West Bengal OASIS Scholarship: Check here last date, apply online at oasis.gov.in

OASIS Scholarship 2023: The Indian Government is tirelessly striving to improve the condition of underprivileged students in India. Various states are differing scholarships to students who are meritorious but belong to socially and economically backward students. To promote education among these communities, they are awarding scholarships to deserving candidates. West Bengal has also initiated in the same direction by introducing the Online Application of OASIS Scholarship In Studies. To know about this drive, scroll down the page and read through the article given below. Check the oasis scholarship 2023 last date.

OASIS Scholarship
OASIS Scholarship

BCW Department

The Backward Classes Welfare Department is responsible for launching schemes in benefit of backward classes in West Bengal. The Government of West Bengal aids the department and wishes to empower these communities. The BCW Department is working on Government-funded OASIS that will advance education in these communities thus increasing their chances at better employment. This will further result in the financial stability of these classes. These scholarships are specifically limited to students belonging to reserved categories since this program is under the BCW Department.

OASIS Scholarship 2023

OASIS stands for Online Application for Scholarships in Studies and is the online portal where students belonging to reserved categories can apply for financial assistance. This website particularly highlights scholarships and their application procedures. The portal is open to track the progress of the application and view schemes. But, the schemes in the portal are specially for students of the backward classes, scheduled tribes, and casts. They can easily apply for financial assistance based on their educational qualifications. The main benefit of OASIS is that they will not have to go through complicated offline procedures and will have to apply online.

OASIS scholarship for SC/ST/OBC

Highlights of WB OASIS Scholarship 2023

Name of the portalOASIS or Online Application for Scholarship In Studies
DepartmentBCW or Backward Classes Welfare Department
StateWest Bengal
AimTo provide scholarships to meritorious students of backward classes
BenefitThe online application so that students do not have to go through offline procedures
BeneficiariesStudents of Socially Backward Classes
Application StatusClosed
Last Date to applyTo Be Notified

OASIS Scholarship Aim

The chief objective of launching the OASIS portal was to ensure that every eligible student can apply for government-funded scholarships. Earlier, students had to apply in government offices for these scholarships and the procedure was time-consuming. With the introduction of the portal, they can easily apply for suitable financial assistance based on their qualification. This process will be hassle-free and will save time and money. Moreover, students will be able to get financial assistance at their doorsteps.

WEST BENGAL oasis.gov.in Benefits

The prime benefits of OASIS are here as follows:

  • Financial assistance funded by West Bengal government to meritorious students belonging to socially backward classes.
  • Encourage students of reserved categories to study, thus empowering the depressed classes gradually.
  • Reduction of drop out cases in pre and post matriculation stages due to financial unstability.
  • Since internet availibilty is generally common, online portal will make the appication procedure less complicated.
  • The tracking of application and constant updates will bring transparency to the system.
  • No wastage of both, time and money.
  • All the information will be updated on the potal, hence the deliverance of services will become easier.

Oasis.gov.in Scholarship Eligibilty Criteria

The following students are eligible to apply on the portal :

  • Student must be a resident of West Bengal.
  • Must have all the documents required at the time of registration.
  • For Pre Matric Scholarships, the student should belong either to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe category and studying in 9th or 10th standard with a family income less than Rs. 2 lakh per annum.
  • For Post Matric Scholarships, a post secondary or matriculation student of Scheduled Caste or Tribe is eligible to apply if the total income of the family is less than Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum from all the sources.
  • For Post Matric Scholarships for a student belonging to Other Backward Classes, the student must be in either post secondary or post matriculartion an the combined family income must be less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum.

Oasis Acholarship Amount

The scholarships through OASIS are mainly of two types, Pre Matric and Post Matric but they are further divided into divisions based on the social categories. The schemes that West Bengal Government offers to students through OASIS are as follows:

WB oasis Pre Matric Scholarship

Pre Matric Scholarship to Scheduled Castes/Tribes: Students of Scheduled Castes/Tribes whose family income is less than Rs. 2 lakh per annum will get a monthly stipend for 10 months under this scheme. Hostellers will get Rs. 750 per month and a yearly ADHOC grant of Rs. 1000. Whereas, day scholars will get a monthly assistance of Rs. 150 and an ADHOC grant of Rs. 750 per annum. To check the official notification, click here.

WB oasis Post Matric Scholarship

  • Post Matric Scholarship to OBCs: Students who belong to Other Backward Classes and their family earns less than Rs. 1 Lakh per year will get benefitted from this scheme. They will get financial assistance according to the following criteria is set for students of eligible for this scheme:
CourseMaintenance allowance to Hostellers Maintenance allowance to Day Scholars
Medical, BSc (Agri), Engineering, LLM, MPhil, Ph.D. and moreRs. 750Rs.350
LLB, HM, BPharma, B Nursing. Post GraduationRs. 510Rs. 335
General Undergraduate CoursesRs. 400Rs. 210
Classes 11 or 12, PTI or Polytechnic coursesRs. 260Rs. 160

To check the official notification of the scholarship, click here.

  • Post Matric Scholarship to SC/ST: Students with family income less than Rs. 2.5 lakh per annum and belonging to either Scheduled Castes ot Scheduled Tribes will get a financial assistance in the manner given below:
Course Maintenance allowance to Hostellers Maintenance allowance to Day Scholars
Medical, BSc (Agri), Engineering, LLM, MPhil, Ph.D. and more Rs. 1200 Rs. 550
LLB, HM, BPharma, B nursing. Post Graduation Rs. 820 Rs. 530
General Undergraduate Courses Rs. 750 Rs. 300
Classes 11 or 12, PTI or Polytechnic courses Rs. 750 Rs. 230

Click here to check the official notification released on the OASIS portal for this scholarship.

