E-Rekha: Kerala Land Records Village Wise Details, Online Land Survey Verification erekha.kerala.gov.in

The Revenue Department of Kerala has recently introduced a new online portal named e-Rekha under the Kerala information mission. E-Rekha will contain all the details about lands in Kerala consequently modernizing the survey, verification, and all other procedures. This will eventually result in high time conservation and reduce monetary inputs. Read all the information regarding this digitalized initiative of the Kerala government in the article below.

E-Rekha Kerala Land Records Village Wise Details, Online Land Survey Verification erekha.kerala.gov.in
E-Rekha Kerala Land Records Village Wise Details, Online Land Survey Verification erekha.kerala.gov.in

Information Kerala Mission

Information Kerala Mission (IKM) is the largest digitalization initiative in the country that aims computerization of basic local government services. It simplifies the governance in a human-centric approach and works positively with the best use of presently available technologies. The mission uses ICT or Information and Communication Technologies to carry out its charge. The Kerala government has taken many state-operated institutions to online mode under this mission and e-Rekha is one of them. The Kerala Land Information Mission is furthermore part of the project that focuses on the digitalization of land records. This will not only be beneficial to the Keralites but also strengthen the government holdings in the state and bring transparency to the system.


The Information Kerala Mission launched the e-Rekha web portal by Bhoomikeralam to digitalize the land records of Kerala. In other words, it is a survey-based database that records the details about all the lands in Kerala in a village-wise manner. Therefore, all the land-based services of the department are available online. This includes the land details, records, verifications, surveys, and more. This system is highly beneficial for the citizens since they will be able to access all the services at their doorsteps and will have not to visit government offices for every little information.

Highlights of kerala land survey maps

Name of the PortalE-Rekha by Bhoomikeralam
Name of the ProjectKerala Land Information Mission under Information Kerala Mission (IKM)
DepartmentRevenue Department
PurposeProvide all the information about lands in Kerala on a digital platform
AimTo reduce wastage of time and monetary resources
BeneficiariesLand Holders in Kerala
Registration FeeFree
Helpdesk0471-2313734, 0471-2323734

Objective of E-Rekha

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp

The key objectives as listed under Kerala Land Information Mission are here as follows:

  • Firstly, land owners will be able to access land records and details anytime and anywhere on their internet services.
  • Secondly, strong database of all the essential records of properties that will interest stakeholders.
  • Thirdly, Since payment based view of survey records is an option, transparency based on land transactions is completely assured.
  • Most importantly, modernization of cadastral surveys and digitalzation of land records and survey activities.

E-Rekha Kerala Land Records Benefits

The citizens can get the subsequent benefits by using the e-Rekha portal:

  • Check the land records without visiting any government offices.
  • Find the records and survey data anytime and anywhere by simply opening the web potal.
  • Save time and money due to digitalization of services.
  • Get a detailed information of the land records, survey and verification records on the portal with full clarity.

Features of E-Rekha

The following are the features of the e-Rekha web portal launched as per the Kerala Land Information Mission:

व्हॉट्सऐप चैनल से जुड़ें WhatsApp
  • E-Rekha is an official web portal that allows you to seek information about lands in Kerala in a village-wise manner, anywhere and anytime.
  • It allows you to search and even further download the detailed record files.
  • You can get old survey records, resurvey records, and district maps on the web portal.
  • Citizens can also apply for land document verification on the portal.
  • A Kerala Land Information Mission and Central Digitalization Centre helpdesk contact information is available on the portal.
  • List of survey records and unit rates are on the portal.
  • List of FMB data and Settlement Data is also available online on the portal.
  • The government has set up various divisions like state offices, logistics units, GPS units, etc for smooth implementation of the services.

Implementation of E-Rekha

The Government of Kerala has scheduled various units for proper implementation of the project. This will certainly ensure that the services will proceed efficiently and impeccably. The following divisions are hence responsible for the following parts of the project:

State Project Offices

The State Project Offices along with many sub-offices in the compound, Thiruvananthapuram are set up to monitor, manage, and execute the functioning of the project. They will also be responsible for the training programs of the GIS-Based digitalization project and the survey projects.

Central Digitization Centre

The establishment of the Central Digitalization Centre is for better coordination with District Digitalization Centre. This department is located in the public office building in Thiruvananthapuram. They monitor and also manage data fine-tuning the works of the district center.

GPS Unit

GPS Units render accuracy specifically into cadastral survey work. These units additionally ensure that the land records get upgraded with the universal coordinate system making it easier to process the information.

