAYATT, Womaniya on Government e-Marketplace (to motivate the woman entrepreneurs), etc. The portal was hosted by the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D), and it is supported by the National E-Governance Division from the Department of technology. As per the Financial status, this e-commerce platform made 70,287 crores worth on the public procurement, by October 2020.

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According to the statistics, by November 2020 around 6 lakh, people registered themself on the site as a seller and a buyer, out of which 1.56 lac is small or a micro seller and more than 50 per cent were registered as customers. And from this project, many of the other projects also came into the role, like Atamnirbahr Bharat, Digital India mission, and many more.

Gem Portal Mission

There are various missions through which make India is making progress in the area of Development, the list of the mission as:-

  • Is to encourage people, which leads toward the change.
  • The government has planned to generate that type of portal which include all the stakeholders in one place and move towards the direction of progress.
  • Make that type of organization, which shows the continued progress, and also help to create a market.
  • The portal is designed in such a manner that can be used by anybody.
  • Ensure that the right material will get at the right price so that maximum people can afford that.

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GeM portal Vision

For the evolution of this portal, the vision of the government is to create Transparency of the goods and services, and also provide an inclusive market to the people, through which they can order from anywhere. In short, the govt. is moving towards digitalization, and their project like Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

GEM project Values

The values in which the portal has been associated is:-

  • Inclusion In social
  • Commitment
  • Responsiveness
  • Think Big
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Accountability and Ownership
  • Innovate Simply

Facilities Available In GeM portal

There are various facilities that have been provided through this portal:

  • Provide the number of products in one place.
  • Provide the facility of price comparing of the same product of different brands.
  • It is a single-window from which you can place multiple orders at a time.
  • From the system of rating, the customer will select the product as per the star rating system.
  • The GeM is a user-friendly system, anyone can use it.
  • There are eleven banks which involve with the GeMs Pool account.
  • Provide an ATC library for the additional terms and conditions.

Features of GeM portal

▪ Both the customer and the seller get the notification, after each step of the procedure.

▪ Provide the facility of the online transaction, which has to be Time-bound.

▪The transfer of the payment can be done through the SBMOPS and PFMS.
▪ Accessing the reasonability of the price.

▪ There is no need for the buyer to create technical specifications.

▪ GeM has provided a standard for buyers and sellers.

▪ By increasing the efficiency, the price and customer flow will increase in the portal

▪ The government assure that the transaction is safe.

▪ From MCA21, the verification of the supplier has been done automatically.

▪ GeM provide 100 per cent online verification of the vendors.

▪ The e-Bank Guarantee has also been introduced on the site.
▪ Regulates the PMA and SSI.

▪ MIS can easily access by the policymaker.

▪ Easy and effective can be used by the customer.
▪ Customers will get at least 15 to 20 per cent lower prices on the GeM portal.

▪ Emerged a portal of National Public Procurement Portal (NPPP)

▪ Procure the Demand Aggregation system.

▪ Create a standardization of the economic scale.

Benefits of GeMs Portal

GeM portal is beneficial for the customer and the Buyer, the list of the benefits is given below:-

For Seller

  • It provides an effortless portal to the seller.
  • Can also introduce the new product in the portal
  • The seller has direct access to the various Dept. of the Govt.
  • Develop the persistent procedure of purchase.
  • Anytime seller can reverse the auction on their services and products.
  • Through the GeM services and payment services are simple, easy, and fast.
  • Increase the customer flow.
  • Decrease the option of Bargaining.
  • Provide Single invoices on multiple orders.
  • The seller can now monitor the payments and the supplies details.
  • Provide direct access to the govt. Authority.
  • The seller can change the price of the product as per the market value.
  • For sellers, there is no charge for the registration process.

