Kerala Lottery Result Today (Out) Live Winners List 23/04/2021 (Nirmal NR 221)

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Kerala lottery is a weekly lottery for the interested people of the state. The lottery is regulated under the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries, Government of Kerala. Kerala lottery result for each lottery will be declared on the live platform on its prescribed dates.

The winners’ list of the lottery is also announced by the same department. A complete list of all the prize winners for each lottery has included in this post every day. To check the same, please refer to the article below.

Important Update-: Today i.e. 23/04/21 Kerala Lottery Result (Nirmal NR 221) is now available in the table mentioned below. Check the list of winners from this article.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Article CategoryLottery
Name Kerala Lottery Result 2021
Name of the Today’s LotteryNirmal NR 221
Date and Day23rd April 2021 (Friday)
Time3:00 PM
Type of LotteryWeekly
Official Result Website

Kerala State Lotteries

The Department of Kerala State Lotteries draws seven weekly lotteries and six bumper lotteries on a weekly and yearly basis respectively. The price of the weekly tickets is Rs. 20, Rs. 30 and Rs. 50, while that of the bumper tickets is Rs. 100 and Rs. 200. The design, price, date of draw, name, number of tickets to be printed etc. is decided by the Director of Kerala State Lotteries.

A Kerala State Lottery contains particulars about the name of the lottery, date of the drawing, ticket number, etc. on its front side, while the backside of the ticket comprises details about the prize structure and how to claim the lottery ticket if won.

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Kerala Lotteries List Weekly

Day of the Week Kerala State Lottery drawn
Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS 
ThursdayKarunya Plus
Sunday Pournami
Only First Sunday of Each MonthBhagyamithra

The Government of Kerala rolls out seven lotteries per week worth Rs. 75 lacs, 70 lacs, 80 lacs. Each lottery has different features and prize money. Each day a list of winners for one ticket is drawn by the authorities and the acclaimed prize money is rewarded to the winners.

List of Bumper Kerala Lotteries

S.No. Kerala State Bumper LotteryDrawing Month of the lottery ticket
viXmas- New yearJanuary

The Department of State Lotteries, Kerala offers bumper lotteries worth Rs. 6 crores to Rs. 12 crores six times per year. These bumper lotteries can be easily purchased from government-appointed agents and retailers at the rates of Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 only. The last two mentioned Kerala bumper lottery winners are awarded the prize money of Rs. 12 crores, while the winners of the rest of the bumper lotteries are granted Rs. 6 crores each.

Kerala Lottery Result: Prize Money

The Kerala State Lottery offers eight categories of prizes disbursed amongst a number of over 2 lac winners. The maximum sum of prize money is Rs. 80 lacs, while the minimum is Rs. 100/-. Check the prize distribution and structure of this Kerala State Lottery in the table below.

Prize CategoryDetails of Prize Amount of Prize
First Prize One Winner Rs. 70 lacs, Rs 75 Lacs, Rs 80 lacs
Consolation Prize Same digits as the winning ticket in all other seriesRs. 8000
Second Prize One Winner Rs. 5 lacs
Third Prize One in all twelve series Rs. 1 lac
Fourth Prize The last four digits are drawn numerous timesRs. 5000
Fifth Prize The last four digits are drawn numerous timesRs. 2000
Sixth Prize The last four digits are drawn numerous timesRs. 1000
Seventh Prize The last four digits are drawn numerous timesRs. 500
Eighth Prize The last four digits are drawn numerous timesRs. 100

Procedure to Check the Kerala Lottery Result

The aspirants who have purchased today’s lottery ticket can check the result on the official website of the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. We have shared the step by step procedure to check the lottery result. Check below.

Step I:- First of all, the aspirants need to visit the official website of Kerala State Lotteries. The homepage of the same will open.


Step II:- On the menu bar, click on the option of “Result View”. After that, select “Result” from the list that appears.


Step III:- A list of all the weekly Kerala state lotteries will appear. Click on the link “View” against your desired lottery option.

Step IV:- As you click on it, a PDF copy contaianing the digits of the lottery tickets of all the winners under each category will open.

Step V:- Search for your ticket number. If won, save a copy of the same for future references.


You can simply refer to the subsequent section in which we have provided the list of all the ticket numbers that have been drawn by the Director of the State Lotteries Department.

