Haryana Marriage Registration: Apply Online, Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is a significant legal document for any couple. This certificate is duly signed by the husband and wife as a part of the proof of Marriage. The certification and registration of a marriage is a compulsory process and serves as a record of marriage. Also, this document is required when applying for a VISA, Passport, or other services. So, to avail of these facilities as a married couple, you surely need a certification.


The Haryana Marriage Registration Act is now implemented by the government of Haryana. All the couples, who tied the knot recently, can get legal documentation and a certificate of their Marriage by registering on the portal. Read the article till the end to get some important takeaways. We are providing all the information related to the registration process. Also, you will get to know the process to download the marriage certificate online.

Haryana Marriage Certificate- Overview

Article CategoryHaryana Marriage Registration
StateHaryana Government
Initiative byCM of Haryana, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar
DepartmentCitizen Resource Information Department (CRID)
Official Websiteshaadi.edisha.gov.in
DepartmentDirectorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana
Official Website (Urban/ Rural Registration)ulbharyana.gov.in
Helpline No.1800-2000-023 (Monday to Saturday)

Marriage Registration can be quite tricky. If you are someone who is marrying soon or is married a few months back, this article is for you. We are here in your rescue, to make the whole registration process, a bit easy. A step-by-step procedure is given in detail to make your application easier. In addition to this, you will get more information about downloading the marriage certificate.

Haryana Marriage Registration Act, 2008

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Marriage Registrations in Haryana are now mandatory under the Haryana Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2008. Registering marriages on a legal platform is essential as well as beneficial in many ways. It ensures no violation of basic human rights under any marriage relationship. Also, It is crucial to show a lawful marriage certification as and when required. Marriages in India, are registered under the two acts.

  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • Special Marriage Act, 1954

Haryana Government has moved the complete procedure of Marriage Registration on an Online Platform. The government is now providing certificates and registering marriages through an online facility. A marriage certificate is an important legal document for various reasons. It is under use to alter names under different certificates as part of the declaration. Legal document for marriage enrollment.

Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Haryana

Inter-Caste marriages are hugely supported in the state, to build social harmony. The government of Haryana has a special scheme for the same. Mukhya Mantri Samajik Samrasta Antarjatiya Vivah Shagun Yojna. The Scheme is especially for couples with an inter-caste marriage. A benefit amount of INR 1,01,000 is given to the couple. INR 51,000 will be given immediately after marriage via the DBT. An additional 50,000 is given after they complete 1 year together.

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To be eligible for the scheme, both the spouse must be Indian Citizens. Also, one of the spouses must be a permanent resident of Haryana and belonging to a SC/ ST.

Online Haryana Marriage Registration

Haryana Government has launched a portal to call for new couples who want to register their marriage. The couples can register their marriage on the online portal made available by the Haryana government.

The portal allows the user to register for the marriage at the comfort of their home. The whole tedious process of Marriage Registration and the Certificate issue is easier with the portal. The whole of the process is changed due to the issues faced by the people in quarantine. The website is built as such to provide easy assistance to people with the use of technology.

Who can Register for HryMarriage?

  • Bride, who is above 18 years of age.
  • Groom, who is above 21 years of age.
  • He/ She should possess more than one partner at the time of marriage.
  • Bride and Groom must have lived where the marriage is about to be enrolled.

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Marriage certificate Haryana-Documents Required

As you register for the marriage, there are some important documents. You require these documents in case you want to register for the marriage. In addition to this, you also need this to generate a certificate for the same. The documents are:

  • Marriage Proof
  • Proof of DOB (Bride as well as Groom)
  • Proof of Residency
  • Photographs (both bride as well as Groom’s side)
  • Invitation Cards of Marriage
  • Couple Photographs of Marriage (Three)

Marriage Registration Fee in Haryana

To register for Marriage, a minimal fee is vital to pay. It is essential to submit this fee. The fee charged to register the marriage depends upon the time of application. The sooner you register, the lesser the charge.

Time-Slot for Application submissionFee (INR)
Within 90 days from the Marriage date 150
After 90 days but within 1 year from the Marriage date 350
After 1 year 300

HryMarriage Online Registration Process

To make the whole marriage registration process a bit easier, the Haryana government has created a portal. This portal provides the flexibility of registering marriages online without having to pay a physical visit to different Government offices. The registration process is also very easy, and we have broken it down into steps. Therefore, interested bride and grooms can apply and register for their Haryana marriage certificate.

  • Firstly, go to the official webpage of the Haryana Marriage Registration
  • As you land on the homepage of the website, you will see a register tab at the top
  • Click on the tab, it will give two options of register and sign in
  • Click on the option of Register
  • As you click on ‘Register’, a new page will open. Depicted below
  • Fill in all the details, as you fill your number, a open of ‘Send OTP‘ will appear. Click on that option.
  • You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Insert the OTP obtained and click on ‘Register‘.
  • As you click on ‘Register’. You will see a successful submission message on your screen.
  • Check your e-mail to confirm your registration.

Sign In Process @shadi.edisha.gov.in portal

After you complete your registration, you need to Sign In again to complete the registration process.

  • To sign in, visit the official website again
  • Now, click on the Sign In option under the ‘Registration Tab’
  • A pop-up will appear where you need to fill in your Username and Password. Also, enetr the CAPTCHA code generated.
  • Click on ‘Sign in
  • As you sign In, another page will open where you will see an option of ‘Register Marriage‘. Click on the option.
  • Clicking on the option, it will open another page. Here you have to enter all the details of the marriage. After filling the details, click on ‘Submit‘.
  • Finally, as you would have completed all the details by now. You will pay a registration fee now customised according to your timeline. Click on Proceed and complete the payment.

