J&K Ration Card List: Jammu Kashmir New Ration Card List Apply Online

J&K Ration Card list is made available by the civil supplies department of J&K through the portal to all citizens. The people who have applied for a Ration card can download their ration card through the portal effortlessly. J&K Ration Card List is issued so that citizens do not face the problem of checking if their name is on the list or not. The Ration Card is a crucial document provided to the citizen via the government of India. This holds high importance among the officially valid documents. It acts as valid proof of your nationality, Identity proof and states with verification the individual’s economic status. The primary purpose of the ration card is to provide food grains and other essential needs to citizens. The government allot commodities at a low price as compared to the market price.

J&K Ration Card List

J&K Ration Card List is made out and about, in front of the public so they can check if their ration card is there or not. The citizen who made new registration of ration card can check the informational list with sub information too i.e Type of cards (PHH, NPHH etc). The citizen can see who is allotted under which category of ration card further, downloading the list too.

J&K Ration Card List
J&K Ration Card List

Ration Card is allotted all over India as an initiative that enables access to food to all needy doors. The State government issues the Ration Card for economically unstable people to buy food grains and other necessities at subsidized rates. Jammu and Kashmir too allot their citizen these services. In fact, by making it online they have made the process easier. Thus, letting the citizen, as well as the authorities, check the beneficiary category of people from the list i.e BPL. The government introduces new schemes and services so to enjoy those one must have a ration card. The online assembling of the service will let people be more aware of the new schemes and services. Thus, making it much easier.

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Like any other state Jammu and Kashmir has also set up PDS or in the simple term, you can call ration dealers. These dealers provide ration to the citizens. A ration card list is provided to citizens who have applied for ration cards.

An Overview of J&K Ration Card

Jammu and Kashmir have also joined the “One Nation, One Card” scheme. This is a technology-driven scheme where all economically poor people get their food grain for a subsidized price. Additionally, this allows the use of one ration card to be used in other states ensuring the same privilege. Henceforth, this was ensured in J&K because of the scam of food grains so that clarity could be seen. Thus, ensuring service to the right people.

Scheme’s NameJ&K Ration Card
Launched byThe Government Of Jammu and Kashmir
Concerned DepartmentDepartment of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (J&K)
Launched forThe citizens of Jammu And Kashmir
StateJammu and Kashmir Govt Scheme
CategoryRation Card (Apply and List)
ObjectiveTo provide the daily dose of food grains to each household
VisionTo not let a single citizen suffer a shortage of food
Distribution MechanismPublic Distribution System
Application formOffline
Application form modeSubmitted Offline
At the nearest TSO or any other PDS authority
Application feeRs.5/-

Types and Rate of J&K Ration Card

Jammu and Kashmir have types of ration cards according to the category of citizens like any other state. Hence, the colours are also allotted according to the type of ration card.

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TypeRate Per Ration Card
PHH (AAY)Rs 30 per ration card
PHH (BPL-Others)Rs 75 per ration card
Non-PHH (APL)Rs 100 per ration card
EX (No ration card)Rs 100 per ration card

Accordingly, the colours of the card are also decided. Additionally, the green cards and yellow cards are basically for the BPL category for the rural areas and urban areas. In addition, the saffron card is for APL categories.

JSK Commodities Per Ration Card

There are commodities provided to cards with varying rates, as given below-

Commodity / CategoryAAY

Cost per KG(Rs)

Cost per KG(Rs)

Cost per KG(Rs)

Cost per KG(Rs)

Cost per KG(Rs)
JFKES Atta13.0013.00131313.00
JFKES Rice15.0015.00151515.00
JFKES Wheat12.0012.00121212.00

How to check for Application Status of the Ration Card?

The citizen can inquire about the application status of the ration card through offline and online mode. In offline mode, one has to go to the concerned area PDS authority office personally. Further, in online mode, you can check it directly through the portal. Henceforth, to check through the online portal follow the steps given below –

  • The citizen first needs to visit the civil supplies official website.
Application status RC
  • Then, from the left side of the tab bar Click on MIS & Report option.
  • After clicking on the option it opens a hidden option Report.
Application detail RC
  • Henceforth, click on the Reports option. It will lead to a new page.
Reports RC
  • In the new page, various click on option will be available, among them Click on option Ration Card Application Status Reports.
RC details
  • Further, leading you to a new page where information needs to be filled in order to generate reports.
    • District name
    • From date- Back time from where you want to see report
    • To date- to the present date you wish to see reports
  • Thereafter, click on Generate reports, it will generate reports on the screen.
  • Thus, the report will contain information such as-
    • Office Name
    • Number of the application pending with RCI in each office
    • No of application pending with Inspector
    • No of application pending with AFSO
  • Shown below is an exam of Report Generation.
J&K Ration Card Application status
  • Lastly, you can print the information for further references.

How to View and Download JK Ration Card List ?

The citizen who has applied previously for a new ration card or renewal of ration card can check the J&K Ration card Detail list. The civil supplies authority provides reports in 4 ways in order of authorization. The 4 ways in which the Ration card Report is sanctioned are –

  • Ration Card Details DFSO wise.
    • DFSO -District Food and Supply Office
  • Ration Card Details AFSO wise
    • AFSO- Assistant Facility Security Office
  • Ration Card Details FSO wise
    • FPS-Fair Price Shop
  • Ration Card Details HOF wise
    • HOF- Head of Family

The citizen can print the report in any given way.