Kerala State Lottery Winners List

Following is the list of Nirmal NR 221 lottery ticket winners which will be declared today i.e. 23rd April 2021. All the winners can refer to the next section of the article to know how to claim the prize money.

1st Prize: 70,00,000NP 600751
Consolation Prize: 8,000NN 600751 NO 600751
NR 600751 NS 600751
NT 600751 NU 600751
NV 600751 NW 600751
NX 600751 NY 600751 NZ 600751
2nd Prize: 10,00,000NS 273996
3rd Prize: 1,00,000NN 609151
NO 608723
NP 796547
NR 249773
NS 605788
NT 421073
NU 623694
NV 601467
NW 247698
NX 247032
NY 173412
NZ 696107
4th Prize: 5,0007010  3261  6957  8011  5273  8027  1516  0617  3350  9136  3306  2931  0959  3960  4493  9122  6989  8037
5th Prize: 1,0002000  7166  8711  4852  4870  8317  2656  6444  0173  2018  9161  5521  8057  0727  4834  5863  3634  8738  4609  9225  2430  8064  2942  7728  1139  1149  3331  4563  9840  6659  8340  3450  3684  6710  5952  3063
6th Prize: 5000113  0181  0192  0236  0500  0695  0807  0834  1007  1392  1539  1600  1744  1914  1927  2088  2285  2560  2659  2785  2788  2867  3046  3101  3113  3259  3293  3301  3416  3765  3884  3901  4049  4348  4693  4710  4947  5085  5086  5253  5495  5579  5615  5635  5722  5790  5832  6024  6056  6581  6595  6636  7272  7377  7397  7409  7450  7517  7542  7597  7679  7741  8013  8083  8189  8337  8368  8638  8654  8864  8962  9054  9108  9164  9419  9515  9707  9832  9948
7th Prize: 1009945  1507  0410  2597  0031  4959  1579  6727  2795  6483  4629  8446  2049  7819  7039  5004  4457  6451  7897  2148  4033  5461  1093  2873  5778  1829  9827  3743  8960  9358  9859  4603  8980  7531  0798  6936  9292  5112  1723  0065  1451  1155  1124  0393  4379  2394  8645  2382  4575  5819  8296  8324  0027  8117  6259  0370  0185  8432  5255  0623  4667  0773  0391  7612  1549  7119  7563  2565  2677  8922  1935  4410  4439  3079  8815  9527  4788  7921  2782  0448  1981  2302  0361  5498  9946  8842  4773  9217  3915  6753  6559  0257  6093  2215  7918  5473  1672  8055  8131  7695  6835  1399  5541  8866  8260  6519  2363  6363  6907  7205  1918  6923  9395  2214  9850  4173  1463  8220  5367  3708  9809  0722

Kerala State Lottery Prize Amount Details

For the Kerala State Lotteries, a total of eight prizes are disbursed. The consolation prizes for those tickets having the same number as the first prize lottery winner in the other series are also awarded. The prizes are allocated in the following manner:

First Prize Rs. 70 lacs, Rs, 75 lacs Rs. 80 lacs
Consolation Prize Rs. 8000
Second PrizeRs. 5 lacs
Third PrizeRs. 1 lac
Fourth PrizeRs. 5000
Fifth PrizeRs. 2000
Sixth PrizeRs. 1000
Seventh PrizeRs. 500
Eight PrizeRs. 100

Download Pervious Kerala Lottery Results

AKSHAYA (AK-494)21/04/2021View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-257)20/04/2021View
WIN-WIN (W-612)19/04/2021View
NIRMAL (NR-220)16/04/2021View
KARUNYA PLUS (KN-364)15/04/2021View

How to claim the Kerala Lottery Result Prize Money?

In order to claim the prize money after winning the Kerala lottery, the winners must surrender the ticket along with other necessary documents to the bank within 30 days of the announcement of the result. The prize winners up to the sum of Rs. 1 lac can contact the concerned District Lottery Offices. On the other hand, the prize winners above the sum of Rs. 1 lac shall contact the Director of State Lotteries. The prize winners of the latter category need to carry the following list of documents while visiting the authorities.