Stores and Logistics Unit

The purpose of the establishment of the Stores and Logistics Unit in the public office building in Thiruvananthapuram was to make sure that the machinery needed to carry out the survey work is available. To clarify, to be able to conduct the survey work, equipment like computers and accessories, scanners, plotters, etc are essential. To meet these requirements, this division works effortlessly to deliver the hardware objects to the section.

District Digitalisation Centre

The responsibility of the District Digitalization is to update the digital records of the land. This will increase the rate of digitalization at the district level thus, pacing up the entire project.

Central Modern Record Room

Central Modern Record Room is located in the Central Survey Office, Thiruvanathapuram. This unit is the main survey record collection which is chiefly responsible for the management and retrieving of data. It is a room installed with racks, and shelves, and other facilities to keep the records stored in one place.

District Modern Record Room

In 12 districts of Kerala, District Record Rooms are established with facilities like portable compactors, scientific maps libraries, and more. These rooms will contain all the district records safely and process smooth retrieval of data.

Services of E- Rekha

The E-Rekha portal by Bhoomikeralam, Government of Kerala provides various government services related to lands in an online mode. The main aim was to conserve time and monetary resources and hence benefit the citizens. The digitalization projects have been very successful as they promise better functioning of government services. Similarly, the E-Rekha portal offers various services and provides crucial information.

E Rekha Service Portal

Sign Up

Registration on the portal is important in the case of the extraction of information. To register on the portal, follow the subsequent steps:

register on the portal of e rekha
  1. Visit the official website of e-Rekha at erekha.kerala.gov.in.
  2. Select the “Sign In” option on the top bar of the portaL.
  3. A registration form will open up consequently asking to fill up the required firelds.
  4. Enter the name of the applicant, address, and pincode. The name has to be strictly of alphanumeric characters and more than 5 letters.
  5. You will also have to enter the email address which will be the username for login credentials.
  6. Enter your 10 dogit mobile number and you will receive a One Time Password or OTP.
  7. Verify the OTP and hence create the password for your account.
  8. The password must have at least one letter, one capital letter, one number so that it is strong. Moreover, the password will have to be at least of 5 characters.
  9. Decode the captcha and enter it.
  10. Click on “Register” and you will successfully sign up.

Log In on E-Rekha

The user must log in to the portal to retrieve information regarding lands in Kerala. The users will create the login credentials at the time of registration and thus, use the same to sign in. Follow the steps given below to log in:

log in to the portal of e-rekha
  1. Open the e-Rekha portal through the link : erekha.kerala.gov.in.
  2. On the top side of the portal, you can spot the option of “Sign Up”. Select that option.
  3. A registration form will appear on the screen.
  4. An option of “Sign In” will appear below the form. Consequently, choose that option.
  5. A log in page will show up.
  6. Enter the username which was the email used for signing up.
  7. After that, enter the password created at the time of registration.
  8. Read the digits from the captcha code box and enter them.
  9. Click on “Sign In” and then you will be succesfully signed in.
login on the home page

You can also directly sign in on the homepage by entering the login credentials on the topmost side of the portal.

Forgot Password

In case a user forgets the password to the account, they do not need to create another account. They can easily reset the forgotten password and thus, login back into the account. The following steps need to be positively followed to do the same:

forgot password box for E-Rekha
  1. Firstly, open the homepage of the e-Rekha portal at erekha.kerala.gov.in.
  2. A forgot password form will open up.
  3. Furthermore, enter the email to recieve the link to log back in. However, you cannot use some other email to log into your account. You will have to enter the email the account is registered on to surely get the link.
  4. Enter the captcha code given in the box and press “Submit”.
  5. After that, use the link you recieved on your mail to login back and set a new password to your account.

E-Rekha: Kerala Land Records and Rates

To check the survey records and unit rates on the e-Rekha portal, open the portal at erekha.kerala.gov.in. On the homepage, select the option of “Records and Rates”. The records and rates information table will open up. Moreover, you can also refer to the table given below to check the latest rates:

Serial NumerType of RecordsFees per Page in Rs. (Including the taxes)
1.Taluk Map1000/-
2.District Map1000/-
3.Litho map (Old Survey)1000/-
4.Block Map (Re survey)1000/-
5.Measurement Plan(Old Survey)750/-
6.FMB Resurvey750/-
7.Land Register (Resurvey)1400/-
8.Settlement Register1400/-
9.Correlation Statement1000/-
10.Area List550/-

Record Catalogue

You can also check the record catalogues on the home page of the e-Rekha service portal. To check them, follow the steps given below:

check record catalogs on e-rekha
  1. Open the portal of e-Rekha using the link : erekha.kerala.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, there are three options availablr:
    • About E-Rekha
    • Records and Rates
    • Record Catalogue
  3. Select the “Record Catalogue” option.
  4. Further, two options will be visible:
    • List of FMB data online
    • List of Settlement Data Online
  5. If you wish to check the list of FMB data online, select the option and a lsit will open up. The district-wise resurvey records of data will be available for the user to check from. Look for the district and Taluk in the given list and click on “Show villages & blocks” in the Detailed View column. A new list will open up with village-wise survey reports of the district. Choose the village and click on “Show Survey numbers”.
  6. In case of List of Settlement Data Online, the preliminary records will be likewise shown in a district-wise manner. You can check the village-wise report by clicking on “Show villages & blocks”, and then further clicking on “Show Survey numbers”.