For Buyer

  • A higher range of product varieties is available in the portal, which enhances the choice of the customer.
  • Customers can easily search for the product, compare the price, Choose the like one, and can also buy and pay by using the GeM portal.
  • Can purchase things at any time, and anywhere.
  • Customers can get cost-effective things.
  • Generate an easy return policy, in the given time limit.
  • Can easily buy anything from the GeM portal.
  • Provide the notification on the expiry of the Delivery Period.
  • Avail of the method of Direct Purchasing.
  • Buyer can select their own bid b/w 10 to 21 days.
  • Quick solution on the online grievance.
  • Providing notification.
  • Integrated Payment System

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Registration Process on Gem Portal

The registration is different for the Buyer and the seller, but for both the registration you have to visit the official site and choose either Buyer or seller option, rest of the process is mention below, you can scroll down to see the procedure:-

GeM Registration form for Buyer

  • When you click on the Buyer option, then the Term and conditions will display on your screen.
  • Read it and then mark a tick on the I Agree box.
  • Then on the next page, fill in the details of the Aadhaar card and the registered mobile number which is liked with your Aadhaar card.
  • Tap to the verify option.
  • Fill all rest of the details in the form
  • Upload the document which is required to submit.
  • By following this process you can create your virtual ID on the GeM portal.

Registration form for Seller

  • For the seller account as well, there are some Terms And condition, which you have to read carefully, click on the I agree option
  • Then select the Business/ Organization Type from the drop-down box.
  • Enter Business/ Organization Name, ensure that the name of your organization should be correct.
  • Choose the verification from the Aadhaar No. or PAN card.
  • The registered mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar card.
  • Tap to verify option, after that your seller ID will be created.

Digital India Portal Registration

Required Information for Seller Registration

The seller required to submit their personal and business-related information for verification, the basic details which are needed to fill is given below:-

Personal details
  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Registered Email
  • Registered Mobile number
  • Details related to the firm/ company/ Proprietorship
  • The details of the person who associated with it
  • Involve of any government entity
  • Details of ITR (Income Tax Return)
  • Company Information Number(CIN)
  • GSTN number
  • Bank Details

Login Process at GeM portal

For the Login Process, the candidate must go through the official site of the GeM portal, then click on the Login option. Then on the next page, enter your User Id of Gem, and enter the captcha code, and click on the submit option. You have to enter the password on the next page of the link.


Services Available on GeM Portal

Here we mention some of the services, which has been provided through the GeM portal:-

Service of AdvertisementICT products
Transport servicesleasing and laundry services
Catering and restaurant servicesProvide training
Newspaper & Magazine servicesServices Related to Healthcare
Courier servicesHVAC Equipment services
Services of Facility managementElectric cabling Services
Digitalization servicesPlanting services

GeM Portal Services for Seller

Product Management ServicesManagement of Brand
Services Related to the Bid ManagementProvide access to all departments of the Government
Minimize the effort of sellingRemove the bargaining system
Direct Sell product facilities to the governmentBusiness and the marketing management

GeM Portal Services for Buyer

Providing a rich list of the productsOnline services
Providing the system of deliveryEasy Return and Exchange

Purchase option Available on GeM

There are three types of purchase option which is available on the GeM portal:- Reverse Auction (RA), Bidding, and Direct Purchase, the explanation of all three option are given below:

Direct Purchasing

In the option of Direct purchasing, the customer can directly select the product or can also do the comparison is also possible indirect purchasing. The person can go for direct purchasing when the amount is less than 50k. Then you can select the item and add it to the cart.

Bidding System

When you see the system of biding, it is a system in which the cost of the services and the product has been decided. It creates competition between the individuals so that they can set their prices as per the market value.

Reverse Auction System

It is a process in which the buyer and the seller can reverse the auction. In the process, the price of the material generally decreases as per the justified price, because the seller faces the competition with each other, and in that race they lower the price to attract the customer. This method of selling generally posses to obtain the business from the buyer.

One Nation One Digital Platform

Feedback Services form for Gems Portal

The user feedback services have been used to rate the gem portal for its performances. To give the feedback you have to visit the official site of the GeM portal, click on the Feedback option on the homepage. Then fill in the details:- Select the feedback topic from the drop-down box, write your Full name, Email Id, mobile number, and at the end write your comments. And then Tap to the Submit option. After that, your feedback has been updated.


Rate to the Seller-GeM Portal

To rate the seller and the service provider, for their services and goods, for the process of rating the user have to go to the GeMs official site and then click on the Seller details, then enter your Email-Id, in which OTP will be sent for the verification, then after you can fill the feedback form.


Check Details of GeMs Seller

You can easily check the details of the seller by visiting the GeMs official portal, then select Seller Details Option, the link will direct you to the Check GeM Seller Details, in which you have to enter the GeM Seller ID and click on the submit option. Then the details will display on your screen.