The complete procedure to get the report is given below:

  • The citizen first should visit the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer affairs official portal.
J&K Ration Card List
  • Thereafter, click on the MIS & Reports Tab from the left side menu on the homepage.
  • Thus, on clicking a hidden option will come to view Reports.
Ration Card Reports
  • Additionally, click on the Reports Options, a new page will appear.
  • Accordingly, from the provided option on the page click on “Ration Card Drill Down Report”.
Ration Card Drill-down report
  • Hereafter, on the next page appears ration card details accordingly, to DFSO.
  • Hence, the citizen can select their concerned District Food and Supply Office by clicking on it.
JSK Ration Card DFSO list
  • For instance, let’s select AD PULWAMA
J&K Ration Card AFSO list
  • On selecting, it will lead you to Ration Card Report AFSO wise.
  • Now, select the Assistant Facility Security Office is mainly known as TSO, of your region and click on it.
  • For instance, Selecting TSO Litter
J&K Ration Card FSO Details
  • Eventually, it will lead you to FPS details of your concerned area.
  • For example, let’s take Gulzar Ahamad Dar FPS details to check if your ration card is in it or not.
J&K Ration Card FPS Details
  • Furthermore, it will lead you to next page where Ration Card Report are stated HOF wise.
J&K Ration card HOF details
  • Now, citizen can check there name on the list with relevant information to it.
  • Then, click on the view option for viewing the whole content of your ration card .
  • Lastly, can take its print out.

Additional Information

The citizen can also check other relatable data about ration card such as-

  • Fair price shop wise number of ration card
  • NFSA/Non-FSA Ration Card Drill down Report
  • Aadhaar Seeding Status Report
  • Aadhaar and Mobile Seeding Report
  • Bank Account Details Seeding Report
  • FPS Wise Aadhaar Seeding Details Status Report

J&K Ration Card Search

The citizen can even directly search for the ration card through the e-PDS portal by following the process described below.

  • The citizen has to go to the civil supplies official website of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • On the portal, click on the OTHERS option from the left side tab.
J&K ration card search
  • Eventually, it will open a hidden option Ration Card Search.
  • Select this option it will lead you to new page, where two option will be available-
    • Click here to view ration card details
    • Click here to search with FPS

      If you click on the option “Click here to view ration card details”, It will lead you to new page.
Ration card search details
  • Select either of the option to view ration card details
    • Click here ration card number
    • Click here to enter Old RC No
J&K ration card number
  • Lastly, click on Search button after entering the details.
  • The details will thus, appear on the screen.

If You click on the option “Click here to search with FPS”

Ratio card search with FPS
  • Then, a page will appear where citizen need to fill details about Select district, Select FPS, Taluk/tehsil/subdistrict and select card type.
  • Lastly, click on the Continue option to view district wise details.
ration card details FPS data

J&K Ration Card Application

If the citizen’s name does not appear on the list provided by authorities then, they can apply for a new ration card.

  • The citizen needs to visit the official website of Civil supplies department i.e. jkfcsca.gov.in
  • There select Download form option from the Right side tabs.
Download ration card form
  • Two hidden option will appear on your screen
    • Forms for general public
    • Forms for FPS
Download form in urdu
  • You need to select Form for general public, which will open the links of varied forms.
  • From the option select , Form for the ration card and click on it.
New ration card form
  • The form appears on your screen, now print the form and fill in the details.
  • After, filling form submit it to the concerned authorities.

New ration card form in Urdu

New ration card form

New ration card form approved by ERCMS

New ration card form by ERCMS
J&K new ration card

Contact Information

Helpline number1967
Email IDjk.fcsca@jk.gov.in
Grievance Redressal18001807011

Important Links

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AePDSClick here
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How can I check if I am provided with a ration card or not?

The authority has generated the list and provided it on the civil supplies official portal. You can check the portal for it.

How many days does it take to get a new ration card?

A new ration card is provided within 15 days of verification. It may also vary according to states as in Bihar it takes 9 days only.

What is the fee for the application form of the Ration Card?

The fee for a Ration card in Jammu and Kashmir is Rs 5. This fee charge can vary according to state-wise.

If I have an urgent need for a BPL card what can I do?

You have to go to the concerned authority office and apply for an application there. There is no provided information on such specific cases.

Does getting a ration card depends on the family or my Income?

Yes, it does because ration is basically provided to ensure food for unprivileged people. If your family income is enough to let you buy commodities at market price then ration card services are not for you.

Can I make a new ration card if I have an old ration that was not used for some time?

Yes, in the form they provide an option where you have to write detail of your old ration card which provide direct information to the authority thus, solving your issue.

Is it important to link ration card with aadhaar card?

Yes, the government has made it mandatory to link ration and aadhaar cards.

Who is basically considered the head of the family for the ration card?

According to ration card rules, the eldest woman in the family is considered the head of the family or the eldest man in the family is to be the HOF.

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