Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana (KAMS) Assam Vistarita 2023 Eligibility, Process

KAMS (Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana) is launched by the government of Assam, and the official notification for the same was released in 2018. Kanaklata yojana was announced by the Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma (Health Minister) in 2017 to promote the sustainable development of the state and also support the Self Help Group. According to the announcement, the 25k fund will be distributed to the 11097 SHG, and also provide loans and the capital subsidy under this scheme.

In this article, you will get to know about the implementation, eligibility criteria, benefits of the scheme, selection process, you can scroll down to get more information about the scheme.


About the KAMS Scheme

The KAMS scheme was organized by the Assam Government, so the candidate should have the domicile of Assam. In 2018-19 a total of 1,26,000 got the benefit of the scheme, in the allotted budget of 65 crores. From this scheme the govt. trying to uplift the economy and the social to the SHG member. The scheme was renamed on 11th Nov, 2020 as Vistarita Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana (KAMS-V).

Name of the SchemeKanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana/ Vistarita Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana
Sponsored byAssam Government
LevelState Level Scheme
BeneficiarySGH members
ObjectiveTo support the sustainable development
Application mediumOffline
official sitepnrd.assam.gov.in

Objective of the KAMS Scheme

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The main motto to launch this scheme is to decrease poverty and spread the awareness of self-help, this scheme is mainly for the women who belong from the rural areas. Here we mentioned some main objectives of this scheme:-

  • This scheme works on the 3 basic postulates, through which poverty might be decreased:-
    • Self Realization
    • Self Help
    • Mutual Benefit
  • With the development of SHG people will also increase the development of the whole state, so to motive them the government organized this scheme, which leads to the betterment of their livelihood or also increases the economy.
  • The government also make a plan to uplift the rate of the economy and employment rate.
  • Through this the govt. also, encourage people to work in the micro-factories for earning.
  • Spread the awareness toward the income-generating process.
  • Enhance the mobilization of credit by increasing the investment.

Process of Implementation OF KAMS

Assam State Rural Livelihoods Mission (ASRLM) implemented this scheme which is the Nodal Agency of Assam, this agency comes under the P & RD Department. This scheme is implemented in all the districts and blocks of the Assam. The ASRLMS is implemented DAY-NRLM because the promotion in the Intensive Block of the Assam is much higher than the Non-Intensive Blocks promotion.

But under this scheme, NRLM gives priority to the Non-Intensive Blocks, in which new schemes are mainly promoted in the blocks, and NRLM also takes care of that promote old schemes as well to the SHG. Below you will find the procedure, how the scheme implementation can be done.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

Proposed Intervention IN KAMS

Here we mention some of the interventions of the KAMS Yojana is as follows:-

  1. Social Capital Creation:- The existence of Social Capital is important for the development of the SHG, the capital is formed as Community Resources Person (CRPs), which make the facilities mobilized and also support the SHGs. The CRPs are developed as per the requirement.
  2. Capacity to Build:- Basic management and book keeping training has been provided to the SHG candidates so that they can work efficiently. The training program may be organized by the ASLRM and the SIPRD for the Non Intensive block and for the Intensive Block respectively.
  3. Social Mobilization:- To spread the awareness of the scheme in the village, community mobilization has been carried out.
  4. Institutional Community:- By forming the institution, to target the household members of the SHG.

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Eligibility Criteria of KAMS Scheme

Before applying for the scheme, interested candidates must go through the eligibility criteria, because after that you will get to know whether you are eligible for this yojana or not. The eligibility criteria are different for Resolving fund or Capital Subsidy. The criteria are as follows:-

Eligibility criteria for Resolving Fund

The eligibility criteria of the Resolving fund is divided into four stages, which are as follows:

Stage I

  • Initially, SHGs candidates will get 25K Rs which will be graded as per the NRLM norms, which means if the candidate follows the Panchasutra principles, which are:-
    • Save regularly
    • Internal Lending Regularly
    • Regular meetings
    • Repayment has to be done on time
    • Bookkeeping should be updated.
  • If the candidate wants to take the advantage of the scheme, then candidates must come under the NRLM norms.

Note:- If the SHG candidate gets a loan that the SHG will be promoted to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond category as per the eligibility.

Stage II

Stage II is also called a Silver- SHG, which means the candidate got the loan of 50k INR, and the date of the formation is a minimum of six months. When the loan is sanctioned by the Bank, the 40 percent subsidy will be released to the SHG account, which means 20k INR will be provided to each SHG member.