Updates of the GeM Portal

The government has introduced some of the new features during the covid-19 and also create an updated version of the GeM portal, the latest details of the GeM are given below:-

New Features of GeM During Covid-19

  • The duration of the services bid will be shorter i.e. 3 days
  • Opt the new Business rules for controlling the price rate.
  • The new rule will be generated for the seller, in which the seller has to update the stock out material, otherwise, after 48 hours they will get the notification.
  • For local filters who purchase things up to 5 lacs, there is a new rule to enable the fast delivery of their goods.
  • During the Covid -19, the cycle of procurement was short.
  • Approval of the priority and brand-related products.
  • The limit of the delivery time was extended to thirty days, after the expiry.
  • The new webpage has been introduced for the tracking of covid-19 category and the No. of Seller.

GeM 4.0 Portal

GeM 4.0 is the smarter and the inclusive version of the Government e-marketplace, which provides roadmap features that improve the selling and buying methods of the people. In which the government will take care from the transparency to the efficiency of the product. It provides the following services:-

  • Provide the UPS (Unified Procurement System)
  • Re-design the module of the Bidding
  • Staggered Delivery system
  • Aggregation of Demand
  • Search for the sourcing of Crowd
  • Helpdesk System
  • Integration of LDAP (authorized by NIC)
  • Ideal Platform of collaboration for Buyer and Seller
  • Implement the Public procurement preferences
  • Make Payment transaction easy (by ERP and MSMEs)
  • Generate the new services for the benefit of the buyer and the seller.
  • Introduced the NLP (Natural Language Processing) Search engine.

PMSBY Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

GeM Business Services

As you see the service data of the GeM portal of the year 2021, that all the service marks up to 100 per cent whether it is the process of registration, Bid or RA, order fulfilment, catalogue management service, or the payment services, is up to the mark. So you can analyze from the data that the service provider is doing their best to give the best services, to all.


You also see the statics of the order, so as per the official report there are around 6,069,617 orders till now, through which you can analyze that the people can be working on the digital manner, and the data of the payment is 94,506 crore transaction through the online portal. Below we mention the data of the growth of the GeM portal.


Frequently Asked Question

What are the details can primary users can edit on the portal of secondary users in the GeM site?

By clicking on the Manage Post, the primary user can edit the designation, roles, and responsibility, and as well as the division of the secondary user.

What are the specific criteria to set a password at the time of the registration on the GeM portal?

Yes, you have to use uppercase and lowercase, number and special character, and the minimum length of the password should be 8 characters.

What does the Make In India filter mean?

The Make In India filter enables the list of the product which was manufactured by India for the buyers.

The invoice which was generated in GeM, is valid GST bill or not?

No, the valid GST invoice generated by the merchant, only in the demand of the buyer, while the GeM invoice only the date and the number, for the reference of the buyer.

Is that possible, that buyer can cancel the order on GeM?

There is an option for the buyer to decline the order, till then the merchant cannot get the order, the buyer can update the request of cancellation of the order.

Is I can change the quantity of my order in GeM?

Yes, you can do that till your contract is not generated by the merchant, because once the order has been generated then you have to wait till the expiration of the order.

How the price will be decided on the Reverse Auction on the GeM?

The price has been decided at the time of RA creation, as per the quality and demand of the product.

How many services are available for the comparison process on the GeM?

In the GeM portal, there are three services that are available for the comparison process.

What is the term means Billing Interval?

Billing interval is the time period in which the invoice has been generated by the service provider, the time which has been decided in the billing interval is thirty days. After the generation of the bill, a buyer can do the payment.

What is the term Log Interval means?

It is the time of interval in which log Entry has been generated on the GeM portal, the log Interval has been defined by the one day.

What are the services offered by the service provider to the buyer on the GeM portal?

There are many services, which have been provided by the servicer, to get detailed information about the GeM services, you can go through the article.

Is that possible to deactivate the account of the service provider on the GeM portal?

Yes, you can deactivate the account, but after deactivating it, the seller will not able to reactivate the account for 15 days.

What does SLA mean?

The term SLA stands for Service Level Agreement in which there is a contract b/w the buyer and the seller for the services.

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