Tatkal Passport: Fees & Time, Documents Required, Application Process

Tatkal Passport: A passport is a legal document or declaration provided by a government that identifies a traveller as a resident of a particular country and has the right to go to other countries safely and the ability to re-enter their own nation. Several high-tech biometric protection techniques from hand identification to ear and nose scanning are used.

For ages, people have travelled securely abroad with the help of passports, certificates of travel, and other related documents, and till the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, all nations approved the passport as a universal document to travel. Several nations demand that anybody crossing national borders acquire a visa, which is an official stamp on a passport indicating that the document has been reviewed and the person is now free to go.

Tatkal Passport: Fees & Time, Documents Required, Application Process
Tatkal Passport

Tatkal Passport

People may apply for one of two kinds of passport applications. Therefore, the form of filing will rely on the individual’s needs and level of necessity with regard to obtaining a passport. There are two different types of passports available.

  • Apply for Normal Application
  • Apply for Tatkal Passport
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Common passport applications are often issued once an applicant completes an ordinary application form which doesn’t include any time limit. In Hindi, the meaning of word Tatkal means right now. However, the Tatkal Passport service accepts passport applications for people who need them immediately.

In order for their application to be fulfilled more rapidly, people who select the Tatkal option are typically required to pay extra money. The Tatkal process allows individuals to file for fresh passports and have their existing or expired passports reissued.

Eligibility Criteria for Tatkal Passport

Eligibility criteria are those standards that are made by higher authorities for people who are willing to apply for a tatkal passport. Before submitting the application for this type of passport, you need to go through each eligibility rule given here. Only those applicants who fulfil all the described standards can apply for a tatkal passport.

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
  • People who are residents of India and have obtained that position by enrollment or naturalization.
  • Applicants born abroad to Indian parents
  • Children who are adopted by Foreign or Indian parents
  • Candidates who have undergone government-funded relocation from some other nation.
  • Individuals who were foreigners and have been sent to India.
  • Those people who live in Jammu & Kashmir
  • People who have had a drastic change of name.
  • Individuals who were born in Nagaland however now live elsewhere.
  • People living in Nagaland
  • Minor children have one parent.
  • Minors who live in Nagaland
  • Missing or stolen passports
  • Temporary extension of passport duration
  • Modifications to one’s sign or other relevant information.
  • Passports that are impossibly destroyed.
  • Substantial improvements in photo or gender.

Certificates Needed for Tatkal Passport

If you are thinking to apply for a tatkal passport and don’t know what kind of documents will be required for it then must read the next portion of this passage and keep the original copy of all the mentioned documents with you.

  1. PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department
  2. Verification Document as specified in Annexure F.
  3. Voter card of Candidate
  4. Service Photo ID Card
  5. Scheduled Caste Certificate/ Scheduled Tribe Certificate/ Other Backward Castes Certificate
  6. Birth Certificate of Candidate
  7. Property Papers
  8. ID Cards of Freedom Fighters
  9. Driving License of Candidate
  10. Ration Card
  11. Student’s Identity Card from an identified College or University
  12. Pension Certificates
  13. Railway Photo ID Card
  14. Arms License of Candidate
  15. Passbook of Bank
  16. Bill of Gas Connection

Fees for Tatkal Passport

Candidates who want to apply for the Tatkal passport need to submit the fees for it. The whole info regarding the fee for a new tatkal passport and for renewing the current passport is given in the table drawn below.

Fees for New Tatkal Passport Application

Age of the CandidateValidity for Tatkal PassportNo. of pages in the Tatkal PassportFees for Tatkal Passport (in Rupees)
Less than the age of 15 years10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,000
Aged from 15 to 18 years10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,500
Aged from 15 to 18 years10 yearsTotal of 60 pages4,000
18 years or more10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,500
18 years or more10 yearsTotal of 60 pages4,000

Fees for Re-issuance Tatkal Passport Application

Age of the CandidateValidity for Tatkal PassportNo. of pages in the Tatkal PassportFees for Tatkal Passport (in Rupees)
Less than the age of 15 years10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,000
Aged from 15 to 18 years10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,500
Aged from 15 to 18 years10 yearsTotal of 60 pages4,000
18 years or more10 yearsTotal of 36 pages3,500
18 years or more10 yearsTotal of 60 pages4,000

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Modes of Fee Payment for Tatkal Passport

Applicants can use one of these two modes: online or offline.

