CBSE Single Girl Child (SGC) Scholarship Scheme 2022: Apply Online, Eligibility & Last Date

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship | CBSE SGC Scholarship Application Procedure | SGC Eligibility & Last Date

CBSE Single Girl Child (SGC) Scholarship Scheme is for those girl students who are not financially stable, and unable to get a proper education. Because of their financial conditions, they take their steps back from school and make themselves busy with the household chores. After analyzing the situation, the government took this move with the help of CBSE, to encourage and motivate girls towards their goals and concentrate on their higher studies. To overcome the burden of their families, the government started CBSE SGC schemes for those girls candidates who at least get the first division on the tenth board examination.

In this article, we try to give the full information about the CBSE SGC scholarship, you will get to know its benefits, what are the required documents to submit, the important dates and links, the eligibility criteria, etc. To get all the questions answered, you can scroll down.

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship 2022

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme

The Single Girl Child scholarship run by the CBSE aims to drive the girl child towards education. This scheme is organized by the central government, so it is a National Level Scholarship and therefore selection is made from all over India. And the selection process depends on the eligibility criteria or the merit list as per the government guidelines. This scholarship is established for the single girl child after 10th standard, for their further learning process. A brief overview of the scheme is given in the below table.

Name of the SchemeCBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme
Sponsored byCBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education)
State NameIt’s a national level scholarship, i.e it is based on All India
Main aimGranting scholarships to the girls’ students to encourage and assist them in their studies.
Candidate selectionBased on the Merit List
Recipient The single girl child in the family

Documents Required

The documents are essential because the total process depends on the verification of the documents only. So the candidates have to submit all the documents, the details of the required documents are given below:

  • The applicants have to submit the proof of their school admissions i.e. their admission certificate.
  • The family Income certificate is necessary to submit as per the official notification.
  • The submission of the Caste Certificate is also necessary.
  • To get the scholarship amount the candidate has to give the details of their Bank Account.
  • The details of the tuition fees/School fees have to be filled with attested proof of the document.
  • A scanned copy of the candidate photograph with signature will be uploaded with the documents.
  • The school identification card copy also is attested.
  • For renewal class 11th mark sheet is the mandatory document.
  • With the details of the Bank Account, attach a copy of the bank passbook/ cancel cheque
  • Submit the affidavit, and it should be verified from the first class magistrate or the SDM or any Gazette officer, but the officer shouldn’t be below the post of the Tahsildar. The affidavit declared by the parents that the applicant (girl) is the only child they have in their family.
  • A copy of the Aadhaar card is mandatory and it should be linked to the bank account.


Here, some of the important dates which have to know by the candidate;

ParticularsDate of the Events
Last Date of application form submission17 January 2022
List of the selected candidates through the application formExpected in 2022
Date of Interview of the Selected candidateExpected in 2022
To call the selected candidates for the final roundExpected in 2022
Final result datewill be announced soon
Scholarships distribution date to the selected candidateswill be announced soon

Benefits of the CBSE SGC Scheme

As this scholarship is only for the girl candidates who score at least 60 per cent in their tenth board examination, those candidates can take the benefits for their higher studies, these the following benefits they will get from the scholarship:

  • As this scholarship is for two years, after one year that means the 11th candidate must apply for the renewal process, the eligibility criteria are mention below in the eligibility section.
  • For two years you will get 12k INR, for both class 11th and 10+2.
  • For class 11th you will get 500 INR per month, which means 6k for one year.
  • And for class 10+2 you will get the same 500 INR, which means 6k for next year.

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship 2022 Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the CBSE scholarships, the applicants must go through the eligibility criteria, if you are for the first time or you are renewing your scholarship:

Applying For First Time

  • The applicant must score 60 percent or more in the 10th CBSE board.
  • The tuition fees in class 11th and 12th are not more than 1500 INR per month, and the school must be affiliated with CBSE.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to Indian citizens only.
  • For this scholarship, the applicant must be continued their further studies of class 11th and 12th standard.
  • The Board also offered the award to the NRI candidates as well.

Applying For Renewal

  • For the renewal process, the applicant must be on the Merit list of the last year.
  • According to the guidelines, the applicant should have to score at least 50 percentile on the 11th standard.
  • The school fees of the candidates in the 10th standard are not more than 1500 INR.
  • The renewal can be processed when the tuition fees are not increased, more than 10 percent, in the next two years.

How CBSE transfer money to the Beneficiary Sccount?

Under this scheme, the CBSE will transfer 500 INR per month, which is 6000 INR for a year will be transferred either by NEFT or by ECS to the beneficiary account. For this scholarship, there is one condition for the selected that the candidate must go for the higher studies, from the CBSE affiliated school.

Objective of the CBSE Single Girl Child Scheme?

The main objective of the CBSE is to help and encourage girls in their studies. Board is using this scholarship to support girls financially, who score at least 60 per cent in their 10th Board examination and belong to the minor class of the community. As this scholarship has been given to those girls candidates who passed their secondary school and want to study further, so through this scholarship they can go for their higher studies.