Users can check three types of files in the file search option on the homepage of erekha.kerala.gov.in. You can head onto the homepage by simply clicking on the link and there you will get the option of “File Search”. Click on the option and as a result, the File Search page of the web portal will open up. You will get three choices to search from:

search in survey records in E-Rekha
  1. Old Survey Records
  2. Resurvey Records
  3. Districts Maps

To search the file for each of the above options, follow the respective procedures given below:

Old Survey Records

search file in old survey recods
  1. Click on the image labelled “Old Survey Records”.
  2. A form to search file in old survey records will open up.
  3. Select either “Litho Map” or “Old Measurement Sketch” for maps and “Settlement Register” or “Divided Sketch” for register.
  4. Choose the District, Taluk, Village, Block Number, and Survey number you wish to search the file for.
  5. After making all the selections, click “Submit”.

Resurvey Records

search file in resurvey records
  1. Click on the “Resurvey Records” in the file search menu.
  2. A form to search file in resurvey records will open up.
  3. Choose “FMB” or “Block Map” or “Supply FMB” for maps.
  4. For register, select any of the following : “LR” or “BTR” or “Correlation” or “TPR” or “Area Register”.
  5. Select District, Taluk, Village, Block Number, Survey number from respective dropdown lists.
  6. Click “Submit”.

District Maps

search file in district maps
  1. Select the option to search file in “District Maps” and consequently a page will open up.
  2. Choose the district from the dropdown list for which you wish to search the file in.
  3. In the “Search Result” page, click on “Checkout”.
  4. Login into the your registered account if you have not or sign up in case you arte not registered.
  5. Click on “Continue” in the checkout list.
  6. A search result will be visible as soon as you will answer all the required fields.


Answers to the most commonly asked queries are listed on the website. Users can view them on the homepage by simply selecting the “FAQs” option on option. The page for Frequently Asked Questions will open up and you can further read the information on the page for any doubts.

Kerala Land Records Document Verification

Users can also apply for the verification of documents related to their land, directly on the website by just applying. They need to follow the succeeding procedure to do so:

apply for verification of document in E-Rekha
  1. Visit the official web portal of erekha.kerala.gov.in.
  2. On the home page of the website, select the option of “Verification”.
  3. An application form to apply for verification of land documents will ,open up.
  4. Enter the name of the applicant, address, email, phone number of the office, mobile number, district, taluk, village, block number, and survey number.
  5. Mention the type of the document whose verification you are applying for, the purpose, and other details.
  6. Choose the document file to attest so as to get it verified.
  7. Enter the captcha code ang submit the application.


On the official portal, on the “Contact Us” page, the helpdesk contact information is provided along with maps to the respective offices. Citizens can contact the Kerala land Information Mission in Trivandrum at 0471-2313734 or by visiting the State Project Office, Museum Bains Compound. They can also use the mail support by sending the mail at bhoomikeralam@gmail.com.
Other than this, they can also find Central Digitization Centre in Public Office Building, Museum in Thiruvanathapuram, or simply call 0471-2323734. Otherwise, they can easily locate the offices in the given digital map and trace the direction from there.


I am not a Keralite. Can I still register on the website to search for information about my land situated in Kerala?

You do not particularly need to belong to Kerala but have landed in the state to be able to search for the details. You will have to enter the address and Pincode of that particular landholding in the registration form on the portal.

How can I download the file I have searched?

To download the file, you will have to checkout from the search page. Download Fee will be displayed and you will have to pay the said fees at the E-treasury page. After the payment is processed, you can download the file.

What is the fee to download the FMB resurvey file?

To download the FMB resurvey file, you will have to pay Rs. 750/- on the E-Treasury page on which you will be directed from the portal itself. This fee includes the miscellaneous taxes and is always paid in an online mode.

Are all villages of Kerala covered in this survey?

Reportedly, preliminary survey data of 439 villages are recorded on the website and for the resurvey data, the department has covered 813 villages. You can also check the data on the web portal. It is highlighted on the homepage of the website.

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