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Haryana Marriage Registration: Offline Process

Apart from the official Online process, the government of Haryana is also offering an Offline process to register the marriages in the State. The Offline process to register for the marriage is similar to earlier processes. We have detailed the process below:

  • For offline registration, the interested candidates can visit the Enlistment Centre of Relationships under the Municipal Corporation. The MC should lie within the territory of marriage.
  • Attach all the other documents along with the main application form. Submit the documents on any working day.

Registration for a Marriage Certificate

Anyone, who wants to do the Registration for the attainment of the Marriage Certificate. Willing people can do so through the official portal. Visit the portal and follow on the steps listed down.

  • Go to the official SARAL portal of Haryana Marriage Registration
  • Click on the option of ‘Application for Marriage Registration’ under the menu of ‘Online Services’ located on the Hompage.
  • After that, click on the link displaying ‘New User, Register here
  • A new page will open. Fill in all the details asked like Name, mobile no, password state, etc.
  • On completing the details, validate the OTP received via e-mail or SMS
  • Click on the option of ‘Submit’. Log in again with the User ID and Password
  • You will now see a menu, displaying ‘Apply for Services
  • A list of options will appear. Choose any one: “Marriage Registration under Special Marriage Act 1954-RURAL Court Marriage”/ “Marriage Registration (Rural)”/ “Marriage Registration (Urban)” from the list/ “Marriage Registration under Special Marriage Act 1954-URBAN Court Marriage”.
  • Fill in the details after you click on one of these
  • Upload all the essential documents and proceed with the payment.
  • A declaration will appear. Tick the check box. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on ‘Submit’

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Haryana Marriage e-disha Certificate Download

If you have registered your marriage already, now you need to download the certificate. To download the certificate, the aspirants have to visit the official website yet another time and follow the simple procedure. We have listed the step by step procedure below. You can follow the steps and get your certificate online without having to physically visit different offices.

If you registered through the Edisha portal, you can also simply download and print the certificate from here. Simply, fill the Edisha Transaction ID and click on option displaying ‘Go’. https://online.ulbharyana.gov.in/MarriageCertificate/Default_printCertificate_WL.aspx


SARAL Haryana Marriage Certificate Download

Interested people willing to register their marriage can also do so through the SARAL Portal of Haryana Government. This portal offers a varied range of services. You can register marriage as well as track your application status through the portal. To download the Marriage Certificate through the SARAL Portal, follow the steps detailed below:

  • Visit the official portal of SARAL
  • Click on the option of ‘Online Status’ on the homepage.
  • Enter your Transaction ID and Verification Code
  • Click on the link showing the ‘Download’ option. Get your certificate.

You can also read the user manual linked at the end of the article.

Marriage Registration certificate Haryana – Status

To check the status of marriage application. Interested people can check the status of their registration by following the steps detailed below.

  • Visit the SARAL Website
  • Log in with your Login ID and Password on the homepage. Copy the CAPTCHA code
  • Click on Log in
  • Select the option of ‘View Status of Application‘. Click on the option of ‘Track Application Status
  • Fill in the details, for example- date, registration No.
  • Click on the icon displaying ‘Get Details
  • Your Status will be available on the Screen.

You can also check the status of your application through the SMS service. The SARAL Portal also offers to check the status through SMS. All you need is a mobile no and you are good to go.

User Manual for Registration through e-dishaManual
Marriage Certificate through SARAL PortalUrban
Marriage Certificate SARAL PortalRural
Saral Portal (Official)Portal
E-Disha Marriage RegistrationInstructions

HryMarriage Certificate-FAQs

How to apply for marriage registration certificate online in Haryana?

To make online marriage certificates, the couples can visit the official website. Click on the option of ‘Application for Marriage Registration’ and follow the steps detailed in the article.

How to apply for marriage certificate in Haryana?

Any citizen of Haryana, who want to register their marriage can do so by any process, i.e. Online or Offline. Both the processes have been enlisted in the article. Follow the steps and complete the registration.

How to apply for inter caste marriage benefits in Haryana?

Inter Caste marriages in the state are done under the Mukhya Mantri Samajik Samrasta Antarjatiya Vivah Shagun Yojna. Such couples are given an amount of 1,01,000 to both husband and wife.

How can I register for love marriage in Haryana?

Love marriages can be registered under any court trough the Special Marriages Act, 1954. Firstly, the interested couple needs to inform the marriage Officer. After that there is Objection, Signing of Documents, Marriage and final issuance of Certificate.

What is Edisha?

e-Disha is the Online interface portal by Haryana Government. It is basically a digital portal to offer timely services to people. The portal provides various services through the portal to the citizens of Haryana. Also, the government has provided these Digital Infrastructures at all the district secretariats as well.

How to register for shaadi.edisha.gov.in?

Citizens, who want to avail the facilities offered by the Government can do so. Anyone can use the portal by registering on the portal.

What is edisha transaction ID?

It is a unique identity which you will get as you register on the portal. This ID will be used for downloading certificates, after the application process is complete.

How can I get a marriage Certificate in Haryana?

To get a marriage certificate, you may require some documents like:
Marriage Proof
DOB Proof
Residence Proof
Invitation Cards etc. Read the complete documents in the article.

Where can I check my marriage Certificate online?

The applicants can check the status of their application through the ‘Online Status’ option available on the homepage of the portal. Enter your Transaction ID, Verification code and view the status of your application. You can also download the certificate, in case your application has been approved.

What is the eligibility required for Marriage Registration in Haryana?

The Bride and Groom should above 18 and 21 years of age, respectively.
He/ She should not have more than one partner at the time of marriage.
Bride and Groom must have lived where the marriage is about to be enrolled.

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