NSP Login, Registration and Scholarship Renewal Process 2022

Application procedure of CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship 2022

To apply for the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme 2022 is very simple, you can apply very easily if you will follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, the applicant must go through the official site of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  2. Then on the next step, you have to visit the scholarship page of the CBSE, which will be appeared as the given below image.
  1. If you are applying for the first time then click on the SGC-X – Fresh Application option, the new page will appear on your screen, and you have to fill in all the required details: Date of Birth and Roll Number.
  2. And then Click on Proceed option.
  1. And if you want to apply for the Renewal of the scholarship, so the candidate has to click on the SGC-X-Renewal and the required details to the given space: Roll number and DOB.
  2. Then click on the Proceed option.
  3. The applicant also can upload their documents by click on the Upload Documents option and enter the Registration Number and Roll number
  1. Then Click on Proceed, as you have seen in the above image.
  2. Then after submit and entering all the documents and details, click on the confirmation tap.
  3. Here the Fresh candidates don’t need to send the confirmation page to the CBSE board.
  4. After entering all the details, then only the candidates can able to move forward, to the confirmation page.

Important Links

SGC-X – Fresh ApplicationClick Here
SGC-X-Renewal FormClick Here

Where to send all the documents and application form of the CBSE SGC?

After entering all the details on the given space, and uploading all the documents, tap to the print option, and get the printout of the online application form and sent to the “ASSISTANT SECRETARY (SCHOLARSHIP), CBSE, SHIKSHA KENDRA, 2, COMMUNITY CENTRE, PREET VIHAR, DELHI 110 092” by using the superscribed envelop.

Selection Criteria

The selection process will be carry on as per the guidelines and the eligibility criteria of the CBSE-SGC scheme, the following guidelines are mention below:

  • Candidate must pursue their higher studies (11th and 12th) after 10th.
  • Only Single Girl Child of the parents are eligible.
  • The school for the higher studies must be affiliated with the CBSE board.
  • The girl candidate who scores at least 60 percent or more is also eligible for the selection.
  • The candidate must submit the undertaking which contains the Stamp and signature of the School principal.
  • The school fee is not more than 1500 per month INR in the 10th standard.
  • Original Affidavit must be submitted with the application form.

Duration of the SGC Scheme

The total duration of the scheme is 2 years, but it also consists of the renewal process as well. Firstly, the scholarship will be given for one year after 10th, the scholarship will be provided for class 11th standard, for that the candidate must score first division in their 10th examination.

After the completion of class 11th, the candidate must go for the renewal process of the scholarship, and for that renewal process, the applicant must score at least 50 per cent in class 11th, so that she can be promoted to class 12th.

The renewal process is also applicable if the candidate wants to change their subjects or school, so they have to prior information the CBSE Board to grant the permission.

Read all the guidelines here

CBSE Single Girl Child (SGC) Scholarship 2022 Key Points

There are some of the important points which you have to remember, to get this scholarship:

  • For NRI candidates, a maximum 6k per month has been decided for their tuition fees.
  • It is only for the Indian candidates.
  • Candidates must have to continue their studies after passing10th standard.
  • After getting the scholarship, the applicant can enjoy the other concessions, which have to given by the school organization.
  • The candidate’s Aadhaar card should be linked with the bank account.
  • The most important point according to the guidelines is that the candidates have to fill the application form before the last as if after last, no form will be entertained by them.
  • Candidates must all the documents with their signature, without a signature the application form will be rejected.
  • An incomplete application form will lead to the rejection of the application form.
  • All the documents and the application certificates must be attested by the signature/ stamp of your School Principal, if it was submitted without attesting it will lead to rejection.
  • In the case of the scholarship, all the decisions will be taken by the Chairman of the CBSE Board.

Important points to get to know about the Renewal process:

  • It is important for the applicant to inform prior to the board before changing the school or the courses, candidate must have to get prior approval for their studies.
  • For the scholarship, it is essential that the candidate must have regular attendance.
  • If any of the circumstances, the scholarship has been canceled then it won’t be renewed again.
  • The application will be renewed after the completion of Class 11th, so the scholarship will be renewed for one year only.
  • The renewal process also depends on how much you scored in class 11th, the applicants have to score at least 50 percent or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can send the documents and application form of the CBSE SGC?

All the certificates must be sent to this address “ASSISTANT SECRETARY (SCHOLARSHIP), CBSE, SHIKSHA KENDRA, 2, COMMUNITY CENTRE, PREET VIHAR, DELHI 110 092” by using the superscribed envelop.

For how long the candidate can take the benefit from the CBSE SGC scheme?

The total span of this yojana is 2 years, and the candidate has to renew the scholarship every year after the 11th candidate again has to submit the documents and Renewal application form.

What is the main aim of the government to launch SGC scheme?

The main aim of the CBSE is to help and assist the minor community girl child in their education so that they can go for their higher studies.

How and what amount CBSE will transfer money to the beneficiary account?

According to the official notification, the CBSE will transfer 500INR per month which is 6k INR in a year will be transferred to the beneficiary account by using NEFT or by ECS method.

How CBSE SGC scholarship will be beneficial for the girls?

As this scheme is for the single girl child who belongs to the minor community, so the CBSE provides 12k INR for two years to each selected candidate, so the candidate and her family do not need to worry about the tuition fees.

What are the essential documents need to submit for SGC scheme?

Admission certificate, family annual Income certificate, tuition fees receipt of class 10th, Caste certificate, photocopy of Bank passbook or cancel the cheque, photograph with signature, Affidavit, school identification certificate, etc.

How I can find the link to apply for for the Fresh application form of SGC?

For that you need to visit the official site CBSE i.e. or you can find the direct link in the above article.

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