Offline Mode of Payment

  • The demand draft must be submitted at a Speed Post Center or District Passport Cell in case, you have selected the demand draft payment method. It must be issued by PAO-MEA at a Regional Passport Centre in order to be accepted at the RPO. In comparison, at a Speed Post Center, you can pay the fees with demand draft or cash. The process to pay in Speed Post Centre with demand draft is the same as above. (Important Note: Ensure that your name, DOB, and Tatkal Application submission date must be written at the backside of the demand draft)
  • At every Passport Seva Kendra, paying cash is accepted. In contrast to the digital payment method for tatkal requests, the entire application cost may be submitted at once. But, when paying offline at any Passport Seva Kendra, people are advised to watch out for scammers and agencies. It needs to be mentioned that every Seva Kendras will only take cash as a fee. The process is the same for all small Seva Kendras. ATM of each bank is available across every Kendra. Thus, it is simple to get money in order to complete the payments due.

Online Mode of Payment

At authorized Passport Seva Kendra, it is considered necessary to pay online to schedule an appointment. When doing online payments for the tatkal passport application, candidates just need to give the amount required for the Normal Passport Application type. An individual can pay the balance fee in cash at Passport Kendra. Mode of online payment: Credit Card, Debit Card, and Net Banking.

Procedure for Applying for Tatkal Passport

Applicants who are searching for the method to submit the application for a Tatkal passport through online mode must check out this section. Here we have described some useful points related to filling out the application form.

  • First of all, an individual has to open the official website of India Passport.
  • Then, click the link named “Apply for Fresh Passport”.
  • Select the “Tatkal Mode”.
  • The application form will appear on your screen.
  • Insert all the required information correctly on the application.
  • After that, hit the link “Pay & Schedule Appointment Option” in order to book an appointment and pay the fees.
  • Choose the appropriate “Passport Seva Kendra” and choose the date & time and PSK.
  • Once you booked the appointment, an online payment option will emerge on your display.
  •  Pay the fees with a suitable mode of online payment.
  • Then, take a print of the application form and payment receipt having ARN (Application Reference Number).
  • Finally, you have to visit the Seva Kendra on the prescribed date with all your documents discussed above in this post.

Processing Time of Tatkal Passport

Tatkal passports are often provided and mailed to eligible candidates between one to three days after application submission. The request date is marked as the day on which the candidate has filed the necessary paperwork and relevant certificates at the appropriate Passport Seva Kendra.

Any request filed through the Tatkal system is also guaranteed a timely meeting and an efficient way of processing through a reserved line. In case police confirmation is required, the passport will be given to the candidate immediately on the third day of processing the application form. The officials will dispatch the passports instantly before checking the result of police verification.

How Tatkal Passport differ from the Normal Passport?

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs issues both types of documents: ordinary passports and tatkal passports. These two kinds of passports appear identical on the outside, the only difference being the processing time. The tatkal passport is faster to get than a regular passport because its request is completed quickly.

Therefore, for the tatkal passport plan, a person’s request is processed within a week as compared to the normal passport plan, which takes several days, probably 30 to 60 days to receive the ordinary passport. Therefore, if anyone needs to travel soon, getting a Tatkal passport will be a good step.

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In India can I get a passport in one day?

Candidates applying for Tatkal Passport can get it in 1 to 3 days minimum.

Is an Aadhaar card mandatory for a tatkal passport in India?

Yes, Adhaar is important in the context of Tatkal Passport, as it acts as a photo identity and address proof.

What is the mode of payment for paying the Tatkal Passport fee?

You can pay the Tatkal application fees online or offline mode.

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