Uncleaned Occupation:

In addition to reserved categories, provisions are also made to provide financial aid to the wards of parents who work as uncleaned workers. These workers generally include flayers, tanners, scavengers, waste picking or collecting, and likewise occupations. Both, day scholars and hostellers whose parents are earning bread through unclean occupations can apply for the scholarships directly on the portal.

Services of OASIS

The portal of OASIS offers various services related to the educational scholarships not only to the \students but also to the students. Meanwhile, students can find the appropriate facilities of the portal in the student’s corner on the portal where they can register, login, reset passwords for accounts, apply for scholarship renewal and also apply for scholarships under the uncleaned occupation category. These services are active for the students in 2023.

Services of OASIS

OASIS Scholarship 2023 Application Procedure

To register on the portal, follow the steps given below:

OASIS Scholarship 2022 Application Procedure
  1. Open the official web portal of OASIS at oasis.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, check out the Students Corner.
  3. In the given options, click on “Student’s Registration”.
  4. A new page will open up where you have to select the district you belong to.
  5. Enter the details of your caste certificate in the next page. You will be directed to the next page once the details of your caste certificate are verified.
  6. Enter the primary details of the student. For example: Name of Father/ Husband/ Guardian, Date of Birth, Sub Caste, Gender, Caste, Course Type,etc.
  7. Fill the Authority and Contact Details. For Instance: Anual income of Parents/ Gaurdian, Aadhar Card Number, Location of institution,
  8. Nextly, enter the details of the class the student studies in. Like: Last Class Passed, Year of Passing, Scjolarship Type, etc.
  9. In conclusion, select all the declaration points and fill the captcha code given in the box.
  10. After that, your application will be successfully registered and you can also download the acknowledgement to track the application status.
  11. You can also log into the portal after registration.

Oasis Scholarship for College Students Login

Registered Users can log into the website by simply following the subsequent steps:

Oasis Scholarship for College Students Login
  1. Firstly open the online web portal of OASIS at oasis.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, check out the Students Corner.
  3. In the given options, click on “Registered Student’s Login”.
  4. On the next page, select the district of your institution.
  5. A login form will open up asking for the login credentials.
  6. Enter the application ID or User ID, Password and the Captcha.
  7. Press “Login” and you will be successfully logged in.
  8. After that, you will be able to complete the application for scholarship.
  9. Review the prefilled details and edit in case of some correction and the enter all the educational details of the student and click submit.
  10. Enter the personal details of the student followed by identification details and bank account details. The scholarship amount will be disbursed in the bank account whose details are being submitted.
  11. After filling the application form, verify the information entered and then lock the application.
  12. You can also download or print your application for future reference.

Forget Password

In case a user forgets the password to the account, they can recover it by tapping on “Forget Password”, in the Student’s Corner. They can get the password after verifying the details asked in the form. Fill in the details like the location of the institution, date of birth, registered mobile number, the caste certificate number, and submit, and the acknowledgements will be generated.

Renew Scholarship

If the students have to apply for renewal of application, they can do it on the portal too. To fill renewal of application form, follow the steps given below:

Renew Scholarship
  1. Visit the web page of OASIS at oasis.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, check out the Students Corner.
  3. In the given options, click on “Renew Scholarship”.
  4. On the next page, select the district of your institution.
  5. A login form for renewal students will open up asking for the login credentials.
  6. Enter the application ID or User ID, Password and the Captcha.
  7. Press “Login” and you will be successfully logged in.
  8. You will have to go through a two step verification by entering your name and date of birth and then verifying the details of the application.
  9. Click on the prompt for renewal of application and your application form will open up.
  10. Edit the necessary details of your application and submit.
  11. You can also download the application form or take a print out of it.

Uncleaned Occupation

Students whose parents are involved in Uncleaned Occupation can apply for scholarships under this division of the portal. However, only eligible students can fill the application form for scholarships under this scheme. The following procedure can be followed if someone wishes to apply under this category:

Uncleaned Occupation
  1. Open the official web portal of OASIS at oasis.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, check out the Students Corner.
  3. In the given options, click on “Uncleaned Occupation”.
  4. A new web page will open up with a form to fill out for applications under this category.
  5. Select the district, block or municipality, ward or G.P and enter the name of the school.
  6. Fill out the details of your parent who is working as an uncleaned occupationer, followed by the address information and gaurdian details.
  7. After that, fill the educational details and the institutional details.
  8. Finally, enter the details of the bank account in which the scholarship incentive must be disbursed.
  9. Tick the delaration line and enter submit.

Track Oasis Scholarship Status 2023

To track the oasis.gov.in scholarship status check of your application, follow the steps given below:

Track Oasis Scholarship Status 2022
  1. Visit the official web portal of OASIS at oasis.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, click on “Track Application Status”.
  3. A new web page will open up. Select the district and the form to track the application status will open up.
  4. Enter the application serial number or the User ID and select the district and also the session you have applied for.
  5. Read the text given and enter it in the box given below.
  6. Click on “Check Status” and the status of the application will be further visible on your screen.

Oasis Scholarship Helpline Number

The OASIS helpdesk is specifically set up to help the students with various problems that they might face with their application. They can call at +91-84 20 02 3311 to put up their queries or any issue they are facing on the portal.

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