Stage III

Stage III is known as a Gold -SHG because in this stage the candidate gets promoted to the 1 lac INR loan amount and for those candidates, whose existence is more than 18 months in this field, and then after the subsidy amount should be 30 percent i.e, 30k INR transfer to each SHG candidate.

Stage IV

Stage IV which also known to be a Platinum-SHG, because the candidate will get the amount of two lacs INR, for that the candidate exists at least for 30 months, after that the candidate will get the loan and a subsidy of 30 percent that means 60k INR will be released for each SHG candidate.

Stage V

In this stage, the candidate will get the sanctioned amount of five lac INR, that’s why it’s called Diamond-SHG, and also get the subsidy of 25 percent which means 125k INR, will be released to each SHG member.

StagesFinancial Implementation
II200 crore INR implement in FY-2018-19
III300 crore INR implement in FY-2019-20
IV600 crore INR implement in FY-2020-21
V1250 crore INR implement in FY-2022-23

Eligibility for Capital Subsidy

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • For the capital subsidy, the SHG candidate must be active at least for six months according to the documented record of the book.
  • Must following the Panchasutra.
  • The capital subsidy is provided for those SHG candidates, whose loan proposal is on the pending list, and fulfill all the requirement of the ASRLM.
  • Non-performing Assets (NPAs) on bank loans will not come under the Capital subsidy.
  • If the SHG member has more than two children then they are not eligible for this scheme.

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Selection Process of KAMS Yojana

For the selection of the eligible women candidates government of Assam follow the below procedure:

Selection for the Resolving Funds

  • The selection of SHGs is done by the BPM and ASRLM.
  • Then BPM with the help of community cadres and the block coordinator will generate a list of the eligible woman candidate, who is not getting the revolving funds.
  • When the List of the candidates prepared by the BMMU, was processed by the respective DMMU, then the list was approved by the BPM and the BDO (Block Development Officer).
  • DMMU will verify all the details with the documents and submit them to the SMMU, after the confirmation of the DPM or PD DRDA or CEO ZP.

Selection for the Capital Subsidy

  • For Capital subsidy, all the documents along with the application form will be submitted to the BPM by the SHG.
  • Documentary evidence (loan sanctioned letter, loan account statement, loan passbook, or disbursement Letter, or any document letter issued from the bank) have to be submitted as proof of loan availing document or any pending proposal of the loan of the SHG.
  • Then after all the documents will be verified by the BMMU.
  • After the verification process, the list of the eligible candidate will be prepared and…
  • The list of the eligible candidates of SHGs has to be approved by the BPM and BPO and at the last by the DMMU.
  • The DMMU again tally all the documents and the selected list.
  • Once the verification was done, the list has been processed to the SMMU, after fully verified by the DPM or PD DRDA or CEO ZP.

Disbursal Mechanism of the Benefits

The government disbursed the amount to the selected candidates by following the below process:-

  • The fund requirement has been prepared and then it has to be submitted to the authority of the Assam as per the norms. The fund amount will be prepared as per the selection of the candidates, but that requirement list has been decided as per the budget of the government.
  • This requirement list has been submitted by the Nodal Agency i.e, ASRLM.
  • Then after the approval of the amount, the Nodal agency will get the required sum of the money in the bank account which was opened in the name of the Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojana.
  • After that, Nodal Agency will transfer the fund to the beneficiary bank account by using an electronic transfer method. That means the amount will be credited directly to the SHG bank account, they don’t need to go to the bank or the govt. department for their beneficial amount.

Through this method, Nodal Agency will easily transfer the money to the bank account of the eligible candidates.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the three major principles in which the KAMS work?

The three major principles are:- Mutual Benefit, Self Realization, Self Help.

What is the main aim of KAMS yojana?

The main aim of the KAMS is to motivate the women of SHG to work in the industries, which uplift the economy and it is also necessary for the development of the State.

From where I will get more information about the KAMS yojana?

For getting more information, you have to visit the official site of the Assam https://pnrd.assam.gov.in/

What is the KAMS/ KAMS-V Yojana?

The KAMS yojana was launched by the Assam Govt. for the welfare of the SHG people.

From where I will get the Application form of KAMS Yojana?

You can download the application form online from the official site, but the rest of the process can be done manually only.

What is the process for the disbursal amount of KAMS?

To transfer the disbursal amount, the nodal agency gets permission from the state govt. after approving the Fund req. then the amount will be transferred.

What are the things required to get the subsidy through KAMS Yojana?

Acquiring not more than two children.
NPAs are not allowed.
must be an active member, not less than six months.

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