List of Documents Required

After the submission of enlisted documents, the bank will forward the required certificates to the Director of State Lotteries. The prize money will be transferred to the winners bank account.

  1. Kerala Lottery Claim Application Form
  2. Self-attested photocopy of the lottery ticket (both sides)
  3. Copy of PAN card
  4. Payees Receipt – Check below
  5. Copy of Photo ID proof
  6. Guardianship Certificate, if applicable
  7. Joint Declaration, if applicable

Note:- Prize Deputy Director will sancation the prize money from the range 1 lac to 20 lacs, whereas the prizes above Rs. 20 lacs will be issued by the Director of State Lotteries.

Kerala Lottery Tax Policy

A small amount of prize money will be deducted from the total prize as income tax. A 30% income tax will be charged for the prizes exceeding the sum of Rs. 10,000. This amount will be credited into the account of the central government. Moreover, 10% of the claim money will be deducted from the agent of the Kerala lottery winner.

Kerala Sevana Pension Beneficiary List

Benefits of Kerala State Lotteries

The Government of Kerala initiated the lottery system across the state with a vision to collect an appreciable amount of non-tax revenue along with helping the needy people simultaneously. Since the establishment of the Department of Kerala State Lotteries, the state has witnessed significant profits. Below is the list of the major benefits of the Kerala State Lottery system.

a) Kerala State Lottery is an opportunity to win a huge jackpot.
b) The prize money helps the needy as it serves as an additional income.
c) A small amount of income tax is paid by the winners to the government as non-tax revenue.
d) The revenue collected helps in supporting various welfare scheme prevailing across the state of Kerala.
e) Further, the revenue is used in treating many ailments in government hospitals.

About Kerala Lottery Result Announcement

Kerala Lottery result will be drawn weekly. The venue for the lottery result declaration has been mentioned below. All the participants can revisit this page to get the updates and winners list of the concerned lottery ticket.

Gorky Bhavan,
Near Bakery Junction,

Kerala Lottery Support Helpdesk

If you have any query or issue regarding the Kerala State Lotteries, you can contact the authorities easily through the following modes:-

IPhone 0471-2305230
VAddressDirectorate of State Lotteries,
Vikas Bhavan P.O.,
Kerala – 695033

Click here for a more detailed list of District Lottery Offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kerala State Lottery?

The Government of Kerala has authorized the sale of lotteries through the selected list of agents and retailers to benefit the state in collecting the revenue and the common public at times of difficulty.

What are the benefits of Kerala State Lottery?

The winners of the Kerala State Lotteries are awarded prize money ranging from Rs. 80 lacs to Rs.100 as per the lottery ticket won.

How is the result of the Kerala State Lottery announced?

The result of the Kerala State Lottery is announced by the Director of the Kerala State Lotteries Department at the address Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram from 3 pm – 4 pm. Later, the winning tickets list is published on its official portal.

How to become and authorized agent to legally sell the Kerala State Lotteries across the state?

Interested candidates need to be more than 18 years old to become an agent. Also, they must fill out an application form for the same and pay a fee of Rs. 200. Click here to download the Agency application form.

Can I buy the Kerala State Lotteries via online mode?

No, the various tickets of the Kerala State Lotteries can be bought only from the authorized agents and retailers from the respective shops. There is no online mode to buy the desired lottery ticket.

I have won the Kerala State Lottery now what I have do?

You need to contact the concerned bank or District Lottery office within 30 days of the result announcement with the winning ticket and other required documents.

Who could I contact to address my queries related to Kerala State Lottery?

You can contact the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries official to resolve your issues and doubts through call: 0471-2305230, 0471-2305193 or fax: 0471-2301740 or email:

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About Kerala State Lotteries

Established in 1967, the lottery department in Kerala was set up by the then Finance Minister of Kerala, Late Shri PK Kunju Sahib. The idea behind launching a Lottery Department in the state was to collect the non-tax revenue as well as provide some financial assistance to the needy.

The Lottery Department of Kerala is currently drawing seven weekly lotteries and six bumper lotteries yearly. Earlier, the department was considered under the Kerala Department of Revenue, but now it comes under the Taxes Department, Government of Kerala.

In any case of queries or doubts related to the Kerala Lottery Result, let us know through the comment section available below. Our team will try and respond with a suitable solution as soon as possible.

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